The Butter Battle Flick

Yuck.  Batiukian Overexposition strikes again.  This conversation’s probably been going on for like thirty seconds and I think this is the second time “silent film” has been said and third time “Butter Brinkel” has been said.  This is just terrible.  There’s nothing funny about the name “Butter Brinkel”, and definitely nothing that makes it worth repeating over and over.  There’s nobody at home reading this who cares so much that it’s important Batiuk ensures they know precisely what’s going on, and if there was he wouldn’t have to repeat everything incessantly.  Cindy telling Jess who her ex is has to take the prize, though.  Jess knows who Funky is.  I think this is all just a result of Batiuk trying to fill up as much space with as little effort and content as possible, and probably the realization that nobody really keeps up with his strip and he has to drill it in his readers’ heads over and over.  I also think it’s probably his ego thinking that the Epic Funky Winkerbean Backstory is so magnificent he’s going to repeat it over and over.  But probably mostly the laziness.

And if the “someone Funky knows” doesn’t turn out to be Jeff I’ll be shocked.  Or possibly Harry.  Also, the odds are if Funky knows him, Cindy knows him.  It’s not a big town.


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  1. Schrödinger's Droopy

    What could you learn about the non-murder and scandal from watching the movies? It’s not like Brick O’Butter is going to show a sketch of his plans to murder a woman he didn’t meet until the night of her death.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Yes, because of course Funky would “know someone” who’s really into popular culture from forty years before they were born. And of course this friend has no ability to make copies of these films and just ship them to Cindy, she actually has to go to Ohio to watch them, because going back to Ohio to see old movies is just what you do. They’ll no doubt be screening these old films at that shitty old movie house where Mindy used to work, that’s a near certainty. This arc has the potential to go on forever. Sigh.

  3. billytheskink

    No need to visit Funky’s “friend” (I’m guessing it’s Crazy or DSH) who has a DVR and a cable package that includes Turner Classic Movies, Cindy, I’ll bet if you say “Butter Brinkel” three times in the same strip then he’ll just appear right in front of you.

    Also, traveling from Southern California to Northern Ohio in search of a collection of silent films is like traveling from Southern California to Northern Ohio in search of sunshine.

  4. “Well, it does sound interesting” is the least credible response possible. I wonder how angry Batiuk gets that real life refuses to be like the one in his head? Flying to Ohio to see movies when they’re available online in dozens of places. I imagine the ol’ drawing board has a couple of fist-shaped indentations from the constant frustrated pounding.

  5. Just as an experiment, I went to YouTube and typed in “Fatty Arbuckle.” Dozens and dozens of his films are available, as well as excerpts from documentaries on the scandal. Looks like Cindy is several decades behind the crowd.

  6. spacemanspiff85

    I just realized that I think we’ve all been assuming that this documentary is about his being accused of murder, but Cindy never actually said that. it’s entirely possible and probable that she’s just making a documentary about his silent films, because they’re old and random obscure forgotten old crap is obviously worth making a documentary.
    Also, if you got fired from your last job for being too old, making a documentary on a movie star from about a century ago is a bold move.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Batty loves forgotten old crap, the more obscure, the better. It makes him feel smart.

      • Paul Jones

        It never occurs to him that just maybe, the stuff he slobbers over was rejected by the masses for a really good reason and not because they’re idiots.

  7. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    You got brinkle in my butter!
    You got butter in my brinkle!

    I wonder if anyone got in trouble for not getting the words “butter brinkle” in the last frame.

    I had the same idea as ED:

    “My friend in Westview has an old-fashioned movie theater called the Valentyme. We can screen the movies there.”

    “Really? I’d love to see it.”

  8. Paul Jones

    Just when you thought a documentary about a fusty old dimwit who pretty much blacklisted himself was a waste of time that got too much praise…..we’re bound to see these two get even more hosannas for the story of a scandal involving people who died decades before anyone was born.

    • Gerard Plourde

      This has to rank as one of this strip’s most contrived scenarios. Why wouldn’t Jessica regularly be visiting Skyler in Ohio already? Is TomBa implying that BuddyBlog is some sort of organization that engages in human trafficking and she has no freedom of movement?

      And beyond the collection of Brinkel movies in the possession of Funky’s friend, there appears to be no Ohio connection to the subject matter.

      • Paul Jones

        Batiuk has a plodding suburbanite idiot’s idea of how the entertainment industry works so the idea that she isn’t obliged to live in Southern California would break his brain.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    So not only has Cindy’s hair turned grey, but apparently she has Alzheimer’s as she forgot that Jess already knows Funky.

    Such awkward dialog again today. Panel 1 is nearly unreadable.

    • Paul Jones

      It’s as if she’s contractually obliged to remind people that she and Funky have divorced. Given how lacking in self-awareness she seems to be, it would be fun to watch her ask Jessica why she always had to remind people that her dad got shot.

  10. Schrödinger's Droopy

    Funny how Cindy doesn’t say “I’m going t Westview! Want to tag along and see your husband and child–uh, they’re still alive, right?”

  11. Jimmy

    So much wrong here. I hope Cindy’s sinister “Yesss!” means she’s plotting to kill Jessica in the manner the woman was killed by the silent movie star. Also, is Batiuk afraid the Fatty Arbuckle estate will sue him nearly a century after the scandal? I’m guessing he offered to get some publicity for the old movie star, but his relatives said, “Nah, thanks. We don’t want to be associated with your crap.”

    This strip would have been an A-plus if Jessica’s response in panel 3 was “I think Funky, your ex, also knew my father, John Darling, who was murdered.”

  12. Professor Fate

    Just to be pedantic here – the chances that someone in OHIO has a collection of the entire films of this Butter clown would in real life be well neigh impossible. For one thing a vast number of silent films have been lost- in the old days nobody thought about preserving the film and it was either tossed or decayed over time into useless pits of film (the film and the negative were both very fragile) . For example we don’t any copies of Lon Chaney’s London after Midnight and Chaney was a huge star – hell if memory serves we don’t even have all of Buster Keyton’s films – I maybe there is complete run of Chaplin’s films but he was a maniac along with being the biggest star in the world at that time.
    Really if someone in the strip has these films they would have to be stored in an expensive climate controlled storage facility and if they wanted to them to be preserved they would storing them on digital media before they were too badly decayed. The only one in the strip world that could afford something like that would be Chester but he’s pouring his money down the hole in the ground that is Atomix Comics.
    argg this strip can annoy.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Reality once again intrudes upon Batty’s childish fantasies.

    • Gerard Plourde

      Pedantic is fine. This kind of nigh impossible scenario just adds to the Tommy Westphallesque vibe of the strip.

  13. Charles

    Gotta love how Batiuk apparently thinks documentaries are made.

    “In order to do a documentary, I have to hope that some rando has all the background material on my subject, and also hope that some rando I know knows that person so I can get access to that material.”

    There are apparently no repositories or archives that Cindy has access to. And it’s not someone who’s actually in the film business who has these rare items. It’s some rando in Ohio that her pizza-flinging ex-husband knows.

    “Plus, before I do anything, I need to clear it with my camerawoman, because there’s no way I could hire a cameraperson here in Los Angeles, and her approval is absolutely essential anyway. She has veto power over my projects. Plus, the entire crew needs to be comprised of people I knew in high school in Ohio, or people related to them somehow.”

    And Batiuk is going to have this dumb thing win another fricking Emmy for Cindy. It’s unbelievable.

    • Charles

      And you know Cindy’s going to interview Goddamn Cliff and Vera for this stupid thing. And Cliff’s going to have some insight and knowledge of this Butterball person, and his having of which will make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

      “Yep, it just so happened that he confided all of his secrets and torments to me, his coworker who worked with him for a month. Isn’t that convenient?”