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Please DON’T have mistletoe.

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I stayed up late waiting for this strip to drop. And thank Dead St. Lisa, we are no longer having ‘the talk.’ Instead Holly and Funky are entertaining their only two repeat customers.

And, actually, today’s strip is amusing enough, and does point out an actual weird lyric in a famous song. (There is a historical explanation,, but it’s within character for the Funky Bunch to not know it.) It isn’t a completely dead tradition though, I remember one Christmas where, on the tree, were envelopes with cash inside. Pretty good presents on that tree that year.

I have a feeling that Holly would hate me though. As a child that grew up on way too much MST3K, my logic sensors are primed to sniff out any tiny inconsistency and snark on it. What I’m saying is, I’m really relating to Funky in today’s strip…and isn’t that a terrifying thought.



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There’s No Thumb Big Enough For This.

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Count on Batiuk to take a relate-able peeve, hatred for kid sidekicks, and present it in such a way that we all feel both offended and annoyed.

I’m a Transformer’s fan, I know how bad the little kid sidekick can be. I’ve lived through Daniel Witwicky for Primus’ sake. One of my best friends couldn’t enjoy Reboot, (the greatest cartoon of all time, I said it, fight me,) because Enzo grated on her nerves like jalapeno sandpaper. Her unbearable pain was hilarious to witness, and gives me a model of how this could have been presented better.

But TommyBats decided to frame the innocuous punchline in a box of unfortunate implications, by turning Pete into the most overbearing mansplainer since Mark Trail. If Chester had just come up with the sidekick on his own, then Pete could have complained without the specter of mysoginy haunting the exchange.

Interesting to see that Mindy has not only been rendered a silent object by Pete’s temper tantrum, she’s beginning to fracture into some kind of Cubist, Surrealist monstrosity.


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Dead Skunkhead is back from ComicCon and he’s eager to show off his latest purchase; a needlessly huge statue that’s going to scare the daylights out of Becky every day for a few weeks until she gets used to it being there. From the sounds of things in today’s strip John didn’t exactly get Becky’s blessing.

No more kids!? That’s a little dark. Did they have kids to begin with? Forgive me for using track but kids in Westview are props pulled out during turkey sales and whenever someone is moving into the apartment above Montoni’s.


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Dopes on a Rope

You know what’s not really funny? Piracy. Not like “Download a bad copy of Secret Life of Pets” type piracy but actual open seas piracy. I’m guessing the Chinese know how to deal with the menace. One little blast of a firehose in today’s strip and these two are fish food.


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Back To Square One

Oh good, TB doesn’t have Lefty lollygag in explaining her community band problem in today’s strip. Yeah, it’s a stupid problem and it could have easily been explained in yesterday’s strip, but we also very well could have spent a week getting to this point. Unfortunately, I expect we’re still spending a week with these two.

Ah, the national community band competition… a great American 4th of July-ish tradition. Yes indeed, it’s up there with Coney Island hot dog eating contest and the international stingray decoration show and that thing Jimmy Smits used to host on public television.

In the reality that is recorded on the internet, I was able to find two things comparable to Lefty’s competition, but nothing exactly like it:


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Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Batmana?


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Is…is Orange Batman a thing?  I know I’ve occasionally passed through the toy aisle (on my way to the ammo section) and I’ve seen various colorful toy Batmen (Ski Attack Batman!  Scuba Stealth Batman!) and some of them have been a bit on the loud side, but then those are toys, brightly colored to attract children and provide an excuse (you know, so Mom can’t say, “But Tom, you already have so many Batmen!” “But M0-om, look, he’s or-ange!”).

But I really am curious, is Orange Batman an actual comic book thing?  A character that a Comic Con attendee would dress as–or is this one of the many variants of Robin?  Or Bizarro Batman?  Is he one of the Aquabats?   Or is he a cos-player who exhibits the same attention to detail that some cartoonists do?  The only reason I ask is because nothing else in this strip is interesting.

I mean, I would have thought that Holly’s credit card company would call her about an airline ticket before calling about buying some comic book.  Unless, of course, this loose comic book, stuffed into a box to be rifled through by endless grimy thumbs, somehow has a price in the hundreds of dollars.

How much would it cost if it was slabbed and graded and all that?  A cool million?  Would it be so costly that Bruce Wayne himself couldn’t afford it?


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