Mail Day Part Six…The Repeating

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In case you missed yesterday’s strip, Linda has at long last opened the mail. And, as a helpful service to his loyal readers who he obviously respects and adores very, very much, he thoughtfully repeated the last two panels of yesterday’s installment in the first panel today! You know, just in case you happen to be a total idiot who can’t remember something you just read less than twenty-four hours ago. What a novel way to pad a story and make it appear to be much more substantive than it actually is. Sigh. Ten weeks. Sigh again. It goes from annoying to comical to annoying to comical over and over again.

Coming next week: After re-re-re-reading the letter fails to make the contents of said letter change, Linda elects to put the letter down and walk to another room of her house. Tension builds. Weeks pass. Nothing happens.


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31 responses to “Mail Day Part Six…The Repeating

  1. Well, you know the three rules of giving a presentation.

    1. Tell the audience you have no ability to tell a story.
    2. Show the audience you have no ability to tell a story.
    3. Remind the audience you have no ability to tell a story.

    This is straight-up contempt for anyone who reads this strip. This is Tom Batiuk saying, “Unless you’re on an awards nominating committee, I completely disregard you. You’re nothing to me. Watch me prove it. Slowly.”

    • Epicus Doomus

      My first reaction was “am I seeing this correctly?”. Turned out that yep, I was. How much more obvious could it be that he came up a day short here? I could almost buy this is it was a Saturday-to-Monday jump, but this? Come on.

      • comicbookharriet

        You’ve been a real trooper through this Epicus. If this was my week, I think I would have simply posted an image of that melting clocks painting by Dali for six days straight.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    How many weeks do you think Batiuk is going to fill up with Linda re-reading the letter, with each word filling up a single panel, “dramatically”?

    • William Thompson

      Look at Bull’s raging face in the SoSF banner. “Get on with it! Do you want me to be late to my own funeral?”

  3. William Thompson

    Did the NYT, Sports Illustrated or anyone else who praised this arc actually see the entire thing? Or did somebody inflate Batty’s credentials when they talked to the media? “Wowsers! A Pulitzer-nominated writer* and artist**, with three popular*** comic**** strips and numerous published***** books, is once again tackling****** a major issue in his inimitable******* style!”

    * he can spell almost all the words right
    ** who even Jackson Pollock would call pretentious
    *** in Hell
    **** yeah, there’s something funny about all of them
    ***** by a small university press, without any evident editorial supervision
    ****** with whistles blown and flags thrown for unnecessary roughness
    ******* except by drunks and stoners

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Wow, look at that coloring. So somber.

    Neat that Bert from Sesame Street has a cameo appearance as Linda. You can tell it’s him in panel 2.

  5. billytheskink

    We regret to inform you… that you are part of one of Tom Batiuk’s prestige story arcs. Our condolences.


    The NFL, SOSF, and the rest of civilized society.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    If this is any indication of how he plans to stretch out the arc after Bull’s demise at the end of this month (he claims it’s going to run for a total of ten weeks) it’s going to be a long, excruciating autumn. Even in a graphic novel this would be deemed unnecessary filler.

    • Jim in Wisc.

      If he keeps doing this, the inevitable compilation of these strips in a book is going to flow horribly.

    • Don

      As long as it doesn’t end with whoever Westview’s AD is now announcing either, (a) “We are dropping football effective immediately,” or (b) “No, we’re not dropping football – we’re just switching to flag football.”

      If this is the direction, what I’d like to see is: “Due to the concerns about concussions, we are dropping football…and volleyball and soccer as well.”

      • comicbookharriet

        The way the school is always whining about it’s budget, they would relish the chance to drop an expensive sport like football for ‘noble’ reasons.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    I think that right around now would have been the time when we all began to seriously wonder what tragedy was in store for ol’ Bull and that speculation might have been sort of fun, but we’ll never know thanks to a certain Ohioian who just couldn’t zip it for five seconds. He does literally thousands and thousands of unbelievably predictable stories then when he finally has a surprise in the barrel he botches the whole thing. He didn’t spoil the band box arc or the band mattress arc or that horrible Adeela arc and he never even finished the Food Film arc, but he had to go and ruin this one, just to pretend he’s still topical. Nice going, jerk.

    • gleeb

      He spoiled the band box story by writing it.

    • Hannibal's Lectern

      He spoiled the band mattress arc by not bothering to do any research on just how mattress-based fund-raisers work. The most I can say for that arc is that he gave us something to snark at, but snarking at an obvious lack of interest in his own subject matter is about as satisfying as catching trout in a barrel.

      And, of course, he so thoroughly blew the humorous potential of the school hearing about mattress fundraisers and completely misunderstanding how they work. An actual storyteller (one for whom the word need not be surrounded by air quotes) would have had a great deal of fun building from the initial idea of a mattress fundraiser, through a series of misunderstandings, to the punch line of a student carrying a mattress door-to-door.

      • Jim in Wisc.

        Yeah, having the school hear about how lucrative mattress fundraisers can be, then deciding to organize one themselves (instead of using a company that does them), and then totally screwing it up by trying to sell them door-to-door, would have had real slapstick potential. Instead, Batiuk presented it as “this is the way it’s done.”

  8. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Oh, hush, you naysayers. Can’t you see he’s increasing the drama what with the moody silhouettes? I can’t wait to see what happens. I’ll bet it’s good news.

  9. Paul Jones

    I find it both irritating and also strangely appropriate that the reason Bull is driven to suicide is because he and his wife expect the rules not to have to apply to him when it’s an inconvenience: “Whaddaya mean, he actually had to have been under contract to quality? Why are they seflish and cruel?” is the second cousin to whining “Whaddaya mean, I don’t get an award for pointlessly killing off characters in a senseless and poorly constructed prestige arc?”

    • CRM114

      Myself, I’ve already jumped ahead to dead Bull jokes: he’ll be buried on the playing field at the one foot line ’cause that’s as close to the end zone as he ever got so is his natural location ( with arms outstretched and fumbling the ball in eternal futility), funeral home visitors will observe how natural he looks- dimwitted, vacant, and dull- just like when he was alive, Nate and Linda will finally be out in the open (Nate: “Dammit, woman, you promised there’d be a financial score!”) etc.

  10. Banana Jr. 6000

    I feel like I’m watching a bad M. Night Shymalan movie. There’s so much buildup to something that’s so obvious, and yet it’s unclear why it matters to the story.

  11. Hannibal's Lectern

    So Linda asked the NFL to give Bull some “supplemental disability”? Seems to me he has more than enough disability already. What kind of monster is she, asking the league to give him more?

    • Gerard Plourde

      Maybe she’s worried because he’s not showing enough symptoms and wants him to take a few more hits to the head to sustain more brain damage.

  12. Professor Fate

    Well perhaps after this arch fails to bring the plaudits he desires, he’ll kill Les off in some slow and lingering manner. Still, probably not, as that would be too much like fan service.

  13. erdmann

    Even if the outcome of the story hadn’t been spoiled, this particular “plot twist” (the NFL said no because its EEEVIIIL!) was so obvious blind cave fish living on the far side of a planet two galaxies over saw it coming four days ago.

  14. ComicTrek

    (*Sigh*) What’s even the point of all the suspense? Nobody’s on the edge of their seat but Linda.

    • JustClove

      I’m not sure Linda can be any more, either. Unless she has a third-grade reading level, she’s got to have skimmed on to the relevant parts by now. Absolutely everybody knows exactly how this is going to go by now, including lucky, Funky-free folk who’ve literally never heard about any of this.

  15. William Thompson

    .Batiuk spent the past six days telling us one day’s worth of story. “Jerome “Bull” Bushka is not eligible for any financial assistance, due to never having played on an NFL team.” Linda is upset that her last hope is gone.
    Actually, Bathack should have left the NFL out of it. It’s a time-waster here; Buck Futt could have explained earlier why Bull wasn’t eligible. This letter should have come from Bull’s neurologist, telling Linda that Bull’s mental state is decaying. Linda seems the sort who could deal with financial stress, but losing hope for her husband would make a higher level of stress. Then Bull could find the letter, read the details, and show a growing sense of dread on his face. That would motivate his suicide.

    • Gerard Plourde

      Yours is a logical, cohesive, and plausible plot. And for those reasons it will have no relationship to what actually unfolds.

  16. Charles

    If Batiuk did this to stop people from making fun of his “Darin takes a week to open a letter” sequence, I have to grudgingly admit he’s succeeded.

    That’s the only way this week could be considered a success.