Snow Daze

Linda continues to kvetch about the negative impact that Bull’s condition will have on her retirement plans. I guess it’s a quarter inch from reality that someone faced with having to care for a partner in declining health is entitled to feel bad and complain. It sure makes for a depressing “comic” strip though. Does Linda have any other friends in whom she can confide, aside from Les, who until this week has demonstrated zero concern for the well being of his old tormentor and tennis partner?


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  1. spacemanspiff85

    Damn, this is some crappy art. I know that second panel is going for “somber”, but come on. Les is barely glancing at Linda and totally is giving off a “can you leave me alone so I can stare at blonde students as they walk by my door?” vibe. And why are Linda’s eyes closed?

  2. Gerard Plourde

    “Every day is a snow day”? What is that supposed to mean? A day where your routine is disrupted? While that’s not a bad thing occasionally, it’s not something I’d want every day.

    • spacemanspiff85

      I’m fairly certain they don’t even have snow days in Westview, since there’s always 3-6 feet of snow on the ground from August through April and it doesn’t affect anyone’s daily life.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    So not only is Linda unbearably sardonic, wry and downbeat beyond belief, she’s unambitious too. Seriously though, the way she’s being forced to sacrifice nothing in particular will no doubt resonate with both longtime FW readers and the various award committees, all of whom know a scam when they see one. Just like Les before her Linda’s the real victim here, but fortunately she has no interest in becoming an author as far as we know, which could be this arc’s sole upside.

    Coming next week: Les sits down at Montoni’s and tells Adeela all about how Bull’s CTE diagnosis has affected him directly. Adeela suggests remodeling Bull’s house to remove all head-bump hazards.

    • spacemanspiff85

      That’s a good point. How damn hard would it have been to give Linda a retirement dream? I mean, yes, it would’ve required giving her a tiny bit of a background and personality, but it wouldn’t be hard. Like, traveling, learning to fly, fishing, reading the complete works of Shakespeare, gardening, visiting family. But no, all she gets is a lame attempt at witticism that shows all she ever wanted to do was sit around the house and do nothing till she dies. Which is already what her CTE husband is doing.

      • Epicus Doomus

        “I’ve always wanted to see the lights of Reno at night…I guess that’s on hold.”

        “Looks like my advanced blacksmith certification will have to wait…”

        “Yeah, and I heard 3/5ths of the original Jefferson Starship is touring this summer….(sigh)”

        • Miskatonic Sophomore

          Les’s side-eye in panel two—what the hell is that about? Is he checking the doorway to make sure nobody hears Linda say that her aborted retirement plans involved holding up armored cars, like he’s been hearing in the teachers’ lounge? Is he breaking the fourth wall to show us how fed up he is? After all, he’s been listening to her bellyache all week! AND he’s had to PRETEND! to show SYMPATHY!

          On a lighter note, the way his hair is drawn allows me to imagine a skunk gnawing on his head, and that’s good for a chuckle.

  4. “Oh, wow, I’ve got it! I’m going to chuck these stupid jokes and go for the awards! So, step one, what wins lots of awards? Of course! Tragedy! And who wrote the best tragedies? Ooo, Les would know, wouldn’t he! Shakespeare! So, how can I make my strip as good as Shakespeare? Ooo, I’ve got it! Everyone is miserable! Completely miserable! And only Les can get through it! Everyone else just gives up! They just say, ‘Oh, the heck with this’ and they’re all, like, ‘Oh, I should die,’ and it’ll be great!

    “But Les, Les will be the strong one. He will keep striving, because of course he will. And he’ll keep reminding everyone–including readers!–of how his wife died, and that was sad for her, but mainly it meant he suffered so much! And others will suffer and stuff, and Les gets to reflect on it all, because his wife died! Ooo, I can just taste those awards!”

  5. billytheskink

    Every day a snow day, of course! It all makes sense now! We finally have an explanation as to why all the retirement things Linda and Bull said they planned to do after his 2016 “diagnosis” resulted in the two watching television and rarely leaving the house.

    • comicbookharriet

      LOL! It all makes sense now. Silly us for thinking they might want to travel, see the world, enjoy exotic locations…etc, etc.

  6. Paul Jones

    I wonder if Batiuk realizes that it’s hard to weep about tragic loss when all the person losing something wants to do is stare out the window until her mind goes blank.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Two terrible strips from Batty today.

    I thought Linda was staff, and so therefore wasn’t impacted by snow days. Well back in the old days non teaching staff still had to report.

    And speaking of the old days. Batty drags out more nonsense with this week long printed catalog gag. Most companies will send you a printed catalog if you are willing to pay for printing and shipping. The cost can then be deducted from your order.

    Funny thing, the older model railroaders that I know actually prefer the online version cause it is easy to search, plus they can zoom in and enlarge the text. Yes Batty, there are lots of old people who will use technology and they don’t think everything was better in the good old days.

  8. Rusty

    Say, who’s up for a Les writes a book about Bull’s slow decline? “The Last Leaf Pile, Soggy with Rain and Decaying.”

    • Buckeye Feculence

      I was thinking the same way.

      Les is pretending to be concerned but really is scheming to use this as another opportunity to reach literary immortality. Duplicitous weasel!

  9. comicbookharriet

    Every day a snow day doesn’t describe a great retirement. It describes half the premise of the movie, “Snowpiercer” Please now envision Linda as played by Tilda Swinton with prosthetic breasts, and Les played by John Hurt as an ambiguously gay man with an umbrella for a hand who secretly works for the overlords.