Let’s Make Adeela!

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Well, those of you who said that Adeela will end up working at Montoni’s–please go to the ticket booth to collect your winnings!

I’m rather surprised that Wally, only a few minutes into his new position, felt that he could go over Funky’s head and hire someone to work–and on someone else’s shift, too.  That’s pretty damn bold, and not in his character at all.  I kind of thought he’d be all cringey and cowardly, and he’d meekly ask for another favor before presenting Adeela as a possible hire.

I think Batiuk thought we’d all be surprised by this development, but it was honestly pretty inevitable.  The only thing he could do with Adeela was either send her back to Miseristan or make her part of the regular cast.  And I’m sure he thought that if he kept her around, those awards would start rolling in.   I guess she’s not quite as punchable as the worst characters here, but she doesn’t really bring anything to the strip (other than making Batiuk’s thirst for awards even more obvious).  She’s just a distaff Wally, a sack of misery pushed here and there by forces she’s decided she cannot fight.

I guess Funky’s dialogue proves that Rachel is quitting–I’m not sure what a “day person” is, but it probably wasn’t Wally.  Wally was a dishwasher (and I’m sure that will still be his primary role), and “day person” sounds like someone who actually runs the place…which sounds an awful lot like like Funky, come to think.

Well, there’s no way that Adeela is going to replace Funky, because as a female, she’s incapable of so many things in Westview.   But, whatever her role in the restaurant, I’m sure that architecture degree will come in super handy.


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26 responses to “Let’s Make Adeela!

  1. billytheskink

    Adeela is such a hypocrite. Working at Montoni’s? I thought she said she wanted to contribute to the economy…

  2. Max Power

    She will be the biggest immigrant success story in Westview since Khan. Maybe she can take Wally back overseas to clear land mines and Wally can get nearly blown up and MIA’d again.

    • Saturnino

      If this follows the predictable sitcom script, the fact that Adeela (I ASSUME this is Adeela) is not allowed to work in the US will become the issue that should drag the strip out for months as she fights deportation and files for political asylum, retch, retch, retch…………..

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Coming tomorrow: the Adeela hire bears immediate fruit as she starts drawing up plans to address those sagging joists and the standing water in the basement. I was still trying to wrap my head around the idea that Wally wasn’t aware of the night manager situation, now today he’s promising jobs to people in impossible time frames too. Every single tiny detail of every single FW story is deliberately engineered to make as little sense as possible…or so it would appear.

    Adeela waiting tables at Montoni’s…(sigh). I was so, so happy when the first Adeela arc ended and I was able to stop typing “Adeela” all the time. Apologies to any Adeelas out there but it’s a seriously annoying word to type. It always looks misspelled too, even when it isn’t.

    I almost can’t wait until Pete and Boy Lisa convince her to design the new AK building, as it kind of seems like a given already.

  4. louder

    Bull Stuff! Montoni’s, given the size of Cancerville, is one of those places open 10:00am — 9:00pm, and a place like that can afford two full-time managers, plus all the other workers needed for being open seven days? From the looks of it, all it has is a cook, a server, and that’s it. And Adeela knows what about running a pizzeria? Bathack has completely lost all touch with reality.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah, I know two people that own businesses like this. One a doughnut shop, the other a pizza shop. There are no managers at either place. The owners are the manager.

      At my cousin’s pizza shop, he opens for lunch, has one other person helping him as lunch traffic is generally light. Then he has a couple other people show up late afternoon. They run everything and he comes back around 7 and stays till 11 or whenever they close. Wash, rinse, repeat.

      Neither can afford to pay for management staff. The few employees they have do it all. Both live close to their business and are just a phone call away if needed.

      Unlike Batty, who gets big bucks for doing nothing, these people actually work for their pay.

  5. Charles

    How much do you want to bet that Batiuk doesn’t realize that H-1B visas don’t allow a person to work in a pizza place? So if we were to take this as Batiuk’s presented it, Wally’s first act as night manager is to hire someone illegally.

    (H-1B visas are temporary work permits for foreigners who have specialty skills. Washing dishes at or assistant managing a pizza place is not one of those skills. Adeela’s literally taking a job a local American could do)

    • Saturnino

      The next part of the script is the fraudulent marriage.

    • billytheskink

      I mean, he didn’t realize how unlikely it would be for former Taliban-affiliated arms dealer Khahn to move to the US, much less become a US citizen, so this is consistent. Montoni’s must have someone’s ear at USCIS.

    • Interesting–I knew about H-1Bs but not the details. This makes me wonder if she would be able to get a job as an architect, since it doesn’t seem like a specialty skill, and she also acquired this skill here in this country.

  6. Paul Jones

    Batiuk recks not for the intricacies of immigration law. All he wants to do is serve up pious speeches about people being a credit to their race.

    • Gerard Plourde

      I agree. I don’t think any further thought was given once the “flash of inspiration” to add a Muslim refugee from Iraqistan manifested itself.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      He also knows nothing about Islam. Muslims are not permitted to work in non Halal restaurants. It is Haraam.

      Sorry Batty, no Pulitzer for you. Try being a bit more sensitive to other cultures.

  7. gleeb

    At least Wally finally took off the mortarboard.

  8. Damn. No more pepperoni in Montoni’s. At least during the day shift.

  9. Count of Tower Grove

    Ooo! I like the splash panel, no doubt Adilly’s daddy disapproving her choice to work in an infidel shop.
    Wasn’t Fungy supposed to retire and hand it over to Walleye?

  10. timbuys

    I’m kinda surprised that the author didn’t try to make some sort of distasteful and forced wordplay based joke around regime change.

  11. Jimmy

    I’m sure Batiuk thinks this checks the diversity box, but it’s really just nepotism.