Buck and Bull Are Going to Prom Together

Yeah, Batiuk totally does not get sports at all. I don’t think this is how Hall of Fame introductions go. Like, shouldn’t someone on the board of the Hall of Fame actually do the welcoming? Not just the guy who just told Bull he was going to give a speech?
I get this is probably supposed to come off like “aw, Bull and Buck are friends, and like each other”, but boy does it not come off that way. A long, no doubt awkward hug with a guy who played for your arch-rival-where are Bull’s former teammates who should be booing him right now? Probably all dead, but this is still awkward and weird, especially with Buck telling Bull he’s had enough, on a stage in front of the crowd.
Artistically speaking, something doesn’t seem right about the last panel. Bull’s hands are around Buck’s arms, when in the panel before they’re wrapped completely around Buck’s back. So I guess Buck is trying to back away from Bull? Maybe this is a stealth #MeToo story.
The creepiest part of this is Bull’s eyes in the third panel, which are no doubt staring right into Buck’s.


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13 responses to “Buck and Bull Are Going to Prom Together

  1. So THAT’S how he want to get a Pulitzer.

  2. Gerard Plourde

    If we’re at the awkward hug climax of the story arc on Friday, what’s left for Saturday, Bull’s fatal heart attack?

    • Epicus Doomus

      It’d no doubt be a wacky heart attack, all full of zany defibrillators and nutty EKGs and lots of gags at Bull’s expense.

      • spacemanspiff85

        Day 1-
        Bull: My tum-tum has a boo-boo.
        Buck: Then why are you clutching your chest, you goofball? *slaps him hard on the back*
        Day 2-
        Bull: I think I might be having a fart attack!
        Buck: Well, we did stop by the Toxic Taco on the way over here.
        Day 3-
        Buck: You know, Bull, you say you’re having a fart attack, but you don’t smell much worse than usual.
        Bull: *collapsed on the floor, but smiling wistfully at Buck’s wit*
        Day 4-
        Buck: So how’s old Bull doing these days, Linda dear?
        Linda: I don’t know, Buck, since he collapsed behind that lectern I haven’t seen him much.
        Day 5-
        *Ed Crankshaft, for some unknown, stupid reason, driving an ambulance, backs into a mailbox, and then over Bull*
        Day 6-
        Buck: It turns out they just discovered a cure for CTE! Gosh, if only Bull had lived one day longer! Ready to go to Comic-Con for our honeymoon, baby?
        Linda: Tee-hee!

  3. Count of Tower Grove

    Early Todd hasn’t heard of Alan Shore and Denny Crane.
    Denny Crane!

  4. Epicus Doomus

    If you’re gonna get sick in the Funkyverse, obviously a long-term brain disease is the way to go. Thanks to the zany antics of Morty and the rest of the Bedside Manorisms we’ve learned that Alzheimer’s mostly manifests itself in uncontrollable daffiness, a good sense of rhythm and a marked desire to swing, in every sense of the word. Likewise, CTE’s main symptoms include increased wordplay and malapropisms and an almost child-like adorability, not to mention early retirement. If Morty is any indication Bull is in for the best years of his life, all full of adventures and non-stop silliness and after all, it wasn’t like he was all that bright to begin with.

    It sure beats having to wear a cancer smock or pinning up all your left sleeves or having to jog or taking a dog with you everywhere you go. Seriously though, I don’t know what BatYak’s “goal” was here but he’ll NEVER get that Pulitzer (or even a nomination) with wishy-washy sad-sack sniveling sappery like this. I’ve grown to genuinely despise this Buck asshole, in fact IMO he’s the worst of the newer Act III characters, except for maybe Adeela.

  5. billytheskink

    This should finally put WSHOF attendance on par with Montoni’s!

  6. Epicus Doomus

    “And here we have the actual pail Summer Moore vomited in before the Big Game.”

    “Ooooooh! Ahhhhhh!” (camera shutter sounds)

    “In that vial you’ll see actual fragments of her exploded knee.”

    “”Ooooooh! Ahhhhhh!” (camera shutter sounds)”

    “And right here we have the actual fishstick Ann Fairgood slipped upon, thereby launching vast reform in the WHS girls’ basketball program!”

    “Ooooooh! Ahhhhhh!” (camera shutter sounds)

    “Hey, what’s in that minuscule, very poorly lit little jar over there in the corner?”

    “(Whispers) Well, it’s not part of the official tour, but in that jar is all that’s left of Bull Bushka’s dignity. It’s degraded to the point where it’s barely visible. We don’t really like to discuss that one too much.”

    “Now over HERE we have the actual rim where Summer’s game-winning shot took a day and a half to drop! True story!”

    “Ooooooh! Ahhhhhh!” (camera shutter sounds)

  7. Paul Jones

    In hindsight, it should have been obvious that we were leading up to a lam “Don’t go for the reach-around, I don’t swing that way” thing because it’s like Batiuk to go hurr-durrr-hurr sportos touch each other’s butts all the time……

  8. Charles

    Someone needs to tell Batiuk that he’s not going to win any awards as long as he can’t be bothered to do any research. He’s not going to win an award for a CTE storyline when his story gets virtually every basic fact about CTE wrong.

  9. Yeah, nothing like making the brain-damaged the but of you strip’s joke. Tasteless.

  10. bobanero

    So, five whole days of Buck’s meaningless introduction speech. Are we going to see any of Bull’s acceptance speech, or will he get a pass on that because of his brain damage? If we do, no doubt it will be packed with sappy faux sentimentality.

    I am also quite disturbed by the visage in today’s masthead. I guess we had a pretty good Less-free run there. I knew it had to end eventually.