Scare Thee Well.

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Well Mindy has not only annoyed all the exhausted carnies cleaning up the grounds by sticking around an hour after close, she’s now terrified them by randomly shouting into the darkness.

And we’re supposed to be touched as Mindy waxes all nostalgic about a fair trip where they stood in one place for upwards of five hours and blew several hundred dollars on a Tawny the Not-Talking Tiger rip off?

I just realized that the Tiger is Mindy. They were both handed out as a prize to someone who hadn’t really done anything to earn them except hang around too long being pathetic. Pete was just as enthusiastic to get Mindy as she was to get the tiger. Both are pretending they’ve won something great when in reality they’ve been given a cheaply made air-filled squeeze toy by a bored uncaring carnie clown who is tired of waiting for his shift to end.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    So Crankshaft speaks entirely in puns and wordplay too, eh? Well color me stunned, roll me up in a carpet and toss me from a bridge. No, really, do it before I see Saturday’s strip. It’s pretty funny how THIS represents a “crossover” to BatYak, isn’t it? It’d be like if The Fonz just talked about Laverne and Shirley and they weren’t actually on the show, it loses a certain “impact”, let’s say.

    Coming soon: Pete is shattered after Mindy is killed by an angry mob at the library after yelling “BOOK ‘EM, DANO!” on her way out.

  2. billytheskink

    If Crankshaft ever ran into Ann or Fred Fairgood at the fair I think the Batiukverse would spontaneously combust.

  3. Banana Jr. 6000

    So are they engaged, or not?

  4. Perfect summation, CBH. The strange thing is, is that all of this could work quite well…if the characters were even slightly likeable. Unfortunately, they aren’t.

    Contrast with Charles Schulz, who managed to make a fairly repellent (on paper) character–Lucy–sympathetic and relatable. Yeah, we all hated it when she yanked that football away from Charlie Brown, but…we could all sympathize that she thought she’d been robbed of the life she wanted.

    As opposed to all of Batiuk’s characters. In my eyes, there’s only one sympathetic character in all his work, and that’s Funky–who is only too aware that he’s been robbed of the life he wanted.

    • spacemanspiff85

      Going back and reading Act 2 made me actually like Funky, since he was a more realistic character with real growth and challenges, in overcoming his alcoholism and his divorce. I was actually invested in the strip and him as a character. Wow, this strip has come very far since then.

  5. spacemanspiff85

    This totally seems like the kind of thing Batiuk would think is hilarious. “Get it? Fair?!” I mean he always his FW characters sneer and question these kind of gags, and in Crankshaft he has them delivered by a bitter hateful old man, but when you’ve named two of your characters Rocky Rhodes, clearly this is your thing.

    • spacemanspiff85

      Although honestly “Rocky Rhodes” is to “Kitch Swoon” what Shakespeare is to what results when someone passes out on their keyboard.

  6. Paul Jones

    Of course, the really irritating thing about Crankshaft’s stream of bad wordplay is that Pmmmmm’s reaction is always the same: blank-eyed incomprehension. She’s spent her whole life listening to her dad make dad jokes and the meaning always manages to elude her.

  7. Banana Jr. 6000

    Lucy also did things like bring Linus in from the pumpkin patch late at night, genuinely miss Charlie Brown when the Van Pelts temporarily moved away, and feel regret when she went too far. She also got a dose of her own medicine sometimes. The overall impression was that Lucy was more hot air than genuinely mean, and had a group of friends who knew how to deal with her.

    That’s why Peanuts was so, so good: the children had such rich personalities. We could see ourselves, and people we knew, in them. We could relate to their feelings, because they had real ones. They’d roll their eyes at a lame joke, and not put up with bad behavior.

    Remember Schroeder (of all people) calling out the girls on Valentine’s Day for their phony sympathy towards Charlie Brown? Just once, wouldn’t you like to see someone do that to goddam Les Moore over his Cult of Dead Lisa shit? “Gee, Les, maybe you could put your new wife first, pay attention to her needs once in awhile, and stop dragging her (and the rest of town) into your never-ending grief cycle.”

    But that never happens, because this strip rewards bad behavior. Just like reality TV and so much other modern media.

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Neat. Batty gets to use the same stupid joke twice.

    • LTPFTR

      Is this the payoff of the hyped “crossover” or is there an even lamer pun to be deployed tomorrow? This reader can’t wait to find out! (Narrator: That reader can indeed wait.)

    • Count of Tower Grove

      Indeed! If you read Crankshaft first, then when you got to Fungy, you would know why this is so slap-nuts funny! BWAWHAWHAWHAW! HAW!!!

    • Charles

      You know, puns really only work when the phrase they replace makes sense.

      If a grown woman and a grown man walked out of a county fair, turned around and shouted “BYE, FAIR!” while waving. You wouldn’t find that ordinary behavior at all. You’d think they were developmentally disabled.

  9. Gerard Plourde

    So the great Crankshaft/Funky crossover is just parallel visits occurring an indeterminate time apart (to account for TomBa’s “age shift” in Funky, since both strips appear to employ contemporary technology and refer to contemporary events).

  10. Professor Fate

    If Pete had the smallest sense of self worth and common sense he would be saying ‘give me the tiger back’. Of course if he had the smallest sense of Self Worth and common sense he wouldn’t be with Mindy.

  11. Based on the face in the masthead, I think Dinkle is going to make a surprise announcement.

    • Charles

      What does the first woman Bolshevik have to do with Harry Dinkle?

      It’s the obvious smugness, isn’t it? The only other ancient person that satisfied with himself is Dinkle.