Three Rights Make A Left

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Oh boy. Today we see TomBat courageously dipping his toe into, uh, “climate change politics”, let’s say. It’s an issue he tackles once a decade or so. Regardless of where you stand or how you feel about climate change, I think it’s safe to say that anyone concerned with or bothered by climate would take their chances sinking in Florida over living in Westview, where months-long Antarctic-like blizzards and life-threatening leaf falls are a way of life. It makes even New Jersey look like paradise.

Yeah yeah yeah, his name is in there but please, try to refrain from “political debate” in the comment section and devote your energies toward making fun of the comic strip, please. It’s one of the few things left that all comic strip-reading Americans can agree upon. I ask for so little and give so much, just indulge me on this one. Thank you in advance.


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19 responses to “Three Rights Make A Left

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Given this week, last week’s gun storyline, and the weirdness going on in Crankshaft this week, I’ve realized there actually is a way Batiuk can get worse: Woke Activist Batiuk.

    • Epicus Doomus

      He doesn’t have the balls. Drawing attention to FW is the last thing he wants. He’s dropping in these references so he can impress the lifestyle reporter from the KSU Weekly Bugle during his next puff-piece interview by mentioning his “timely and topical” stories, which are actually straight from the bottom of great-grandpa’s old vaudeville steamer trunk. Girls and boys being “enemies”, mother-in-law gags…you’d think he “time jumped” seventy years backwards, not ten years ahead. If people actually start reading FW the whole jig is up, the ridicule he gets from us here right now would be nothing compared to what he’d get if everyone began reading it.

  2. “Hurricane Irma was the last straw for my mother! When the storm came through she said, ‘That’s it! I am moving away from here just as soon as eighteen months have passed!”’

  3. billytheskink

    It was never safe to live in Florida. It’s not just hurricanes (which are not a new thing for the state TB), there’s alligators, mosquito-borne disease, panthers, Florida Man, fan boat accidents, spring breakers, swing-state political ads…

  4. Charles

    You know, you don’t have to believe in climate change to recognize that hurricanes are real and can ruin your life. This is just more cumbersome, bad writing. It’s not climate change that’s sending whatever-her-name is away from Florida, it’s destructive hurricanes. Batiuk makes a second tier connection when he has a first tier available to him. And you know, people emigrate from California every time there’s a massive wildfire or an earthquake, and they don’t need to know *why* they happen to explain why they’re leaving or know that they can ruin their lives. They just know that those things are a threat to destroy their homes so they’re getting the hell out.

    I’m also annoyed at how transparent Batiuk is being about how Holly’s mom is definitely moving in with Funky and Holly rather than considering other options. If “climate change makes living in Florida unsafe”, what the hell’s wrong with Arizona? Why is “she can leave Florida all she wants, but she’s not moving into my house” so hard for these idiots to say? I mean, at no point in this sequence were we shown either of these two slobs actually say they want her to move in. Or even that it’s the best solution.

    But you know, adding another old coot who’s going to chafe someone’s ass and just as assuredly bringing *more* weeks of old-people-doing-things is just what this strip needs.

    • Paul Jones

      He’s realized that people like Crankshaft more but he’s too stupid to quit this and just concentrate on Crankshaft so he’s going to turn this strip into Also Crankshaft. No damned wonder he couldn’t get hired on by the majors……

  5. Paul Jones

    Since she’s been living with them for six months or so anyway, wouldn’t he already know all about this?

  6. Batiuk has finally realized that he’d not going to be nominated for any awards, so he’s on to his newest thing (which seems to work, judging by the sidebar): hoping people will tweet out his idiotic “prestige” strips.

  7. Count of Tower Grove

    BWAWHAWHAWHAW! It’s funny because two year-old issues about geriatric and superannuated persons depicts issues affecting young adults in a sensitive and thought provoking manner!

  8. Once again Batiuk tells, not shows. We don’t see Fatty McBimbo’s mother behave like a right-winger; we just have to take Funky’s word for it.