His Wordplay Is His Bond

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Because glue “bonds”…wow, that’s a real reach even by Boy Lisa standards. This could be one of the worst FW gags I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen plenty, believe you me. “Bonding…together…hmmm, what sticks things together? Welds? Rivets? No, that’s no good…heyyyy, I think I’ve got it! GLUE! Yes! Now what could Boy Boy Lisa have glued together…let me take a look around the room…a COUCH! Eureka!”. I mean yikes, that’s a totally alien thought process to me. Then again, I’m not medically or contractually obliged to end every interaction with wry wordplay, so perhaps I’m just naive or something.


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11 responses to “His Wordplay Is His Bond

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Given yesterday’s strip there are far worse directions Batiuk could’ve gone with a “bond” gag.

  2. When I first glanced over this strip, I thought panel two had Jessica saying, “I just feel like I’m missing so many bowel movements” and I honestly didn’t bat an eye. Yeah, either yours or Skyler’s, it’s all part of the Funkyverse. The only other thing to worry about is comic books.

  3. billytheskink

    I don’t blame Skyler one bit for the pillows. He probably glued them to the couch in a desperate plea for attention from his parents, whose idea of interacting with him is sitting 10 feet away and talking about little they even get this close to him.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Not shown: Grammy Fairgood, who no doubt finds her son’s wry attitude just as amusing as we do. Just a week ago the level of care Grammy is able to provide appeared to be an area of concern, but following up on that would have involved writing so here we are.

    • Professor Fate

      Yes – a classic piece of acting out for sure.
      And that his parents are sitting on the couch watching him like he’s a seal at the zoo says volumes about how little they really interact with him. Kid’s got a long hard road ahead of him. That he seems happy with such disinterested attention is very sad.

  4. Max Power

    Ugh. Can we please just get on with the Butter Brinkle super-mega-prestige-arc?

  5. Paul Jones

    I can’t wait to see her reaction when it’s explained to her that she doesn’t actually have to stay in Los Angeles until Cindy needs her.

  6. Jimmy

    I would like to know what kind of adhesive the Fairgoods keep in the house that would bond pillows to sofa fabric. Also, how does a child have access to it, and what other dangers are readily present in the home?

    This is alarming, not amusing. Then again, FW is rarely amusing.

    • Professor Fate

      oh yes – what is it going to take to get something other than a wry grin out of Boy Lisa – Skyler setting fire to the house? Or worse yet Boy Lisa’s comic books?

  7. matt2amy

    Oh, bonding! Glue! I get it now!
    Once again, I need the help of the commenters to understand a FW “joke”.