Drain Damage.

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Now I am really really disappointed we didn’t get to see any of this water balloon competition. Because it sounds like it was a no-holds-barred water war waged both inside and outside the school. Can you imagine the water damage? Even if they were barred from classrooms and computer labs, all those corkboards and vaguely inspirational posters on the walls are toast. And those tile floors would have gotten dangerously slippery, I imagine everyone who participated has bruised tailbones and skinned knees.

But I’m guessing there isn’t anything in the student handbook preventing the teachers from running through the halls with firehoses, water pistols, and, balloons. Nate’s hands were tied.

Why is Les still grilling hotdogs? We see food in front of these people, so they’ve mostly all gotten all they were going to eat already. Unless there’s going to be a hotdog eating contest later. Billytheskink was joking at the beginning of the week about Dinkle being able to eat a banana sideways. Now I’m picturing him shoving hotdog after hotdog into his mouth sideways like a machine, lips closing over his entire fist down to the wrist every time and sucking the digits clean.

But more likely Les just doesn’t want to listen to anyone elses’ speechifying.


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10 responses to “Drain Damage.

  1. “The badly taped Scotch-taped signs,” one of the art crew screamed, sinking to his knees, throwing his arms outward toward an indifferent cosmos. “The badly-taped Scotch-taped signs!” His head sank toward his chest, as his fingers constricted into nests of rage. “All our taping, all of it…undone, in a moment of hubris.”

    Overhead, the school’s sprinkler system kicks into motion, dousing everything.

    “Even in this, even in this,” the rapidly decomposing form hissed, as it sank and coalesced into an inedible pulp, “even in this, we were denied.”

  2. billytheskink

    TB playing the long game here, setting up a September strip when everyone comes back to Westview high to find mold, well more mold anyways, halfway up the walls.

  3. Paul Jones

    Oh, this is just stupid. I’d rather have spent the last two months building up to something we’re never going to see: the Butter Brickel movie.

  4. Charles

    Why is Les still grilling hotdogs?

    Because once you’re on the grill, you STAY there.

    The guy who catered Les’s wedding apparently babysat the grill in Les’s driveway for 2-3 days. (In universe, that is. He was there for something like 2 weeks in the strips)

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Ugh, more talking about things that happened instead of illustrating them.

    I know that crappy band room sign was destroyed, Dinkle will have a fit over that. Every school I’ve been in has a custom sign as the band rooms typically have many raised levels, thus making the room unsuitable for any other classes.

    Batty probably stays up nights wondering where his awards are. This has to be one of the crappiest stories of 2019, get to Flabby Frinkle or Tinkle Dinkle already.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    In contrast, yesterday’s and today’s Crankshaft has been good. Ed says exactly what we would all be saying if we went to see Batty speak.

    And that idiot that works in the library, great character. Wonder what her name is, Wilma Stacksnstacks? Betty Booker?

  7. Epicus Doomus

    I don’t know what Linda’s on, but she’s had that stoned smirk on her face all week long. And why is Klabichnik doing all the speaking? Who died (tragically) and left HIM in charge?

  8. The Nelson Puppet

    Man, Hal Holbrook has really gone downhill…he should give up the Mark Twain one-man shows now that he’s 95 years old.