Long Distance Call

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Wow, Dullard is sure blase about getting a call from Dead Lisa!  And when she asks to meet him in the emergency room, let’s hope it’s to help identify Les’ mangled body.

–what?  The call might not be from Lisa, but from Ann Fairgood?  How is that possible, he only calls Lisa “mom!”  We’ve seen this a number of times.


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6 responses to “Long Distance Call

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Gee, I wonder if Jessica is going to become so guilt-ridden that she’ll seriously consider abandoning her documentarian dreams yet again? And I wonder if Boy Lisa will assure her that everything’s gonna be fine in that bland irritating way of his? And I wonder if it’ll all take place on video chat?

    Coming next week: Darin’s weird half-sister, who just happens to be a recently unemployed nanny, shows up at the Fairgood’s home out of nowhere looking for a place to stay, thereby proving once and for all that BatYak has had this whole thing planned out all along.

  2. ComicTrek

    Might not have been intended by TB, but that transition from “everything’s fine” to “emergency room” exposes the entire premise of this strip. In a nutshell.

  3. billytheskink

    This is absurd! We’ve seen nothing prior to this in Act III to suggest that Durwood would ever pick up the phone if Ann called.

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    OK, here are the early odds:
    CANCER even money
    STROKE 4/1

  5. Max Power

    She forgot to use the customary Funky Winkerbean phone greeting: “Are you sitttong down?”

  6. Paul Jones

    It’s rather obvious now why Messica was stuck there instead of realizing that she can do her pointless job at home: to be set up to fail by a creator who, having been told by his mom “If you think God put me on this Earth to serve you milk and cookies while you sit on your rump and read comic books all day long, you have another think coming, Mister!!!” has spent the last sixty-five years waiting for the other think.