This Comic is All Catch

It took me a little while to realize that’s supposed to be Cindy, what with the prominent bags under her eyes and the abrupt change in hair color, much grayer than it used to be. I wonder if the artist realized that Cindy and Jess, visually, were both basically just “hot young blonde” and realized Cindy needed to look older for some reason.
What is Jess even doing in Hollywood anymore? Is she still working on the stupid documentary about her dad? I think if she missed her family so much, she could do the work back in Ohio, since apparently all it consists of is sitting in front of soundboard and computer monitors with no mouse or keyboard in sight next to a Buddy Blog “journalist” for some reason.
And why does Jess think there’s some catch? The people in this comic fly back and forth between Ohio and California at the drop of a hat.


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10 responses to “This Comic is All Catch

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Now I’m hardly a fashionista or anything but God alive man, Cindy’s new hair color is absolutely f*cking ghastly. It makes no sense at all that Cindy, the most vain character in the strip, would suddenly go platinum gray. The effect is jarring.

    Why would Jessica have gotten a new job at the documentary mill AFTER her husband and son moved back to Ohio? Did she ever manage to sublet that apartment? That dopey Cliff Anger documentary was finished years ago, so why would these two be working together at all? “I’m sure you’d like to see your spouse and child who live thousands of miles from here”…uh yeah, sure Cindy.

  2. billytheskink

    The catch is that you are flying to Ohio, duh.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Also, I think if someone has spent over a year away from their family working on a “documentary” they could easily be doing at home or close to home, I’d take that as a very big sign that she doesn’t actually miss them.

  4. Paul Jones

    “The catch is that it’ll take five more days to explain what I actually want.”

    Also, I was right about the reset, I think. She’s always going to be just wrapping up in Los Angeles now.

  5. Since we last saw her in July, Cindy’s hair has turned from yellow gold to the same dishwater blonde shade as Holly’s.

  6. You can’t escape the black hole of Ohio.

  7. Professor Fate

    This the first mention of Skyler in Months yes? It seems nobody cares about the kid, neither Jessica (Whose father was John Darling, who was murdered) nor Boy Lisa who has foisted him on his elderly foster parents one of whom is wheel chair bound. Hell giving him up for adoption would show more concern for the kid.
    And oh yes about the ‘catch’ I don’t care. I don’t think anybody cares.

  8. Tom Batiuk’s ability to make everything unbelievably boring just keeps getting stronger.

  9. Charles

    I’m stuck trying to figure out what narrative necessity is forcing Batiuk to keep Jessica in Los Angeles after moving Darin and Skyler to Ohio over a year ago. She was supposed to stay behind to sublet the apartment and move things back, or something, but it’s obviously been way too long for that explanation to hold.

    So what’s the hold up on her move? Doesn’t she miss her child? It certainly can’t be marital problems because Batiuk thinks Darin’s just the greatest thing ever so there’s no way Jessica has some wholly unexamined issue with him. And if she’s still fully working with Cindy and that’s so important that she’s there after a year… well, Darin’s decision to move back to Ohio without consulting her looks worse and worse.

    And if Batiuk wants to claim that the job with Cindy is so important to Jessica that she’s willing to put up with all this in order to hold onto it, he probably shouldn’t have had her casually bail on her own documentary that was supposed to be her life’s work.

    And doesn’t Mason have his own work to do?

    I suspect this is going to be the start of Cindy and Mason moving to Ohio. And Batiuk decided that it was just better to keep Jessica in a holding pattern until he addressed it. After all, Jessica’s timeline doesn’t move unless she’s actually in the strip, so Batiuk doesn’t appreciate that she’s been separated from her husband and child for a year

  10. bigd1992

    I think Jessica is getting some strange