Ascent of a Woman

TB is a master of “tell, don’t show”, a story-telling characteristic that seems like it might be a nearly serviceable way to set up a murder-mystery, as ill-suited as it is for comic strips. In today’s strip, however, he is employing the unusual technique of “show and tell explicitly in an unengaging way”. As I said yesterday, subtlety is dead in the Batiukverse. Now we’re just playing out the week(s) to find out if these filmstrip-bordered panels are Cindy’s in-production documentary, a documentary that Cindy and Jessica are watching, or a procrastinating fever dream that even Pete and Durwood would “stand in line” for.

I must admit, though, I do like Hagar The Horrible there in panel 3 and his Petri dish stemware. Looks like it holds nearly one whole ounce!


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13 responses to “Ascent of a Woman

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Same here, I still can’t tell whether we’re watching the documentary or if it’s just Cindy and Jessica talking about Buckner Bagwell. The film strip borders only serve to muddy the waters. The fact that he named the chimp was a dead giveaway and I still can’t imagine it not being Zanzibar, but with this nut you never know.

  2. I still find it amazing that Batiuk can have all these potentially interesting things and turn them dull. I mean, it has to be deliberate, and it looks like a lot of work to keep things uninteresting. “Damn, shouldn’t have thrown in that stupid chimp. Now people might expect him to do something.”

    • Epicus Doomus

      Me too. IMO it’s a genuine talent that literally no one else has, in any medium. BatYak can take a perfectly viable and cromulent premise and drain every last drop of entertainment value from it and the truly amazing thing is that he never, ever misfires and accidentally lets something funny or interesting get through. The efficiency and attention to detail is just astonishing.

  3. Jimmy

    That also looks like Mason Jarre in the final panel .

  4. billytheskink

    No one ever heard the shot because Brinkel was a silent film star! Wait, he’s not anymore? Darn, I thought I’d solved the case.

  5. I know who dun it! It was Plantman (Jay Garrick)!

  6. Paul Jones

    My guess is that he has the same hang-up Lynn Johnston has. The reason that what people expected would have been Anthony’s cloying and lowly comic proposal to Lizardbreath was actually them glumly guessing they were engaged followed by Liz channeling Howard Dean was that ‘no one’ wanted to see that the two of them felt a damn thing for one another. Batiuk appears to think that we don’t actually want to see the thing he’s building up to…..which means that tomorrow, a bunch of people will be standing around talking about the woman getting shot.

  7. Smirks 'R Us

    shout out to billytheskink for the last two days post titles. Both are brilliant.

  8. Maxine of Arc

    Maybe this is a clumsy reenactment that Cindy staged for her “documentary.” If and only if that is the case, and she is coming up with a new theory (the chimp did it!) based on reconstructing the scene from the available evidence, then I will take back all the mean things I have said about this arc. I will also eat my hat because that is not gonna happen.

    • comicbookharriet

      My guess is that they are going to steal footage from an earlier documentary to pad out the runtime of their own.

  9. spacemanspiff85

    So this fabulously opulent mansion just has one upstairs bedroom?