Wordplay Begins In The Home

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Awww, little baby Skyler is engaging in stupid wordplay just like his dad! Before you know it he’ll be all wryed up and totally powerless against the inexorable miseries of the universe, just like his dad. Although to be fair, this is BARELY wordplay and more like a really bad gag BatYap used to kill day 359, but nevertheless.

That Godzilla doll is really freaking me out, as is Jessica’s malevolent smirk, which in my opinion seems like a very strange and ill-suited reaction. No wonder Skyler is so troubled. His mom abandoning him to film Cliff Anger talking must have really scarred the kid. Although in fairness that would probably scar anyone, even those of us who didn’t grow up over a pizzeria.


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17 responses to “Wordplay Begins In The Home

  1. William Thompson

    Which holiday is Batiuk trying to celebrate on the 26th? The Slaughter of the Innocents, which is so descriptive of what he does to the English language? Boxing Day, which his words do to our ears? Or the Feast of St. Stephen, who was as stoned as Batiuk writes?

  2. Doghouse Reilly

    Well, it’s not funny, makes no sense, and references a 75-year-old novelty song, so there’s a good chance Darwin came up with it. More than likely, though, it was the kid’s father’s creative partner’s girlfriend’s grandfather who originated such a “muddled aphorism.”

  3. Paul Jones

    This, of course, makes a nonsense of my comment yesterday because Batiuk has all the comic timing of the Bay Of Pigs invasion. His idea of a joke always has the word ‘dad’ in front of it.

  4. Banana Jr. 6000

    This Skyler/Christmas arc feels like a court-ordered visitation. Darin and Jessica clearly aren’t trying; they haven’t even combed their hair or changed out of their bedclothes. These two self-absorbed twerps wouldn’t be seen like that if Ruby Lith or Cliff Anger was coming over.

    Meanwhile, Skyler’s milking this for all it’s worth. He’s won a few hours of attention from his parents, and is showing off his smugness and terrible wordplay, because that’s how he’s seen other people get approval. I guess it’s cute that he’s still trying, but he’ll get another life lesson when the social worker arrives at 12:00 and they’re both gone by 12:01.

    In a universe full of hate-worthy characters, these two are at the top. They claim to be too busy for their child, but in reality have do-nothing play jobs they’re not even good at, and are seen doing stupid shit like virtual ice cream dates. There isn’t enough cancer in the Funkyverse for these two to die slowly and painfully from.

    • Batgirl

      Yeah, this really reads as Skyler trying to get approval and attention from his father – the man who repeatedly expressed jealousy when Jessica gave attention to Skyler as an infant. And that side-eye from Darrin shows that he still doesn’t care about Skyler, he’s just using him to tease Jessica – because the two of them are So Much In Love they have no love left over for the poor little brat.
      Skyler is the new Summer – sacrificed on the altar of his parents’ obsession with each other.
      On the other hand, I’d give them a pass for still being in pyjamas, assuming it’s early morning and they’re just opening presents. My own family’s tradition was to open presents first thing, then get properly dressed for a late breakfast, so to me this looks homey rather than sloppy. Or would look that way, if I believed in this as any sort of semi-functional home.

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    Well, this isn’t too bad. In Germany, today is the second day of Christmas.

    I wish we had the day off. Yesterday my family had combined Christmas and Hanukkah Stuffed myself on latkes and homemade pasta. Then washed it all down with homemade Italian cookies and a chocolate martini…still in a food coma.

  6. Count of Tower Grove

    Hey-Zeus Key-riste in a creche! Is this supposed to be funny? Cute? Does Ayers have a thing now for the women wearing maniacal smirks?

    • William Thompson

      If those women’s maniacal smirks match their talents as axe-murderesses then I’m all for his fixation.

  7. Tom Batiuk is apparently of the idea that these characters are likeable, and that we want to see them. He really has no idea how to build a character does he? You don’t need characters for gag-a-day stuff, you need types. But types don’t work in drama.

    Oh well, only a couple more years of this (with luck).

  8. Professor Fate

    T-Rex has arms not front feet – and yes they are small but it’s most likely because they were not needed (many Theropods had small front limbs) – actually who this dinosaur is supposed to be is puzzling. Some reconstructions of Ceratosaurus show it having back spines but they are rare.
    I guess this is my pedantic way of saying the art work is as lazy as the writing.
    and oh yes all three of these people are hateful monsters.
    Happy boxing day.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Compare and contrast: calvinandhobbes.com/dinosaurs/

    • William Thompson

      My guess is that Batiuk sketched Godzilla when he was eight, and refused to admit he could draw a better dinosaur these days.

      • Batgirl

        Your faith in his improvement is touching. He demonstrably can’t invent better superheroes than he could at age 8, when he came up with Mr. Sponge.

  9. billytheskink

    I don’t buy this for a second. Durwood hasn’t spent enough time around his son to teach him a darn thing.