When a Stranger Calls.

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Comic Book Harriet back for another turn at the Train Wreck Report. Thanks to Epicus for seeing us through last week! Your hard work on this wonderful little blog deserves praise.

Caucayla sure looks haggard in panel one. Also she seems to be drying the dishes, even though she is standing nowhere near a sink. Also, if Les is rolling in the published author, tenured teacher, kill fee dough, why don’t they have an electric dishwasher? Does Les need a flesh and blood woman to dry his dishes? Is this like…a fetish for him? Is that why Cayla looks so depressed?

Cayla in panel two echoed my thoughts when reading this for the first time. Summer calls? Like the season? I guess it is nearing the middle of May…maybe Les, as a teacher, is especially attuned his students’ bipolar spring emotions of crushing ennui and building excitement. The call of summer.

Then I was all like, oh yeah, Les has a daughter named Summer…right. Wonder when the last time we heard from her is? Doesn’t Cayla have a daughter too? Weird.


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13 responses to “When a Stranger Calls.

  1. billytheskink

    I know we all think that Summer’s general disappearance is one of TB’s many continuity struggles, but it actually makes some sense. I mean, if Les was your father, would you talk to him any more than absolutely necessary?

  2. spacemanspiff85

    Why buy a dishwasher when you can just marry one instead?

  3. Jimmy

    Maybe I misread this. I thought it meant his supervisor was calling to offer him summer school classes. That southern trip to finally taste Montgomery Inn ribs is going to have to wait

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    Lame. Ass. Joke.

  5. Paul Jones

    So, here we are, wasting a week so that Batiuk can ineptly address a broken promise…..and why Summer has been a college freshman for about six years or so……

    All he needed to do was to turn Cayla from a person into a device for setting up weak punchlines but since she’s a dumb gorl, she can’t be expected to remember anything…….

  6. “This is the point in the semester when Summer calls”, possibly because the dorms have been closed since noon last Tuesday.

  7. Chyron HR

    “This is the point in the year when Cayla appears.”

    To Cayla’s credit, her skin appears to be getting darker again. The colorist must not have gotten Tom’s note that he thinks dark skin is icky.

  8. Smirks 'R Us

    Tomorrow’s strip wishful thinking:

    Less: “Hi Summer, I was just telling that other person that lives here that it was about the time in the semester when you call!”

    Summer: “Listen Dumbass, for the last time I graduated 3 years ago. The reason I always call at this time of the year is to remind you that you forgot my birthday, again! You are the worst.”

    Less: “Hmmm, wrong number”

  9. Not only does Cayla have a daughter, she’s also going to Kent State. She probably never calls–after all, Les might pick up.

    • Jimmy

      Did we ever learn anything about the relationship that spawned Keesha? I seem to remember a couple of strips with Cayla’s family, which seemed immensely more interesting than this Westview lot. At least they could play a friendly game of softball without getting hit in the mush.

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Summer started attending KSU in September of 2012, thus she’s been in college for SEVEN YEARS and counting. Maybe she parlayed that basketball scholarship into medical school or something, although that seems unlikely at best. At one time Summer was an integral Act III character, in fact she was arguably the MAIN character. Now, many years later, she’s just a faraway disembodied voice, replaced by ninety-two year old actors, comic book creators and Bernie.

  11. Professor Fate

    The Smug it, it burns.

  12. Don

    I still think “seven years of college” is leading towards one of them becoming Bull’s replacement as Westview’s AD