Ruby Tuesday

Banana Jr. 6000
February 10, 2020 at 7:01 am
[W]hy was Pete even included in last week’s arc? He never said anything, and, not being an artist, wasn’t in the running for Kitschy’s check…I know Pete can’t pry his eyes off anything comic book-related, and Mindy would have been another character to cram into an already crowded panel, but it’s just weird that she left and he didn’t.

Well, because we needed Pete to, once again, pull a brilliant idea out of his ass, and offhandedly express it in the most roundabout way. And we needed his fiancé, a comics professional whose last job was sucking farts out of the seats at the Valentine, to reveal her ignorance how copyright law works. Grandpa Google to the rescue!


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    So BatBrain dreamed up an entire fictional comic book company staffed by young (ish) comic book talent to create new cutting-edge comic book titles and now they’re going to start making OLD comic books? Oddly enough, this is entirely expected. Somehow Ruby will acquire the rights to her idiotic old comic book and begin drawing it anew, because of course she will. It’s all come full circle now, everything old is new again, but still old! My God this man’s brain is just so inexplicable.

    • spacemanspiff85

      Just wait until they start making old comic book adaptations of old silent film serials, printed on old paper.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Maybe because deep down, Batty knows nobody will be reprinting any of his work—save for Dinkle’s face on a shoe box.

      He sure loves nostalgia.

      • CRM114

        Ohhh, I don’t know about that. I’d still like to have a print of dream sequence Durwood in a pool of blood on the freighter after searching for his favorite pen. Yeah, I know, sick in the old bad way.

      • hitorque

        FWIW, that Sunday flashback panel of the Westview Homecoming Queen diving on a muddy goal line for what was to be the last-second winning TD against Big Walnut Tech was as fucking stupid as it was oddly awesome…

        Why yes, Bull Bushka DID have the Homecoming Queen play quarterback in the fourth quarter of a crucial game against a hated rival, and while she was wearing her frilly white homecoming dress with just cleats and a helmet being her only equipment. Clearly Bull was suffering from CTE long before anyone suspected.

        And yes, the referees should have disqualified her immediately, and yes, BWT should have protested the outcome for an ineligible player, and yes, it was even dumber when he went back to the well and had Chullo kid run out on the field in a full mascot outfit like he was Lucas and catch a winning Hail Mary despite having no athletic ability whatsoever…

    • hitorque

      For the record, Mr. Baldy Billionaire Geek King did say he wanted a return to the “traditional” comics of his formative years when he was putting this half-assed venture together (Which I guess means an updated silver age style?)… He wasn’t a big fan of the ultra-gritty realist stuff IIRC…

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Also, it doesn’t square with any of what we know about Ruby Lith. She talked extensively about not being allowed to own or profit from “her” character, so why does Mindy think it’s suddenly a mystery who owns it? (Other than being Mindy dumb as a brick, but I’m sure that’s not where this story is going.)

      And what about Wayback Wendy? Ruby talked about sexism in the comic book industry, inspired Mindy to pursue her own ideas, they started working on it together, and… nothing. Not that I need more Wayback Wendy in my life, but the process of creating and selling a female-driven comic book has some potential to be interesting.

      It’s like this strip has OCD and ADD at the same time. It’s obsessed with comic books and talks about the process and history at length, and then loses interest right after the Sunday sideways faux cover is published.

  2. bayoustu

    Yikes! That shot of Durwood in panel 2 brings a whole new meaning to the term “ass backwards”!

    • hitorque

      He’s really skinny for a frontbutt…
      And someone should tell Batiuk that grown-assed folks don’t stand that way. (But then again Darrin+Peter have always remained 12 years old no matter their real age)

    • bayoustu

      Thanks for the visual aid, TFH!

  3. William Thompson

    The chances that Miss American is now in the public domain are slight, but then again, there’s a long list of published comic characters who are in the public domain And for good reason, it would seem:

  4. Epicus Doomus

    “Miss American Reboot #1” – Miss American takes a zeppelin to Berlin to prevent Hitler from ruining the 1936 Olympics.

    • spacemanspiff85

      Knowing Batiuk I think it would be way more likely that she’d be travelling to get Hitler to autograph the issue of Captain America where Cap punches Hitler, or just to hang out and read some of Hitler’s own personal comic collection.

  5. Doghouse Reilly

    Seeing as the earlier depictions of Miss Americans had her being an amalgam of two Golden Age heroines–DC’s Liberty Belle and Marvel’s Miss America–mixed with a heapin’ helpin’ of Miss Liberty, a ’60s character from “Tomahawk” comics, I think some real-world copyright lawyers might be smacking their lips over the upcoming strips.

  6. Paul Jones

    As I recall, Batom Comics got sued back into a ball of dirt because they wanted to plagiarize Not!Spiderman; their defence was “But you have so much money! Can’t we steal from you and make money too?”

    This is because Comrade Batiuk refuses to understand that supply and demand goes both ways. If no one demands Rip Tide: Scuba Cop, they’re stuck with a supply of cheesy nonsense.

    • hitorque

      The irony is “Rip Tide” as a concept doesn’t totally suck, especially if you turn it into a spoof of 70s/80s cop shows and general culture from that era…

      But the less said about Batiuk’s other characters, the better.

      • William Thompson

        “Rip Tide” was probably a “Sea Hunt” rip-off. “By now my brains were aching for a thought . . .”

        • Doghouse Reilly

          I think Battyuk was watching the ’60s “Super 6” cartoon series online one day and decided to copy its “Super Scuba” character.

  7. Banana Jr. 6000

    Is that supposed to be Mindy? I honestly can’t tell from the drawings. Compare how she looked last Monday to today, and in the “Doc Martens” strip referenced last week.

  8. hitorque

    Just your daily reminder that we’ve been in this “office” for two goddamn weeks and nobody has been seen doing even 30 seconds of actual work.

    At what point does Baldy Billionaire Geek King start accounting for how much money he’s setting on fire here? How many more Westview crony hires is he willing to take on? Maybe Darrin’s brat can get on the payroll if he ever starts walking and talking?

  9. Professor Fate

    Oh boy an arc based on copyright law and intellectual property rights. You can just sense the excitement to come as arcane points of law are argued over.
    Not that long ago the strip featured a talking murder chimp. Yes the story was poorly plotted rambling and profoundly stupid but at least it had the talking murder chimp going for it. Unless it turns out that he also owns rights to Miss American I see no hope for this arc. Even if they toss in a shyster lawyer.

    • hitorque

      I saw “The Great Race” last week… Only now do I know the origin of your name!

      (Until then I was confusing Professor Fate with Dr. Fate)

      • Professor Fate

        I picked it one cause i do like the film but because also certain aspects of his personality are just a bit tooo close to mine for comfort so it’s a reminder to remember that and don’t take yourself so seriously.
        by the by- Jack Lemmon saying “I hate you” to an oblivious snuffling pug dog during the Prisoner of Zenda spoof section cracks me up everytime.

  10. People chattering endlessly; one goes to type on a computer.

  11. Doghouse Reilly

    You know, if Chester Haggelsnore went to all the trouble to buy the Batom Comics office doors, furniture, Doc Martens, etc. along the way to starting up his own publishing house that would harken back to the Golden Age of Comics, one would think he also would have looked into whether Batom’s titles and characters were in the public domain and/or available for purchase. In the real world there’s at least one company (AC Comics) specializing in reprinting old PD stories and revamping PD heroes, while DC made a point of buying up the rights to the Quality (Plastic Man), Fawcett (original Captain Marvel), and Charlton (Blue Beetle) characters to make sure no one else would get them.

  12. Don

    So, how many months from now will it be before they print up the first issue and then somebody comes from out of the woodwork with “proof” that they own the rights to the character, followed by more months of the lawsuit which follows?