Super Bore LIIInda

Thanks for having me back here. I can’t guarantee I’ll be as entertaining as BeckoningChasm, but I think I can manage topping Funky Winkerbean itself.
And here we return to a Batiuk Classic, someone opening a letter silently. I’m kind of amazed he has the letter actually being opened in one day, rather than dragging it out forever like he did with Darrin back in the day. This might be the only time his writing has gotten better since Act 2.
My prediction for what the shocking letter is: a note from Bull’s doctor explaining that they got his test results switched up with someone else and Bull actually doesn’t have CTE after all.


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19 responses to “Super Bore LIIInda

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Stall tactics on Monday…that’s never a good sign. Bull is like the Dinkle of Act III, a perfectly cromulent one-note character totally ruined via a “swing and a miss” prestige arc you KNOW he wishes he could have back. Is Bull’s brain damage ever going to, you know, start happening or what?

    So what’s this all about? Good medical news? Some sort of award? Les’ death? Seeing Linda this happy is extremely rare. In fact it’s unprecedented, as usually she’s either deadpan beyond belief or sneering with contempt. It’s rather jarring imagery for a Monday.

  2. The Nelson Puppet

    Bull: “Who’s Buck?”
    Linda: “Buck’s dead, baby. Buck’s dead.”

  3. Rusty Shackleford

    Dear Staff,

    Since it looks like I won’t be winning any awards for my writing, I have decided to call it quits. I’ll be spending my retirement up in the attic re-reading old comic books while my wife brings me milk and cookies.

    I hope all of you enjoy your well deserved etirement!

    Best Wishes,


  4. Paul Jones

    I have faith….that whatever this is will be the stupidest thing ever.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    Maybe it’s a letter from the long-lost Jinx, writing after a demanding shift at the electronics assembly plant in China.

    • Melissa Jones

      I wonder what happened to Jinx. She hasn’t appeared in the strip in years, or even been mentioned.

  6. billytheskink

    Looks to me like Linda finds that letter tastier than Montoni’s pizza, which is not surprising.

  7. Why doesn’t Batiuk use thought balloons for pity’s sake? This is the same man who unleashes a wall of text at us every other week. The least he can do is tell us what Linda is thinking.

  8. Jimmy

    It’s a shame they closed the post office in Westview, since it appears residents get more mail by volume than any town in the United States.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Of course, in Batty’s world you:

      Read the newspaper or watch it on TV, instead of going online.

      Drive a long way to someone’s house to tell them something instead of calling them from the cellphone in your pocket.

      Buy a big old worn out building for your business, instead of renting a small space for meetings and letting your few employees work remotely.

      Paying a Kant State Architecture graduate to design a lighting system you could have bought and installed from the big box home improvement store down the street.

      Take 3 days to open a letter.

  9. Le Chat Bleu

    We made it through the entire conference arc without Lefty uttering a single word. A real milestone!

  10. The Dreamer

    It could be a letter from a CTE lab accepting Bull’s request to donate his brain to science. so they officially notify that they will be coming to take away Bull’s brain before he’s buried

  11. Don

    It turns out that, years ago, they made a mistake calculating Bull’s GPA, so the one game Westview did win while he was playing there does count after all.

  12. Doc

    Bat hack doesn’t even know how to properly position the flag on the mailbox. The carrier dropped off mail, and if said flag was up, indicating outgoing mail, carrier would take the outgoing and place the flag down.