Yellow Alert: Someone’s Happy

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So, either Wally is just now being hired at Montoni’s, despite all the history to the contrary, or Tom Batiuk thinks “Welcome” means “You’re still working here, in the same position, but now you have a degree.”  And well Tony might add, “A degree you’ll do nothing with, of course, except increase the amount of depression in your life, in that you’re now a dishwasher with a degree.”

I think I’ve figured out a possible reason for Batiuk’s utter lack of continuity:  he hates this strip as much as the rest of the world does, and it’s painful to go back and re-read it.  All he’s doing is pounding them out until that 50th.

I have to say, Funky’s exercise routine has finally paid off.  I don’t think he’s looked this trim in years.  Or maybe Ayers gets paid by the number of fat-asses he has to draw, and Batiuk has a budget in place for 2019.

After thinking about it for awhile (a phrase I hate wasting on Funky Winkerbean) it bothers me the way Tony is drawn.  Based on Wally and Adeela’s elbows, I can sort of see where the tabletop should be, but somehow Tony looks too tall.  So either they’re sitting in kiddie chairs, which would be par for the course for Wally, or Tony is standing on a box.

Why is it that no one involved in the creation of this strip gives a good hot damn about its presentation?


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31 responses to “Yellow Alert: Someone’s Happy

  1. Doc

    That’s not Adeela right? It’s Wally’s daughter, whose name I forget. She’s going to Afghanistan to open a Montoni’s there. And is that kid on the right drinking beer?

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Why is AdeelaRana drinking tea when everyone else has what I assume is soda or chocolate milk? Does Batiuk think Muslims don’t drink soft drinks? Is he confusing them with Mormons? Because that’s caffeine, which is in tea and not in all soft drinks. I mean either the artist just drew tea for the heck of it on his own initiative or Batiuk’s instructions were like “draw the Muslim girl drinking tea, because they don’t drink sodas”.

    Also, there’s nothing in the dialogue that’s remotely interesting or funny. I mean, damn Batiuk, could you not have shoehorned a pizza pun in here, or a military one? “Hiring Funky was like eating a large pizza, so welcoming another Winkerbean is like an extra-large!” or “Hiring Funky was a major decision, so welcoming another Winkerbean is a lieutenant colonel decision”? At least look like you’re trying.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Apparently Adeela aka “FW’s newest beam of sunshine” doesn’t have any family or friends to share her big moment with which, combined with her total lack of post-graduation prospects, aptly demonstrates how quickly she’s fitting in with “the gang”. A little too quickly if you ask me…

      Coming soon: Adeela picks up the smuggled polonium from a conflicted and anxious Chester, who expresses doubts about her plan to destroy the Montoni’s District.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Sneak preview of Saturday’s “surprise twist strip”:
    Funky, to Adeela: “So, I hear Islam is the religion of peace. How about it being the religion of pieces of pizza?” (when he inevitably offers her a job pouring coffee for Harry so she can stay in America)

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Who’s the kid? I assumed it was Rachel’s long-lost son but I forgot all about Wally Jr,, one of the few FW characters I cannot recall seeing ever. Rachel’s unnamed kid has to be at least ten or eleven years old by now, no? How old would Wally Jr. be?

    It really is pretty funny how Wally went out and got a college degree only to end up with a slightly better job at the pizzeria (owned by his uncle, mind you) he’s worked at for the last decade. When they made up a fake managerial job for Boy Lisa it was a big step down for him, but for Wally’s it’s one gigantic leap for Winkerbeankind. Some characters are just innately sad-sackier than others, I suppose and Wally is as sad as sacks come in this strip.

    • billytheskink

      Going back to your struggling midwestern hometown to work at a restaurant owned by your family is the exact opposite of what people with newly-earned college degrees are doing in real life. We’re not 1/4 inch from reality, we’re not even 1/4 AU from reality.

      Rachel’s son is named Robbie, by the way. He looked about 4-5 back in 2011.

      And if Wally Jr. has appeared since the first few Howard family story arcs in Act III, then I sure don’t remember. I think TB got bored with him after using him to tease that Wally was… not there. His birthday is Christmas too, poor kid.

      • The Nelson Puppet

        The “artiste” drew Wally Jr. missing a left arm, too.

      • Epicus Doomus

        So Wally Junior is probably in his late teens/early 20s by now, roughly the same age as Owen and Cody. And this Robbie kid is roughly 12-13 now. Time sure does fly when you appear in the strip once every ten years. I mean why even bother showing the kid today? Why not just let it go? BanTom sure was a hive of ambition back in early Act III…then the post-Lisa ennui took over.

  5. Max Power

    Was Wally feted this much when he came back from his second MIA stint? Or did he just get the tour of his own grave and “sorry, but I married the comic book shop owner” talk from Becky? If Becky attended the graduation why isn’t she at this crazy keep-the-mortarboards-on afterparty?

    • Count of Tower Grove

      It was the latter. Very close, just no cemetery tour.

    • spacemanspiff85

      If I remember right Wally pretty much dropped out of that story right after Becky told him she was remarried. It was really a story all about John being paranoid his wife was going to leave him rather than a real story about Wally being home. Because obviously the interesting thing about a soldier returning after a decade spent as a POW for the second time is how it affects the creepy comic shop owner who took his wife.

      • billytheskink

        There was a bit of that, yes, though I recall most of that story being about Wally’s friends and family somberly talking about how hard life was going to be for him without doing anything for him (Funky at least gave him a job). They then left him to the faceless VA, which also did nothing for him (there is another organization that isn’t going to give TB any awards).

        While I don’t think TB handled anything about Wally’s return well, DSH’s particular uneasiness about it at least made sense in the context of the strip. During Wally’s first stint as a POW, before he and Lefty were married, DSH and Lefty dated for some time. I don’t think the two were ever on the same page in the relationship (DSH believed they were falling in love while Lefty did not even think they were dating for much of it, he was a creep and she led him on), but DSH sold a bunch of valuable comic books (natch!) and bought a ring regardless. On the day DSH planned to propose, the news flashed on television that Wally had been freed… and we know whose arms Lefty ran to right after that. That DSH thought it could happen again is understandable, even if he is a miserable creep.

    • comicbookharriet

      What’s crazier is that his ex-wife attended his Kent State Graduation, but didn’t bring his son.

  6. Count of Tower Grove

    I just thought a dark suit made Fungy look thinner.

  7. Count of Tower Grove

    Maybe Walleye and Adillybar are seated explains Tony’s apparent geriatric growth spurt.

  8. Merry Pookster

    What a sad pathetic lot….Batiuk, could create just one likable charecter… one string of consistency?
    Guess not.

  9. Paul Jones

    This is what we call defining happiness downward, I take it. Most people wouldn’t be thrilled that they’re on a treadmill of churning out convenience store quality pizza but these people look as if the pleasure centres of their brain are about to overload.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Why is Montoni doing the toast, why is he even there? Ah the ol Batty tradition of never leaving after retirement. Come back to Ohio in the dead of winter for a half baked graduation party, sure sign me up, it’s why I moved to Florida.

    Funky, you have to make two trips back and forth as I am not riding with Holly’s mom.

    • bobanero

      This was my thought, also. Tony passed his business along to Funky’s marginally capable hands years ago, well before Funky made the pity hire to bring Wally on as a dishwasher (seriously, you can’t at least make him a pizza chef or some job that requires a minimum amount of skill?). Funky should be making this toast, and Tony should be napping in the corner booth.

  11. Gerard Plourde

    The “Wally” arcs are the most blatant examples of TomBa manipulating his characters to satisfy some indecipherable agenda of his. I wonder if he’s adding Adeela to boost his diversity quotient

  12. timbuys

    I was about to comment that it was telling how few people, other than Tony, were there that weren’t close (for FW purposes anyway) relations, but then I noticed that Buddy has taken leave of this scene. As Epicus Doomus points out above, truly the saddest of sacks.

  13. bayoustu

    You know what’d be great- if Wally never took his mortarboard hat off ever again! At least it’d given him a smidge of personality! Like what’s his name- Chullo and his chullo. Cody! Owen! Cowen!

    • Gerard Plourde

      Don’t give TomBa any ideas! He’s probably looking for a substitute icon to identify Wally now that he’s supposedly given up his M-65 jacket.