Strange Matter

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A strange and sudden change of pace Sunday strip featuring no one’s favorite Komix Korner employees discussing the quantum properties of comic book or something…meh. Sometimes these comic book geek gags go right over my head and I’m not really in the mood to research this crap right now. Sure beats watching someone open and read mail, though.


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  1. Rusty Shackleford

    That yellow triangle explains a lot, Yes, Batty got cancelled! The syndicate finally pulled the plug on this nonsense.

    Oh wait…ah crap.

  2. CRM114

    It’s yet another one of those times when I sorely miss the cafeteria ladies.

  3. William Thompson

    Which is worse, no preview for this Sunday’s strip or the spoiler preview for next Sunday’s strip?

  4. William Thompson

    And in quantum Funkiness, each of those infinite worlds is identical in lack of hope, humor and imagination.

  5. William Thompson

    Quantum fluctuation would explain why Funkyverse characters and continuity change all the time. Flucted again in this flucting universe!

  6. spacemanspiff85

    In the span of ten seconds I found out that the many-worlds hypothesis originated in 1952, and The Flash of Two Worlds which Batiuk is obviously referring to here was published in 1961, so, actually, no.

    • William Thompson

      It’s older than 1952 in science fiction. Murray Leinster used it in 1934 when he wrote “Sidewise in Time” and L. Sprague deCamp used it in 1940’s “The Wheels of If.”

  7. billytheskink

    I’ll take “things you can say about DC Comics that you can’t say about Funky Winkerbean” for $400, Alex!

  8. It’s not worth commenting on…which means, when I hit “POST” I’m lying.

    –where are my awards?

  9. erdmann

    So, these two “comics fans” are only now learning about this theory that has been around more than 60 years? What have they been doing all this time? I learned the multiverse might actually be a real thing when I was in junior high.
    Pfffft. Turn in your Mighty Marvel Marching Society cards and your Supermen of America badges, boys. You’re not worthy.

    • Charles

      It’s not even really a theory that you need to know about to discuss. If you’ve ever contemplated the literal definition of infinite and considered what that means if the universe is truly infinite, you’re already considering the same issues.

      I mean, if the universe is truly infinite, that means there’s a planet out there where everything is exactly the same as it is here, except that I’m Batman. If such a place doesn’t exist, then the universe is not infinite.

      And these guys, for all the time they spend sitting around contemplating their navels, sure don’t do much high quality thinking. I mean, sure, you could go with the lame joke making a reference to DC that only comic fans would understand. Or you could make a broader point that everyone would appreciate and still make it relevant to these two goofballs.

      There’s a world out there where Crazy is Tarzan. You’d think he’d be more excited about that than about the rationale for some of the dipshit creative decisions a comic book company made. And I think that’d be a better, more accessible joke.

  10. Banana Jr. 6000

    Hooray! Just because we’re in the middle of a Very Serious Arc ending with the death of a major character, doesn’t mean we can’t talk about fucking comic books some more!

    • Charles

      Yeah, I thought for sure that Sunday’s strip would be repeating the parts of the letter we’ve already seen, but also including the parts we haven’t seen, since Saturday’s strip ended with an hanging ellipsis and all.

      But I forgot that whatever you predict Batiuk will do, even if it’s half-baked and terrible, he’ll come up with something even dumber.

      • Epicus Doomus

        The way he uses the Sunday strips has always been extremely baffling. Sometimes they’re an extension of the weekly arc, sometimes they’re not. Right now he’s right in the middle of a long story arc and he’s used two consecutive Sunday strips to do totally unrelated jokes just completely out of nowhere. Which wouldn’t be all that weird if the long story arc in question wasn’t such a dark one, but it is thus these “gag-a-day” style strips just seem so out of place and jarring.

  11. ComicTrek

    Marvel has done the same thing. So have all the rest of them. Back to the doom letter!

  12. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    I was disappointed when I read the strip, (says everyone everyday) because when I read “strange matter” I thought of this:

  13. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Thank you, Funksters. I learn new stuff here everyday, and you’re constantly sending me to Daughter Duckduckgo (I don’t use Grandpa Google) to look things up. You’ve turned me on to many artists and authors. When ComicBookHarriet was at the helm I looked at a lot of cool Silver Age art by women that I never knew existed.

    “Ordinary matter, also referred to as atomic matter, is composed of atoms, with nearly all matter concentrated in the atomic nuclei. The nuclear matter is a liquid composed of neutrons and protons, and they are themselves composed of up and down quarks. Quark matter is a condensed form of matter composed entirely of quarks. If quark matter contains strange quarks, it is often called strange matter (or strange quark matter), and when quark matter does not contain strange quarks, it is sometimes referred to as non-strange quark matter.”

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Agreed. Harriet’s posts were very educational for me too. But Batty will blab on and on about how he “explored” the bad, good ol days for female artists.

      It must have been difficult for Batty to write about this as he always implies everything was better back in the day. But current fashion requires that everything in the past be retrospectively judged as being bad. How does he reconcile this? Well, he just comes up with a lame story that is all over the place and this is why you cannot learn anything from his prestige arcs.

  14. Paul Jones

    Jamming this seemingly irrelevant conversation into the mix tells us accidentally sends a message to the former high school athletes of the world: “If you hadn’t wasted your life playing sports-ball, you could live longer and have interesting conversations like this forever and always.”

  15. Gerard Plourde

    So, as far as the Sunday strip people know, last week Linda got some kind of mail from the NFL, this week things move to the Komix Korner, and next week Bull makes his exit with minimal exposition (Daily readers might get a little more background if she ever finishes reading). Typical slapdash treatment

    • comicbookharriet

      They’ll be so confused. “Why did Crisis on Infinite Earths make Bull off himself? I mean, yeah it’s sad that Supergirl and Barry Allen are dead, but it’s been out since 1985? Doesn’t he know they came back?”

  16. William Thompson

    It’s amazing that those two dorks can read more on one Sunday than Linda can in a week.

  17. There’s another universe where Bull Bushka has five Super Bowl rings and is enjoying a comfortable retirement, while Buck Bedlow is right now fashioning a noose in the end zone at Big Walnut Tech.

  18. bayoustu

    BatBoy: Copy, paste. Now to order a pizza and run around a tiny baseball diamond.

  19. Professor Fate

    Yes yes yes, but why is this version of “I” stuck here in this universe where Funky Winkerbean is a self important and self indulgent train wreck of a comic strip that trivializes serious topics with its ham fisted laughably incompetent storytelling topped off with a depressing obsession with mindless Silver age comics, milk and cookies.
    Yes yes first world problems but still it is galling.

  20. AmigoLupus

    This is referring to DC’s concept of Hypertime…which hasn’t been used in years. For someone who claims they love comics, TomBat is such a damn fake geek.

    Maybe in one branch of Hypertime, there’s a universe where TomBat isn’t a hack writer? …Nah.