At Least I’ll Get My Washin’ Done

While harmless for the person repeating the word or action, this behavior can be troublesome or stressful for those caring for the person with dementia. Fortunately, there are some ways to distract the person and break the repetitive action.

  • Provide plenty of reassurance and comfort, both in words and in touch.‬
  • Try distracting the person with a snack or activity.‬
  • Avoid reminding them that they just asked the same question.
  • Try ignoring the behavior or question and distract the person into an activity.‬
  • Don’t discuss plans with a confused person until immediately prior to an event.

…or do what Linda Bushka does: stand back and let ’em have at it! Bull’s torturous decline continues, and apparently the only support that Linda seeks is for herself, online. And what’s Buck got to smirk knowingly about? He shared with Linda that he’d (impossibly) been diagnosed with CTE himself, shortly after Bull was. He still appears hale and hearty, while Bull has been reduced to a mindless laundry addict.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    It appears that good ol’ brain-damaged Bull is still suffering from his special brand of hilarious CTE (or, medically speaking, CT Hee Hee), the kind of brain injury that leads to humorous adorable situations like this one. What started out as alarming bouts of rage and a loss of motor functions has regressed (or progressed, either or) to Bull engaging in repetitive-yet-helpful household tasks. Today it’s repetitive laundry, tomorrow it might be chronic vacuuming, Wednesday he might mow the lawn thirty times. If only EVERY married fella could be so helpful after fifty concussions…amirite there ladies?

    And of course the perpetually exasperated Linda is, as usual, the real victim here, as she struggles to deal with Bull’s good-natured and helpful descent into madness with her typically wry stoicism, complete with sarcastic comments. It’s just an assumption but I’m guessing what she reads as “envy” is actually polite hatred.

    • William Thompson

      Remember that Batiuk is writing Linda, so of course he twists her character into something vile. Under her circumstances, she’d be physically and emotionally exhausted. Or in the hospital after Bull assaults her. Or visiting him at a nursing home. But she’s a Funkyverse girl, so she exists to serve and admire men. Odds are she’ll get some passive-aggressive blame for not preventing Bull’s suicide.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Right and likewise the Ruby arc had to be pushed aside to make room for a more important story about a man. Ha, take that ya dumb gurls!

  2. William Thompson

    Sure, it’s funny, Batiuk. The water bill, the energy bill, the wear-and-tear on the clothing, the expense of soap, bleach and fabric softeners, the likelihood that Bull doesn’t know how to do laundry properly, the sheer joy of being kept awake all night by demented behavior, the likelihood that Linda can’t do her own laundry without sending Bull into a shit fit, hoping that Bull doesn’t burn himself while ironing (or does he expect her to do that?) . . . comedy gold! I bet it would be even funnier if Batiuk knew anything about dementia.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Why is Linda posting on the Online Support Group for Former Players Dealing With CTE (OSGFFPDWCTE)? Shouldn’t she be posting on the Online Support Group for Wives of Former Players Dealing With CTE (OSGFWOFPDWCTE)?

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    So you’re saying Linda sees Buck as a “Substitute” for Bull?

  5. Batiuk just enjoying the HELL out of his former enemy’s suffering. This is basically sociopathic.

  6. Who Wants Eggs!!??!!

    I am a home health worker I visit a gentleman four physical therapy three times a week. This poor gentleman has lost his sight, has horrible COPD, and has poor balance and Falls frequently due to his lack of activity caused by these afflictions. But there is nothing wrong with his mind. His wife however has dementia, but has no physical disabilities as of now. She is constantly mopping the kitchen floor. All day everyday she is constantly in various stages of mopping the kitchen floor. It’s to the point where it’s not safe for him to even go into the kitchen with his walker because it’s such a fall risk. It’s quite a struggle for these two. Fortunately they have 4 adult children nearby who are very close and involved, and are doing what they can to help their parents to age at home.

    Today’s strip really hit home. And it’s very frustrating and annoying.. The author is so belittling. This is a topic that should be dealt with using gentle humor and grace. The author does not have the talent in any way, shape, or form to successfully tackle a topic like this. It’s bad enough that he screws up topics like comic books, pizza business, and superhero movies. Those are fun train wrecks to watch. I am not looking forward to this week at all.

    • William Thompson

      Just about every day, we have a caregiver come in to help take care of mom. I’ve seen how hard they work with dementia patients, and how hard it is for them to deal with their inevitable loss, so I can appreciate your feelings.
      My mom was pretty abusive when I was a kid, and she never outgrew that behavior. And I use some pretty morbid humor to deal with it. But I loathe Batiuk’s swinish attitude as he gets even with a (probably exaggerated) high-school bullying experience.

    • Professor Fate

      ” This is a topic that should be dealt with using gentle humor and grace.”
      very true however the Author’s of ‘gentle humor and grace’ is more like a cinder block to the face.
      Your story is heartbreaking even with the four Adult children there to help and it has to be heartbreaking for them as well – these are their parents. There are so many older people with nobody. So of course the Author treats it as a chance for cheap yucks – “oh those wacky brain damaged people.’
      and on a side note -judging by the ‘wry’ face Buck makes when told about Bull’s new madness – one get the sense that he’s not here to see Bull at all but to score one more win over Bull by sleeping with his wife. Again it’s the romantic in me.

      • Banana Jr. 6000

        one get the sense that [Buck]’s not here to see Bull at all but to score one more win over Bull by sleeping with his wife.

        I thought the same. He’s way too happy for what’s happening here. And Linda’s disinterested expression doesn’t alleviate that any.

  7. billytheskink

    Such pathos… if you added an “a” and a “y” and subtracted the “os”. So… such apathy.

  8. comicbookharriet

    1.) Buck looks almost nothing like the Buck we had seen previously.
    2.) Buck is still the only person who visits Bull. Les has completely abandoned his old tennis partner, and the man who personally rehabbed his daughters traumatic knee injury. Wish I was surprised.

    • William Thompson

      Creepy Les will wait until Bull is dead to “research” his life. As Batiuk has found, writing is easier when you’re not hampered by the facts.

  9. AmigoLupus

    So Batiuk wants us to (give him awards) feel sorry for Bull and his wife here and the hardships that CTE has brought in their lives. …Meanwhile in Crankshaft, Ed gets cheered on by his goony co-workers for all his reckless driving and property damage and it’s played as a gag.

  10. Paul Jones

    From what I’ve been given to understand, this thoughtless mess is the beginning of Bull’s final exit. Bad enough that he had to die as part of another desperate grab at respectability without it being dragged out like this. This is about where I came into the fandom when he did the same thing to Saint Dead Lisa.

  11. Ray

    What’s Bull got to “smirk knowingly about”? He obviously has a burner account in that group posing as one of the ‘wives’ and he’s struck up a friendship with Linda and is subtly guiding her in the direction he wants her to go. Or he’s angling towards working her for some nude pics…not sure which one is most accurate.

  12. Chyron HR

    It’s only Monday and I’m already tired of reading SAD Magazine’s Satirical Look at the Lighter Side of CTE.

  13. Banana Jr. 6000

    A terrible symptom, a support group that makes jokes about it, and an obnoxious smirk. This is off to a dignified start.

  14. Count of Tower Grove

    BWAHAWHAWHAWHAW! HAW! We know it’s funny because Buck smirks! Does Bull remember to sort?
    And the Times article! So precious! Todd says he’s a “storyteller.” Now THAT’S comic gold!

  15. Gerard Plourde

    `Once again, barely cursory research and tone-deaf dialogue combine for a “very special” storyline.

    I doubt that members of a CTE support group would find Bull’s nonstop clothes washing to be a positive. The nonstop nature of compulsive, repetitive activity taxes the caregiving family members.

  16. I was hoping no one here would see that New York Times article right away, but yeah, Bull is going to take his own life on or about September 29 (we’ll see Linda getting the bad news about a week later). I’m betting they’ll find Bull and his helmet in the end zone of the football field that bears his name.

    [Batiuk] said he had been through a couple of bouts of depression himself, which gave him some insight

    If he dealt with actual, clinical depression, then I applaud Batiuk for his courage in sharing. But if he thinks that occasionally feeling a little blue qualifies him to write about depression…well, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    “Funky Winkerbean,” the rare comic strip that allows its characters to grow and age, starts a 10-week story line on Monday that contains a tragedy.

    Ten weeks? I might take the gas pipe myself!

    • comicbookharriet

      Okay. I am legitimately mad at Tom now. At least when he killed Lisa he had the dignity to take a year.

      • William Thompson

        What’s worse is that Bull will be dead within three weeks. This means seven more weeks of, what? Tasteless jokes at Bull’s expense? Creepy Les delivering a two-week eulogy that puts the spotlight on himself? Les carrying Bull’s ashes during the Lisa Legacy Run? Linda giving Les a VHS tape where Bull blesses Les and beseeches him to write about CTE? Somehow it’s all gong to come back to Creepy Les, isn’t it?

    • So, what sort of tasteless quip will Les offer at Bull’s funeral, smirking to beat the band?

    • billytheskink

      Not to diminish TB’s or anyone’s struggle with clinical depression either, but this story arc is not simply about that, it is about head trauma-induced dementia. I do not doubt there are some similarities between depression and CTE symptoms, but to treat these parallels between two DIFFERENT things as the primary driver of a serious story arc is a great disservice to those who deal with either affliction.

      Once again TB’s “research” for his topical awards bait (and that IS what this is) consists almost entirely of him skimming 7 year old newspaper headlines and drawing from times where he kinda, sorta, maybe experienced something vaguely similar to what he clipped out of the paper. That’s sadder than this fictional character suicide.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Un-f*cking-believeable. He spoiled the biggest FW story arc in years, all so he could strut and preen in the NYT. This would have been the biggest thing since Susan sexually assaulted Les, now it’s just an interminable TEN WEEK slog where we all know the outcome. What an idiot. Shit like this is why he gets no respect.

    • William Thompson

      Better call “Dibbs!” on it!

    • William Thompson

      And why is the cop carrying Bull’s helmet? Did he remove evidence from a possible crime scene?

  17. bayoustu

    If only the NYT headline “A Funky Winkerbean Tragedy” had been followed by: “The strip is still being published…”

  18. Cabbage Jack

    Interesting. Reading the snippits posted on NYT…what are the odds Cement Chin talks Bull into suicide? Caps his long role in this ‘epic’ as Bull’s Tormentor In Chief?

  19. timbuys

    It is at this point in the discussion that I feel compelled to bring up Talking Murder Chimp for the benefit of all commenters here.

    As for the NYT, I didn’t read the article but I assume it fails to provide any critical evaluation of the ‘author’s’ work.

  20. Count of Tower Grove

    One reply in the comment section does.

  21. Epicus Doomus

    No one else would intentionally spoil their own story like this. “We think it’ll become a summer blockbuster” said Mr. Spielberg, “and the scene at the end where the chief of police blows up the killer shark will really have people talking!”. “And the end is really good” said Mr. Lucas, “the rebel forces get one shot at the Death Star and blow it to smithereens”. There isn’t a single reason why the NYT piece couldn’t have run AFTER the big suicide reveal.

    • comicbookharriet

      Yeah, this only works if you are doing an adaptation of a story people already know the end to. Like, “The way we stage then end our Romeo and Juliet is really touching.” or “You almost feel like the Titanic juuuuuust might miss the iceberg.”