Fun Honeymoon

Whee, more patented, beloved Tom Batiuk Women Talking About Their Relationship Humor. Can we please get back to Les being smug or whiney? Or Dinkle typing at a computer?
Here’s a fun tidbit that I really hope I’m not the only one who noticed: Cindy’s cleavage has been featured in 4/6 of this week’s strips. I have to imagine Batiuk included that in his notes to the artist: “Make sure you showcase her nice boobs”. And yet she’s going on and on again about how lucky she is to find Mason, despite the fact that she’s a successful attractive woman who looks thirty years younger than she actually is. Those are literally the only two character traits Cindy has “I’m a hag whose beauty has faded” and “I’m so lucky a man finds me attractive”.

I also notice how the art has made sure to showcase Cindy’s “sexiness” this week (despite how it conflicts with the dialogue of her mourning her faded beauty) but not Cayla’s.  I thought that was odd at first, since Cayla is Les’s Wife and you’d think she’d be drawn as the prettiest woman ever, because Les deserves nothing less (humor!) but then remembered she’s Secondary Wife and can’t look better than Lisa.


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  1. CRM114

    Misogyny Tom was commenting on his blog under the latest “sees review” rant where I noticed he said”…that I just Barbied that figure and that the number…” What a guy, ehh? AssJerk.

  2. Batiuk has decided that his model is Edward D. Wood, Jr.

    The big problem, here, is that Ed Wood was way more creative and talented.

  3. See, it’s funny to imagine that a couple, one of whom had a traumatic divorce and the other of whom has behavioral problems he knows about, would start therapy when they’re at the happiest stage of their relationship, rather than waiting for the relationship to degrade to the point that one or both aren’t sure they want to continue in it.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    What the heck is wrong with Batty? I just don’t understand his view of life.

    • Epicus Doomus

      “Can I get next year’s strips finished by the second weekend of January?” seems to sum it up pretty well IMO.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      The strip reminds me of The Room more and more each day. Both are supposed to be full of drama, but they completely fail at understanding basic human behavior and motivation. Both have a creepy, alien quality to them. They focus on the wrong things. They’re cold when they should be warm and vice versa. They have no clue how abnormal they are. And of course the author thinks he’s a super genius.

      The difference is that Tommy Wiseau and his actors put some effort into it, which makes The Room an entertaining train wreck. Funky Winkerbean is like watching six different unlikeable old people slowly die in a hospital… and none of them ever do.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Cindy started out as a (deliberate) one-note caricature, then she developed some “depth”, then she struck out on her own and became a hugely successful “serious journalist” and now she’s a vapid one-note caricature again. Thus we can conclude that the sum total of her life experience amounted to absolutely nothing, as she’s right back where she began. It’s like if Crazy Harry became Postmaster General, got fired for being too old and went back to playing air guitar and listening to pizzas.

    And on top of that it seems as if BatYap is suggesting that her appearance was all that ever mattered, which makes you wonder why he bothered with making her a “serious journalist” at all instead of, for example, a swimsuit model or something.

    And on top of THAT there’s no reason she’s in an arc about a cancer movie reboot at all, as she brings nothing “new” or relevant to the story at all other than being a platform for a sub-sitcom level gag about Cayla briefly wondering if Les had sex with her. Cindy isn’t just a bad female character by modern “woke” standards, she’s awful by ANY standard. It kind of makes you wonder why he bothered bringing her back at all.

  6. Doghouse Reilly

    “That’s nice, Cindy. Les and I will have our honeymoon trip to Hong Kong any day now…”

  7. billytheskink

    Cindy and Cayla or Mario and Luigi? Who can tell?

    • spacemanspiff85

      I would like to see how this strip appears in black and white in the newspaper, because I’m pretty sure anyone looking at it would just thinking “oh, two twins walking together, one of whom is standing in the shade”.

      • Epicus Doomus

        I just noticed how today’s strip is signed “B & A” which I assume means Batiuk and Ayers. Is this a recent development?

        • Gerard Plourde

          “B &A is apparently a new innovation. The previous strips including Friday’s were signed “Batiuk & Ayers”.

        • billytheskink

          Late in Rick Burchett’s brief tenure, the strip was signed “B & B” from time to time. I assumed that was Burchett’s way of Alan Smithee-ing himself.

  8. William Thompson

    “We started therapy right away so we could make sure we stayed as twisted and miserable as everyone else in this strip!”

  9. Paul Jones

    The truly twisted thing is that watching Dinkle be an intrusive jerk is a step up from Batiuk’s inability to see women as anything other than shallow dimwits angsting about their looks.

  10. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    I think I do my best work after I’ve been kicked out of the bars.

  11. William Thompson

    Yes, Cindull, you’re lucky to have found Meson. And it’s a good thing you didn’t leave him on the beach after his bleached-out carcass washed up there. Thank you for ending the week on a high note, and I don’t mean your squeaky old-lady voice.

  12. Count of Tower Grove

    So when Cinduh and Caucayla return to the fire, they will find Mason having killed Less because he doesn’t like Marianne Winters. Finally the other shoe drops on Masone’s bipolarity.

  13. Merry Pookster

    Let’s have a line-up…. Cindy Les, Funky, Holly & Crazy Harry.
    All side by side. They’re all the same age…. right?

  14. Charles

    Bad writing: You didn’t “find” Mason, Cindy. You desperately chased after him. You badgered Les to introduce you to him when you found out that Mason had come to Ohio to read Holly’s comic books. Rather than interviewing him professionally, you used it as a ruse to pursue him romantically, even falling to despair when he didn’t call you back over Valentine’s Day.

    So when that didn’t work, you took a job at a slipshod, shabby online organization that you loathe, working with people for whom you have nothing but contempt, just so you’d be close to Mason. Eventually, hanging around and harassing him long enough worked, and he gave in and proposed marriage to you. It was also helpful that before Mason met Les, he apparently had no life whatsoever. He had no friends. He was not married, nor did he have a girlfriend. He doesn’t have a family. He doesn’t have agents, managers or assistants. He doesn’t appear to have *anyone* who works for him, in fact. That certainly helped in convincing him that he needed to marry you.

    Oh, but he has bipolar disorder. That’s his one thing from his background that was revealed, despite it being utterly meaningless and of no consequence whatsoever in the strip. Cindy, being consistent at least, decided immediately upon hearing about it that Mason’s serious mental illness wasn’t going to stop her from pursuing him romantically. If Batiuk actually could write and actually gave more than a moment’s thought about Mason’s mental illness, he could actually make a point about all this.

    But he won’t, because, again, Bad Writing.