There She Is…Miss American

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Many apologies for the late post.

An odd plot related strip for a Sunday. Batiuk seems to prefer to keep Sundays self-contained and make sure there’s a joke, in order to placate the Sunday only papers and readers. This strip must seem absolutely nonsensical to people who only read the Sunday funnies.

But we learned something today. This elderly gallery owner was also involved in comics. Because everyone everywhere in the Batiukverse was involved with producing comic book related material at some point in their life.


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12 responses to “There She Is…Miss American

  1. Paul Jones

    I’ll take the lead-in to a clumsy, wrong-headed attempt at respecting diversity over the old people joke on Crankshaft.

  2. Thee Nelson Puppet

    John Lennon once said to Paul McCartney, “You’re all pizza and fairy tales.” I say to Tom Batiuk, “You’re all pizza and comic books.”

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      “[Tom], You’re all pizza and comic books”

      Specifically, Montoni’s and Starbuck Jones. You’re not even GOOD pizza and comic books.

  3. Count of Tower Grove

    Is that supposed to be Kitsch Swoon? She went from cougar to crone in pretty short order.

  4. Gerard Plourde

    And the sloppy artwork continues – Mindy (?) appears to have Darin’s face in panel 1.

  5. bayoustu

    Good call, Gerard! I was about to say: if this was supposed to be a real person, even money BatBoy spells her name wrong!

  6. She looks like Dinkle in drag.

  7. Banana Jr. 6000

    Great, yet another old comic book artist has washed up in Westview. The place is getting to be a retirement home for them. I guess we can look forward to another plot thread of reminiscing about fictional mediocre silver age comics. Which Pete will listen to enraptured in every panel, his new engagement having had no effect on his priorities in life.

    And was that the entire fair arc? A fair/fare pun and a tenth-assed marriage proposal (half-assed seems way too generous for that pathetic display)? What happened to the “Bleat” coverage? Was a week of “kids don’t know what newspapers are but they know who Annie Oakley was” it?

    It’s like this strip has A.D.D.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Judging by the pin on her hat, she once travelled aboard a tramp steamer to the glorious USSR. After living there for 5 min, she returned to her privileged life in Westview. Espousing the benefits of socialism and dabbling in art is always easier when you have check coming in from Daddy’s trust. She probably also gets a check from her ex too.


    “Actually…I drew them! And never licensed the art, so I’ll be suing everyone’s ass!”