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“Cars”? You might be able to squeeze ONE Batiukmobile in that garage, but plural? No f*cking way. I can’t tell if that’s supposed to be sepia-toned Cory or Funky or what, nor can I tell how it relates in any way to the premise here, or why this wasn’t just a one-paneler, but at least it’s already Thursday which means this is hopefully almost over.

That’s a pretty decent house by Westviewian standards, definitely a home befitting the local pizza kingpin. Nice size, nice lawn, nice garage…it’s certainly better than Moore Manor, with its dead trees and weird detached office. Chester’s place is nicer, but than again he IS a renowned comic book collector and all. I’ve always wanted Batiuk to do a map of Westview and the surrounding area so I can see where everything is in relation to everything else, as this fascinates me to no end. Given his obvious refusal to put anything more than significantly less than the bare minimum into this thing, I assume I’ll be waiting for that for some time.


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  1. spacemanspiff85

    I assume that’s Cory taking his boxes over to Afghanistan? Which makes about as much sense as anything in this strip.
    Funny alternative meaning to this strip: Funky is calling Cory “your kid”, which makes sense since he’s Holly’s and not Funky’s, bio-dadwise.

  2. Jimmy

    I actually like your idea of a map of Westview, but I fear it may be when you see what a radio personality looks like in real life; it ruins the mystique.

    My image of Westview is that it’s roughly 2 square miles at most. The real hub is not the gazebo or Lisa’s bench, but Montoni’s. All the residences are built within a 1/2 mile radius of the economic center, and the high school has to be no more than two blocks away (the breakfast pizza wanted to bring in the high school crowd).

    Really, there’s no need for cars in Westview, so it shouldn’t be an issue using the garage for storage.

  3. I have a feeling Westview is a lot like the world portrayed in Robert Heinlein’s “They.” If you haven’t read it, it’s pretty good, certainly better than anything written by Batiuk (though that’s praising with faint damns).

    Interesting how just a couple of weeks ago Westview was knee-deep in snow, and now it’s short-sleeve weather. Maybe there IS something to this global warming stuff!

  4. billytheskink

    More unrealistic than the fact that Holly’s mom was willing to put stuff in storage in Florida but not in Westview is that she is not moving into her own place in Westview. Like there is a lack of available housing in Northern Ohio…

  5. Charles

    Thing that strikes me about this is how none of the characters ever seem to suggest that certain things are unacceptable. Melinda brings the contents of her entire house to Funky’s house and somehow expects him to just store it all until she dies or something. And Funky and Holly never say one word about this imposition. It’s as if they don’t care that this is going to be a pointless avoidable hassle.

    Funky’s like the guy in Meaning of Life who has to give up his liver because he’s an organ donor. Instead of protesting, however, when Graham Chapman demands Funky’s liver he’d just say “Okay, I guess.”

  6. sgtsaunders

    I can’t help but think one big truck would have been preferable to three smaller trucks.

  7. Chester the Dog

    They don’t have storage places in Westview?

  8. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Sorry for the time jump, but here’s a late take on yesterday’s strip.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    WTF with the new CK website? Did Batty design it?

  10. timbuys

    Does anyone here read That author would have a field day with Funky’s monument to the thirty year mortgage. Among choice highlights are the many styles of windows, mismatched cladding materials and irregular roofline.

  11. Jimmy

    I forgot to ask if the title of this post was an intentional allusion to Weezer.