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Did you all the favor of waiting for the strip to drop today. And while I’m very happy it isn’t more Mort and Funky hilarious sexual hijinks, this installment could have been generated by a computer program that has been fed Funky Winkerbean trope data. In just one strip we have:

– Stupid, slacking, adolescents.
– Magically cured old people.
– The visual stumpy residue of former ‘prestige’ arc trauma.
– Mansplaining.
– Dinkle shouting.
– Self-Satisfied Smirking.
– Deadpan Sardonicism.
– G2 Funkyverse characters being too passive and flat to live up to the wacky excess G1 Funkyverse characters.
– Lovingly rendered bricks.

Well, it’s been a real blast dealing with all this hot and heavy material for the last couple weeks, but Epicus takes over on Monday to see us through the Holiday Season. I sincerely hope that all you fellow StuckFunkyians have Merry Christmases, and safe fun New Year’s. And I sarcastically hope that next year is a better year for Funkyverse.

Thanks for everything TF Hackett and Epicus Doomus do to keep this fun little blog chugging along. Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Good ol’ Lefty, the strip’s most downtrodden female character. Her parents are a meddlesome old bag and a camera-addicted voyeur, she’s been married to Wally AND Komix Korner John, she’s forever doomed to walk in Dinkle’s oafish cackling shadow and, of course, she has one arm. There she is, all these years later, still feebly begging Harry for advice as her pathetic band weakly goes through the motions, presumably due to her ineffective one-armed conducting, I guess. How much more mentorship will she require before she gets the hang of this job?

    • Charles

      Yep, maybe after Becky’s been on the job for twenty years she won’t need Dinkle to be hanging around giving her advice on the fly because she’s too befuddled by typical student behavior. Seriously, she still hasn’t figured out how to address the kids when they’re slacking off? She’s only been presented with this situation every fricking day of her career.

      • Epicus Doomus

        I’m not certain re: the exact timeline but Becky has been band director for all of Act III so that’s eleven years right there. After eleven years Becky still can’t get the hang of band directing and still needs her predecessor to hold her hand (singular), year after year after year.

    • countoftowergrove

      Don’t you mean to get a handle on the job? Sorry, Becky.

  2. billytheskink

    Dinkle would be less insufferable than this if he sat around all day watching the cable news talking heads and repeating their comments verbatim.


  3. The Nelson Puppet

    I think Harry was being a little high-handed, if not heavy-handed, in undermining her…uh, sorry Becky!

  4. Paul Jones

    There’s another entry in the database: “Sleeve pinned up just so to make her look even more pathetic.”

  5. Gerard Plourde

    First, kudos to CBH for masterfully guiding us through a particularly odious patch of Funky (in more than one sense) strips.

    Today really does drive home TomBa’s misogyny. I’d like to think that it’s mostly subconscious and that he’s mainly driven by hero worship of whoever Dinkle is modeled on but the result is a display of Becky’s ineptitude. How he could show her lacking class-control, the most basic and vital skill a teacher must possess is beyond me.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I don’t think Batty is a misogynist, he just doesn’t put any thought into the strip. Hence, my comment above about band directing being a man’s job. That’s not what he intended to show, but he accidentally did. Same like he did with his monkey joke. It was just an unfortunate accident caused by a faulty premise.

      If he wanted to be topical, he could show Dinkle getting #metoo’d.

      • Charles

        If you’re going by the popular definition of misogyny, I don’t think Batiuk’s a misogynist either. He obviously doesn’t have a blinding hatred of women, nor does he have a hardcore contempt for them.

        He does, however, exhibit paternalistic and condescending attitudes toward all of them, which can fall under misogyny, just not the popular definition of it.

        I’m pretty sure every woman who’s appeared in the comic this year has had a sequence where they were shown being talked at by a man who was never challenged, nor even put in a situation where they had to consider what the woman was thinking about. The women were nothing but a mostly silent, supportive supplicant, who was only there to be talked at about whatever it was the man cared about. If they spoke, it was to enable the man to speak some more, not to provide her own perspective.

        Never mind all the times they were shown serving a man who was presumably capable of taking care of himself.

        • Charles

          I’m pretty sure every woman who’s appeared in the comic this year has had a sequence where they were shown being talked at by a man

          And of course, I forget Holly’s mom for this. Of course, Holly’s mom was shown to be a demanding, thoughtless, unreasonable shrew, so the exception doesn’t actually undercut the general point at all.

          • comicbookharriet

            I also agree that Baiuk isn’t really a misogynist. I think just has a hard time relating to most of his female characters, and in his lazy Act III he keeps storylines where they are the driving force to a minimum of the overall total. There are always passive characters in the background. That is a hardcore Batiuk staple.

  6. So I’ll ask, why is Dinkle there? Why does Becky permit him to undermine her authority? Becky has had the job for more than a decade and yet seems to be unable to do her job without Dinkle looking over her shoulders. All she is doing is re-enforcing the concept that the deaf, not deaf, Dinkle is in charge of the Westview High School music department and at best Becky is a placeholder.

  7. DOlz

    After two weeks PSAs about senior sex I’m glad TB let CBH end her tour with a whimper instead of a bang.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    You know what’s not a good way to instill confidence in people you’re leading? Asking the guy you replaced why your leadership is bad, right in front of the people you’re trying to lead.

  9. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    And of course, long-retired Dinkleberry has to be at rehearsal looking over Ol’ One Arm’s shoulder because a Dumb Ol’ Gorl couldn’t possibly be a high school band director all by her little self.

    “Gee whiz, Mr. Dinkleberry! These kids still sound like crap! What the hay is going on here??”

    “Hmmm, I dunno, BECK. Probably because their director didn’t prepare them very well. Probably because a good band director fixes problems as they arise, and doesn’t let the band go from rehearsal to rehearsal making the same ridiculous mistakes. Maybe we need to have a talk with their director to find out why they still sound so bad. Oh, wait — YOU’RE their director! Ha ha! Silly me! Oh, well. I didn’t want to be retired anyway. Especially after I magically got my hearing back. I guess I’ll have to keep coming to school every day — UNPAID — to keep you from messing it all up. Go back to the rehearsal. I’ll just sit right here next to you and watch you like a hawk. Don’t mind me.”