Bleat for Security

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“Americans used to roar like lions for liberty; now we bleat like sheep for security.”

― Norman Vincent Peale

It’s interesting how the force of this protest has waned over the last three days. On Tuesday we were ‘urging action to stop’, yesterday we were ‘urging action to prevent’ and now we’re not ‘urging action’ at all anymore, just ‘voicing concerns about’ tomorrow we’ll just be ‘drawing attention to guns,’ and the slow march of passivity will continue on.

I wondered if there was ‘much to show for’ school shooting legislation from last year to this year. Because I don’t trust Tom Batiuk one bit to do any real research on what he’s claiming. There has been quite a bit.. At least on the gun control side. Maybe Bernie is one of those who argues a gun control is more a mental health issue. Oh, wait, no, there’s been significant movement on that front too. This article even mentions the students March for Our Lives having an effect.

Of course, you could make the argument that a lot of these proposed laws haven’t been finalized yet, or that all of this isn’t enough. But that isn’t what Bernie here is saying. What he’s really saying is, school shootings are bad enough to protest but not serious enough to research.

I look forward to the senior trip to DC, where the students will protest the lack of a WWII memorial while standing in it’s fountain.


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17 responses to “Bleat for Security

  1. And Tom Batiuk closes his eyes and dreams of all the awards he’s going to win.

    Well, it’s not like his eyes have been opened at any time in the last twenty years…

  2. billytheskink

    Well, today’s strip certainly could be filed under “not a lot”.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    “Last year’s walkout accomplished nothing, so we’re going to have another one this year!”

  4. Epicus Doomus

    That’s Batty, always as vague and non-committal as possible lest he offends the delicate sensibilities of his (ahem) readers. Believe me, the last thing he wants is to draw attention to the strip, as that might prompt people to actually read it and if that happens the whole jig is up. Yes, he enjoys basking in the attention he receives based on what people PERCEIVE FW to be, but if he generates even a whiff of actual controversy CK would pull the plug just like that. In fact, I often theorize that he intentionally tries to drive readers away with his endless tedium and constant confusion, but that’s a story for another day.

    I did chuckle over how he used the single panel format to give this claptrap some false gravitas, like Something Very Important is happening here. But regular readers know he’s just repeating the premise…again…because as usual there’s no substance to be had here. At least Les isn’t around today, which means this is this week’s best strip so far by default.

  5. Charles

    Bernie’s use of the word “our” bothers me way more than it should. It’s just evidence of how Batiuk is incapable of imagining how his particular characters would react to the circumstances he puts them in. He has Bernie talking like a parent, teacher or administrator, not a student.

    Anyway, you could seriously play football with Logan Church’s head! Or you could use it as a well-drilling bit.

  6. Paul Jones

    It’ll get even more passive than that. That’s because we’re not going to actually see the walk-out…..jus t people’s reaction to it after the fact.

    • Don

      “It’ll get even more passive than that. That’s because we’re not going to actually see the walk-out…..jus t people’s reaction to it after the fact.”

      My guess: the walkout is shown, but it’s pretty much just a bunch of kids holding signs off to one side while Les gets the spotlight.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    TomBa’s practice of dashing these off a year in advance of publication ensures that time-sensitive topics will get only the most superficial treatment.

  8. bigd1992

    I’m surprised TomBat hasn’t flirted with idea of a school shooting, as he pursues that Pulitzer. Of course, much like the gay couple at the prom arc, he’ll come close to doing it but back out on going all of the way.

  9. Rusty

    It’s really odd that he chose a middle-aged couple to represent his latest high school characters.

  10. Buckeye Feculence

    The cameraman’s indifferent expression pretty much sums up what effect the little Westview snowflakes’ walkout will have on the world.

  11. Jimmy

    If they want to give the kids a real world lesson, let’s see their reactions when everyone gets sacked for walking off the job.

  12. spacemanspiff85

    You know what would be funny, and a shocking example of foreshadowing on Batiuk’s part? If during the walkout, a certain former teacher with CTE whose driving has gotten dangerously erratic hits a kid.

  13. Miskatonic Sophomore

    I’m looking at Bernie’s cameraman and wondering if he’s *supposed* to have microcephaly, but I would rather not dwell on that, partly because I don’t want to give T-Bat any ideas for a new prestige arc.