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Finally, at long last, I can stop typing “Holly’s mom” over and over and over again. It’s one of the unforeseen pitfalls of following this strip, the way Batom forces me to train my muscle memory to repeatedly type otherwise bizarre and useless phrases hundreds of times, like “band mattresses”, “Atomik Komix” and “smug bearded piece of shit”. Anyhow, her name is Melinda. OK then.

When in doubt, drag some mother-in-law gags out. The very last thing FW needs is ANOTHER adorable old coot character but it would appear that this “Melinda” is THIS CLOSE to becoming another FW regular. I will tactfully refrain from pointing out that long-range climate change would probably not have all that much of an impact on a ninety year old woman but hey, FW has NEVER shied away from Topical Issues That Affect Us All, especially somewhat vague references to said Topical Issues. Personally speaking, I’d LOVE to see a four month long arc about Melinda’s house sinking into the Atlantic Ocean but that’s just me.


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8 responses to “Fake News!

  1. I guess Funky is worried about shenanigans with his dad, which begs the question: is Funky incapable of being decisive, or even taking any action at all?
    It really puts his hatred of exercise into perspective, and it explains why Cory’s theft was never dealt with either, other that a muttered “Never again.”
    All he’d have to do is tell Mort, “Listen, dad, Melinda is my mother-in-law. You’re not having sex with her, and if you don’t knock it off you’re going back to the home.”
    But no, that’s just something that Funky cannot do.
    Tom Batiuk’s hatred of his title character becomes more and more obvious every day.

  2. billytheskink

    Melinda, Melinda, Melinda… One of the cardinal rules of the Batiukverse is that worst of everything hits your son-in-law first. You are safe in Florida, climate change is gonna hit Westview and only Westview as long as Funky is there.

  3. The Nelson Puppet

    The last few months make clear that Batiuk is in his comfort zone only when writing plots revolving around people aged 65-80. Young people in the strip are either employed in the background or used in a bizarre manner in the service of driving home a point (Rana as a hijab-wearing Muslim).

    This “comic strip” is a badly-written, poorly-drawn, homeless person’s version of Gasoline Alley. I would love to know what kind of sales numbers Batiuk has for the book compilations of his work.

  4. Paul Jones

    And here I thought that he was just impotent in the biological sense……

  5. Comic Book Harriet

    Today’s strip is as unbearable as the entire month has been. Was a month behind on Crankshaft so caught up today. Two strips actually made me chuckle out-loud: Crankshaft Santa bowling in his underwear and Crankshaft driving around a snowstorm with a giant Amazon box tied to his car during a passive aggressive argument with his daughter. Anyone else find these funny, or am I developing Stockholm humor.

    • The Nelson Puppet

      Crankshaft is more in Batiuk’s wheelhouse, as it is senior citizen-centric.
      Too bad George Kennedy couldn’t achieve a Holly Wood comeback with a live-action Crankshaft movie! Too bad, really too bad!

    • Doc

      Crankshaft referred to Amazon by its correct name and Bathack even drew the Amazon logo. Then when he’s playing Santa he mentions someone selling his autograph on “Fleabay.” So f^%#ing stupid, Tommy. Just use the proper names. eBay eBay eBay. You can do it Tommy!!

  6. Don

    Funky, keep your mouth shut…Funky, keep your mouth shut…Funky, keep your mouth shut…why do I have the feeling this is going to “end” with, “Well, I was thinking of moving to Arizona, but now that Funky mentions it, maybe living here would be the best solution…and did somebody say ‘wedding plans’?”