No. No. No. No. No. No.

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Why did I stay up late waiting for this strip to drop? Now I’ll have nightmares about what the rest of this week portends.

Also, Holly knew that Funky was giving Mort a safe sex talk earlier. So she knows that Mort is a randy old lion in winter prowling for some cougars to pounce on. So she must actually approve of the notion of her mother taking a roll in the hay with her father-in-law. Remembering how uptight her mom was on that long car ride from Florida, Holly may not be entirely wrong here.


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20 responses to “No. No. No. No. No. No.

  1. billytheskink

    So… first Cliff and Vera and now this. Is it safe to say TB has a thing now?

    • Charles

      I’ve noted before that Batiuk thinks that old people doing something is intrinsically hilarious. So yeah, more and more of his strip is just going to be Mort or Holly’s Mom or Crankshaft’s idiot son in law doing something mundane and it’s supposed to be funny on its own.

      I do wonder at what age something turns hilarious though. Would Batiuk spend a week devoted to Owen’s 51 year-old dad basically determining which household items he could masturbate with? And then follow that up with a week of him getting set to pork Cody’s 47 year-old mom or would that just be gross? How old would Owen’s dad and Cody’s mom have to be for that to be hilarious? Is it 80?

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    Ah, after 10days overseas visiting friends in Germany, let me catch up on what I missed.

    Old people having sex.

    That’s my Batty!

  3. Gerard Plourde

    Is Holly’s reaction another instance of TomBa forgetting what’s going on in his own story?

  4. louder

    When it come to this comic, I just have to forget the Monday phrase: “It can’t be worse than last week…”

  5. spacemanspiff85

    I foresee a Star Wars “tribute” strip with Funky screaming “I can’t kiss you, you’re my sister!”.

  6. DOlz

    Holly’s crazed expression in panel two really disturbs me.

  7. bayoustu

    I guess I’m naive, but last week I was so sure that it’d turn out that Funky & Mort were talking about 2 different things- a classic sitcom trope that was hoary 50 years ago. Just wistful, sanity-preserving thinking on my part… I hate to open Pandora’s box (Like Morty hasn’t already!), but: can this get any worse?!

  8. Jimmy

    I actually admire Batiuk for saying, “Deny me a Pulitzer Prize? Wait until you see this, F–kos!”

  9. timbuys

    You know what the greatest thing about the holiday lights on the site banner is? It is that they obscure several depictions of Les.

  10. bobanero

    What’s the odds that we make it through this week without a poorly executed “Netflix and chill” gag?

  11. spacemanspiff85

    Possible reason behind this plot:
    Mort and Holly’s mom get married, and Mort takes her last name for some reason. Funky, being dumb, thinks this means he has to change his name too, meaning Batiuk can finally get rid of the name he hates, renaming his strip “Funky Budd”.

  12. I really cannot comprehend the thinking that would lead to this story. It’s just bizarre, like something an alien would come up with after receiving some blurry, distorted TV transmissions from 80’s sitcoms.

  13. Epicus Doomus

    This is just plain gross now. Someone needs to remind Batiuk that his OTHER strip is the dumping ground for old coot humor and Lord knows the world doesn’t need two of them.

  14. bobanero

    One thing that is confusing me. I know Funky and Holly drove her mother back from Florida three months ago for the big band reunion event, but I guess they never bothered to take her back? So she’s just been sitting in the basement all this time, waiting for the chance to come up and snuggle with Mort on the sofa? Is she now a permanent fixture in the Winkerbean household? Did she just totally give up her home in Florida? Did I miss something?

  15. The Dreamer

    Why would Mort need the safe sex lecture if he’s going to sleep with Holly’s mom? She’s I assume too old to get pregnant whether Mort wears a condom or not! Inconsistent storyline!