Storage Snores

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A sad listless joke, built on sad tired tropes, at the expense of a sad beaten man. This is one of those stealthily depressing FW strips, one that appears harmless enough on the surface but which reveals all kinds of terrible truths about the strip in general. Most “writers” probably would have skipped over this part of the story and jumped ahead to the part where Melinda is all moved in already, but not BatYak. He obviously saw some moving trucks outside and had another “and I thought it’d be very, very funny if…” moment and yadda yadda yadda here we are, with six days of watching Funky watching people putting boxes into a truck. Sigh.


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13 responses to “Storage Snores

  1. spacemanspiff85

    You’re giving Batiuk too much credit if you think he actually thought this would be funny. I think his only thought was “hey, there’s a way I can fill up some space”. Although, when he was given the chance to use Dick Tracy he just had him move boxes of comics, so maybe this really is a thing of his.

    • timbuys

      If he hadn’t spent years engendering withering contempt within his readership for his misbegotten characters and inane plotting, I think that, in all fairness, we would have to acknowledge that the joke in today’s strip actually works OK.

      For example, sub in Walt from Zits and have him talking to Connie while Jeremy and his band are (over)loading their band equipment into Walt’s econobox and Jeremy’s VW in the background and you have a perfectly serviceable gag a day installment. I dunno, make the kicker be that Pierce has a huge drum kit or something.

      In doing so, will you have transcended the intrinsic limits of your chosen medium in an award deserving arc limning humanity’s precarious plight leavened with sentiment and whimsy? I suppose not, but at least the gag would be delivered in a workmanlike manner and could potentially be amicably received by the audience.

      Here, the suffusion of resentment and indifference leaves the same bitter aftertaste as any other Batiukian attempt at humor.

  2. Max Power

    Two trucks from Florida to Westview, OH, with a separate pickup from a second location. If poor Funky is flummoxed now just wait until he gets the bill. I guess no one – Holly, Melinda, or Funky – thought any of this through.

  3. Just more suffering for Funky, courtesy of Tom Batiuk, cartoonist. I would suspect that the real-life model for Funky feels every sting of these blows…if he had any idea of the strip, that is. No doubt he has happily moved on from high school into a fine life where “Les Moore” isn’t even a memory…which must sting Batiuk even more.

  4. comicbookharriet

    The real hilarity will begin when they try to cram all this stuff back in Funky’s house.

  5. Paul Jones

    At this point, he should really think about moving himself and Holly into a smaller place and leaving the old doll their old pad so she can be on Hoarders.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    For a move across the country (which this is) the carrier would use a semi, not two box trucks. And I’d expect that it would be a company that specializes in those types of moves – i.e., United, North American, Mayflower – not “Tom’s Moving”.which would lack the resources.

    • You’re absolutely right. I moved 15,000 pounds of household across country a couple of years ago and made a point of using Mayflower. They packed up the house and loaded it into a semi and unpacked at the other end 6 days later. This? This will be a story of broken stuff, grumpy movers and a whine of how poor service shortens your life.

  7. Wait till Funky goes to the storage facility and finds out she hasn’t paid the bill in two years.

    • Gerard Plourde

      Then he’d have nothing to move. The company would have filed a complaint in court, obtained a judgment, and executed against the property in the unit.

  8. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    This must still be the day he arrived, since he’s wearing the same shirt. Are you telling me that he’s already packed all that crap up so he could call the trucks?? Or did he call the trucks before anything was even boxed up?? That would be intensely stupid.

    And two small trucks and two drivers instead of one big truck and one driver?? Who does that?

    It’s almost like this was written by someone who still lives with his mom, and knows nothing about moving. Oh… wait…