Something With You

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I can’t process Dullard’s sentence in panel two.   It’s really awkward, and sounds like “Is it…your shoes?  Is it a bug that landed on your…shoulder?  Is it a bum sitting next to you?  Is it your iPhone?  IS IT YOUR MINECRAFT ACCOUNT?!?”

I assume he means “Are you in the emergency room because you are experiencing an emergency?” or shorter,  “Is it you?”  But, “Is it you?” would leave an awful lot of white space for a word balloon drawn a year ago, and I have to guess that this would be one thing that Tom Batiuk would feel embarrassment over.

Honestly, though, he really should feel embarrassment over the last panel.   Dullard flies into a frenzy over learning that his child is in the emergency room– this is a natural reaction that any parent would have.

But any natural parent would have checked in on his offspring sometime in the last few months.  A good parent would do this daily, at the very, very least.  Instead of sweating over the cover art for the latest issue of The Inedible Pulp.

What I’m saying is that Dullard should slash his wrists and bleed to death…not so he can save his child, but so that the next Rip Tide – Scuba Cop can have realistic blood in the water.


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13 responses to “Something With You

  1. Max Power

    Boy Lisa’s thought process during the strip: “There’s…somebody else who’s staying with non-bio Mom and non-bio Dad…someone I care about…trying to remember…Is it Les?…No…Is it the curator of the Flash Museum?…No…wait…it’s somebody bio-related to me…Oh yeah! Skyler!!!”

  2. spacemanspiff85

    “Is it something with you? Are you currently calling me as you’re being operated on in the emergency room?”

  3. Gerard Plourde

    Of course it would eliminate two panels, but the natural response to “I’m in the emergency room” would be “Why’?”, not a round of 20 Questions.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Ha, someone is sick or injured again…LOL. Seriously though, so far the gags in this arc have centered around an exhausted elderly woman, a vomiting child and now a visit to the ER. If you tried to explain this sequence of events to a non-FW reader they’d just look at you like you were insane. This shit is just plain weird, even by FW standards.

  5. ComicTrek

    I know this is supposed to be “edge-of-your-seat” suspense, but it just ends up as hilarious. xD And another accidental exposure. Most Westviewians, we’ve seen, can’t be bothered in the *slightest* about their kids until that kid ends up injured, sick, or a juvenile delinquent. You know, for the “drama”.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      It just ends up being another classic Batty time-waster. Minimal effort, and one day closer to that golden T-square.

  6. billytheskink

    Skyler’s in the emergency room because his parents left him with his infirm grandfather and feeble, exhausted, and overtaxed grandmother.

    Alas, in Westview CPS stands for Comic Protection Services.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Yeah…NOW he suddenly cares. Doesn’t Jessica’s mother have all that John Darling money? Why isn’t SHE pitching in?

  7. The Nelson Puppet

    The dialogue box in Panel 3 ought to say, “He says he hates comic books.”

  8. Paul Jones

    That’s right. They’re both inattentive dimwits too into themselves and their bullshit jobs to pay attention to their kid and both deserve nothing but our scorn. The problem is that the hammer is not going to fall on Derpwood in the least because he gots a wee-wee and is thus not obliged to drop everything to attend to his offspring. To Batiuk’s stupid way of thinking, non-stop care and denial of any personal goals or wants or needs falls exclusively on the mother.

  9. Professor Fate

    Couple of questions – who is watching the guy in the wheel chair now?
    Again just how does this relate to the Butter Binkle story?
    And third a normal person hearing that someone is calling from the emergency Room doesn’t start playing 20 questions, a simple “what’s wrong’ will get you the information a lot quicker.
    And no your sudden panic face doesn’t convince us Boy Lisa that you really care.

  10. bayoustu

    Dang- I would have thought that Durwood’s response would have been: “Skyler who?”