ALT vs STEM, SS6 wins.

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They had a water balloon competition this morning, and instead we’ve been saddled with a week of bland speechifying?! I would LOVE to see the faculty of Westview in a no-holds-barred water balloon fight. My church growing up used to have a water fight every summer, and one year it ended with our pastor on the roof of a van with a super-soaker screaming “TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD!” and hosing down the first-grade Sunday School class.

Water Balloon competition sounds so much more banal though. I’m guessing it was a series of water balloon egg-tosses. Followed by bland science-type experiments involving water balloons with parachutes being dropped from the second floor windows. Of course STEM would win over the arts. The arts probably tried to protect their balloons with committee designated ‘safe-spaces.’

The ‘Super Soaker Six’ is either a reference to DC’s The Secret Six so obscure only I got it, or I’m too much of a basement dwelling nerd to figure it out. Please let me know in the comment what this is referencing.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Hmmm. Seal Team Six, maybe? This is just Batiuk referencing his “educator” bonafides for some weird reason known only to him. I can’t imagine who’d possibly enjoy this one. I agree, seeing the water balloon thing would have been, uh, more entertaining than watching Klabinchik speaking, which is always the case, BTW.

  2. Reading this strip is like a school field trip to an auditorium where one is promised a “really funny” speaker. And the guy gets up there and starts telling really dull stories that he is obviously quite pleased with, and he goes on and on laughing at his awful jokes and you just want to melt so you can escape and take a nap on the floor.

    I’m guessing Super Soaker Six is just there for the alliteration.

  3. ComicTrek

    He’s announcing winners. WINNERS, people. So why is he so miserable about it??? They’re all acting like this is a Lisa’s Legacy memorial picnic or something!

    • billytheskink

      I get why he might look miserable if he was on the losing team and announcing the winners, but (despite looking like a Mark Twain cosplayer) Kablichnick is a science teacher, so he was presumably a part of the winning STEM team. I’m guessing the “Super Soaker Six” STEM teachers justified their use of non water balloon weapons because the Super Soaker was invented by literal rocket scientist Lonnie Johnson.

  4. ComicTrek

    Also – unlike this strip, your church sounds like a LOT of fun! 🙂

  5. Doc

    What’s Ringo Starr doing in panel 2?

  6. Epicus Doomus

    “According to the rule book, there’s nothing in it that specifically says you can’t fill the balloon with a liquid of your choosing.”

    (Faculty turns menacing toward Les Moore with gasoline-filled balloons, a flaming torch and malicious smirks)

  7. Paul Jones

    We’re into Accidental Aesop territory here, I think. We’re finally really learning why Westview is a terrible school: it’s filled with nitwitted time servers who are barely functional themselves.

  8. I would LOVE to see the faculty of Westview in a no-holds-barred water balloon fight.

    Me too I guess. But then we’d all be snarking on how douchey they were drawn.

  9. Jimmy

    We, the faculty at the the school of Tell, Don’t Show, approve of this strip, with reservations.

    It has most of the requisite elements: Confusing references, boring dialogue and heavy-lidded delivery.

    This entry could use more smirks, however.