Hall of Lame

The idea of a “Westview Sports Hall of Fame” is one of the funniest things in this strip in a long time. The gag for basically this entire strip is that Westview High is absolutely terrible at sports, so why is there even a hall of fame? Who else would even be in the hall of fame?  It’s got to just be Summer.  Maybe Keesha.  How could they not have inducted Bull when he retired and they literally renamed the field after him? This would make a whole lot more sense if the “Westview Sports Hall of Fame” was just something Montoni’s does, and it’s referring to the hall leading to the bathrooms where Funky displays photos of his classmates or something.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    The Westview Sports Hall Of Fame…that’s quite an honor. This year’s class includes Summer, Jarod Posey and Owen along with perennial loser Bull, who finally gained induction on his twenty-ninth try. The Westview Sports Hall Of Fame is housed in Board Of Education Auxiliary Building Annex B, a former grade school closed in 1998 amid mold and asbestos concerns. Exhibits include the actual fish stick Ann Fairgood slipped on, fragments of Summer Moore’s exploded knee as well as bagged and graded samples of her famous “grit”. Parking is free and ample.

    Seriously though, if this one doesn’t end with Bull locked in the bathroom with a shotgun it means Batom really has lost whatever tenuous connection to reality he once might have had. I can’t think of anything more depressing than the Westview Sports Hall Of Fame, much less the fact that Bull had to wait this long to get in. Perhaps the PED (pitiful endless dimwittery) allegations played a part or perhaps the people on the nominating committee knew him. These things are all politics anyhow.

  2. This is really idiotic, and shows another thing Batiuk knows nothing about. A high school athletics hall of fame would nominate members when they were seniors, I would think, and not decades later when many of them would have died.
    I mean, I know it’s just another way to give himself an award, but really, Batiuk needs to count to ten and try to calm down.

    • Do we have evidence the Hall of Fame is looking to induct Bull only now? ‘They want you’ can mean ‘as emcee for this year’s ceremony’, or ‘as guest of honor for the ceremony commemorating the missing Classes of 2014-2023’ or ‘to keep that Gil Thorp guy out of our hair’.

    • Don

      “A high school athletics hall of fame would nominate members when they were seniors, I would think, and not decades later when many of them would have died” – unless they didn’t create the thing until just now.
      The high school I went to didn’t start its athletic hall of fame until 50 years after it opened. Two of the initial members are Pete Carroll and Chad Kreuter. Usually, you are nominated more for what you did after you graduated.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    As spacemanspiff85 points out above, the idea that a WSHOF already exists is pretty funny on its own but the fact that Bull isn’t in it yet really puts it over the top. I wonder if there’s some sort of warmhearted cruel scam afoot, some kind of misguided yet well-intentioned ploy to bring a little light to the dying dunderhead’s wasted life. It’s just too ridiculous to be believable. I mean they named the whole field after him just a few years ago.

    • And now I recall that Bull’s dull friend had a whole fake newspaper made up saying that Westview won some championship. And Bull had it framed and gestured at it like an imbecile.

  4. Max Power

    Looks like poor Bull is about to go through another cycle of perfunctory adulation and extended misery. Bad news for readers: this storyline will probably include Buck…and Les.

  5. billytheskink

    Funky visited the Westview Sports Hall Of Fame back in March 2017.

  6. The Nelson Puppet

    Won 2nd place in the Bull Bushka Look-A-Like Contest:

  7. The Nelson Puppet

    Won 3rd place in the Bull Bushka Look-A-Like Contest:

  8. The Nelson Puppet

    Won 1st place in the Bull Bushka Look-a-Like Contest:

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Well at least Bill was funny, cause Mike Judge knows how to write a joke. Batty, not so much.

      He’s all over the place this year, someone needs to do a wellness check on him.

  9. Paul Jones

    Oh, goody. A month-long rant at the expense of the sportos. It’s like a train wreck, really; you know you wanna look away but you can’t.

  10. Ray

    Have I missed Bull signing a power of attorney to allow Linda to open mail that was more than likely addressed to him?

    Is that technically not a federal offense in Westview?

    • spacemanspiff85

      Don’t you know? The way you treat people who have serious, debilitating medical conditions is to act like they’re incapable of doing anything for themselves and are basically dead already.

    • Jimmy

      I was thinking the same thing. At least, it’s completely disrespectful.

      • spacemanspiff85

        Just compare the way he portrays Bull’s condition with Lisa’s. Lisa was consistently a suffering saint, if not Christlike. Bull’s a simpering moron, and I’m pretty sure the only reason he’s not drooling all over himself is because the artist refuses to draw it.

  11. Rusty Shackleford

    Instead of this stupid set up, he could have done 5min of research and saw that there is an Ohio association of football coaches (ohsfca) and tied it in with OMEA. Ah but ohsfca won’t kiss his butt like OMEA does.

  12. firedmyass

    By way of comparison, the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame is located in Little Rock, connected to the largest event arena in the state. It is a good-sized place with many well-designed exhibits and multi-media activities.

    It gets so little traffic that they don’t even bother turning on the lights unless a visitor straggles in. I wish I was exaggerating. I am not.