This Strip Could Use More Lisa

Today’s strip wasn’t yet available for preview. I have a feeling it’ll be the greatest Funky Winkerbean ever though, when Mason tells Les he’s totally kidding about doing a Lisa’s Story movie, Lisa was boring and Lisa’s Story is terrible, and he’s actually doing a Bull movie and is just giving Les a heads-up that there’s a full thirty minutes of him getting beat up and wetting himself.
Who am I kidding, we won’t get anything near that good. We’ll probably get Les dancing gleefully on the table in Montoni’s while Mason throws $100 bills at him and Cindy tells Les she should’ve married him instead of Mason.

Oh hey, look at that, the title character of this strip and his wife died, totally off panel.  I wonder if it was a murder-suicide pact after their grief over losing Bull.  Or maybe their grief over hearing there was going to be more “Lisa’s Story”.  Or maybe just a bizarre artistic choice or coloring error that would make an already poor follow-up to last Sunday even stranger.


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27 responses to “This Strip Could Use More Lisa

  1. billytheskink

    Psychedelia is rarely so boring… but no Les, so I’ll leaf this one alone.

  2. William Thompson

    The applause, like so much in Batiuk’s life, is embarrassingly premature.

  3. William Thompson

    “Quick, Holly, smash them all! Maybe we’ll stop the leaves with our names on them!”

  4. Epicus Doomus

    Leaves. Is there anything they CAN’T do? I like the autumnal foliage too, as does pretty much everyone, but not to the point where it becomes a fetish. But then again, let’s be honest here: BatNard’s weird leaf fixation is the least troublesome thing about the strip right now. We’re on the threshold of a complete Batiukocalypse, a rising tide of cancer book sappery and anti-Hollywood potshots the likes of which we haven’t seen since the previous arc about “LS” sappery and anti-Hollywood potshots. Once every five to eight years is still way, way too much. So if he goes off and does a week or two about leaves here I’ll take it.

    • spacemanspiff85

      I really think “falling leaves=death/aging symbolism” is the only bit of his high school freshman English that Batiuk really understood and it messed up his writing for life.

      • Epicus Doomus

        Well, like with Lisa, the leaves become more beautiful just before they die. And sometimes it appears that they fall because they don’t want to be a burden upon their tree any longer, although the evidence is sort of ambiguous on that. And other times terrible accidents leave the trees with missing limbs.

        Remember the old Act I arcs where he did gags about this very topic from the perspective of the leaves? It’s all symbolism now but he actually did have talking leaf characters who’d exchange wry banter before their inevitable demise, it was an annual running gag. So yeah, the weird leaf fetish does indeed run deep. Plus it’s so basic and easy and predictable, which is probably 90% of the reason right there.

        • William Thompson

          If the leaves could still talk, what would they say? “Huh? I was green and alive a moment ago!” “What happened?” “The Winkerbeans just walked by.”

      • Banana Jr. 6000

        WTF does this strip need death symbolism for? We just saw a man slide off Nobottom Road through a guardrail to his death, the police investigation, and then his funeral, all of which was handled with the warmth and compassion of an airport security checkpoint.

        But that’s okay, I guess, because we’ve got pretty autumn leaves, and old people appreciating them, and wordlessly conveying the message that life is fleeting. No shit, Batiuk: your town has a higher rate of deadly disease than Pripyat.

        Which would be fine, if he could make his stories about death interesting or insightful in any way. It’s either a clinical description of the process, the lamest cliches in the book, or just endlessly talking about someone who’s been dead for two decades. If my 13-year-old wrote stories like this, I’d take him to a psychiatrist.

  5. William Thompson

    Boy, won’t this highly-symbolic strip impress the Pulitzer nominators, and right on the deadline, too!

  6. Banana Jr. 6000

    Maybe it’s just a bad scan of the image, but the people look transparent. Are they supposed to be transparent? Are they dead?

    • Epicus Doomus

      You know, I didn’t really notice this at first glance. But yeah, they’re either wearing tie-dye, some sort of weird reflective jackets or they’re transparent, which given recent events and the fact that all the characters kind of look the same could indeed lead readers to believe that they’re supposed to be dead. It’s very odd. Perhaps the strip needs a new colorist-er to the team, a la Atomik Komix.

      • Banana Jr. 6000

        Adding to the confusion: who are these people? These characters have nothing to do with the Bull or Dead Lisa story lines. Of all the people who could be pondering their mortality in this strip, why pick the person last seen moving restaurant tables in the background?

        • spacemanspiff85

          They sure seem broken up about their supposed friend dying horribly, don’t they? Like a few days after a tragic funeral and they’re clapping at leaves?

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Coming this week: Upon noticing his blotter acid supply is two short, Cory confronts Holly and Funky, only to find they’ve left Adeela in charge while they attend a jam-band festival in New Mexico.

  8. Paul Jones

    “Clap” isn’t the word I’d have used. “CRAP!” is closer to the mark.

  9. Paul Jones

    Also,given the death symbolism, this could have been subtitled “Don’t Cheer The Reaper.”

  10. William Thompson

    After an all-night emergency meeting, the editorial staff of the New York Times announced that it will start carrying a comics page. “It’s not really a business decision,” their speaker informed the rest of the media. “We just want the pleasure of cancelling ‘Funky Winkerbean.'”

  11. William Thompson

    Tom Batiuk is the Jackson Pollock of pastels.

  12. louder

    So, if I’m understanding BatHack’s symbolism here, we’re applauding that Bull died… Okaaaaaay

  13. bigd1992

    I’m clapping as it’s a strip without Les or Dead St. Lisa.

  14. Someone has seen the movie “Annihilation.”

  15. William Thompson

    “Thus wandered these two pretty babes,
    Till death did end their grief;
    In one another’s arms they dyed,
    As babes wanting relief.
    No burial these pretty babes
    Of any man receives,
    Till Robin-redbreast painfully
    Did cover them with leaves.”

    So in his quest to kill off characters he hates, Batiuk is “researching” old folk tales and songs. Today it’s “The Babes in the Wood.”

  16. Professor Fate

    Well I think this it goes to show how much the Syndicate cares about the strip. “hey the colors are all messed up.”
    “Hmmm, you’re right. Well ship it.”
    “Ship it?”
    “It’s Funky Winkerbean. who gives a damn?”