CH CH CH CH Changes

What’s going on?” asks Chester. Certainly not productivity! Grandpa Google apparently has directed Mindy to Aunt Register of Copyrights, where she’s able to look up Miss American’s first owner. This means that the copyright wasn’t secured until 1978 or later: the U.S. Copyright Office’s public catalog only goes back that far. Works registered prior to 1978 may be found only in the Copyright Public Records Reading Room in Washington, D.C. (can’t get more American than that!) Those flashbacks to Ruby’s earlier days in the business seem to take place a couple decades earlier. But hey, don’t stop Mindy from making herself useful for once.



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  1. Epicus Doomus

    CH…so obviously it’s Crazy Harry. Just kidding, he isn’t a FW character anymore. So now we know that Chester Hagglemore holds the copyright, but we still have three (at a minimum) days to kill, so expect a lot of idiotic banter…you know, like usual. Just like with the Bull arc, no one systematically excises the suspense from his stories quite like Batiuk does.

  2. William Thompson

    CH Holdings, LLC? Oh FFS! Chester Hagglemore very conveniently owns the rights to this worthless character. Think he’ll have to sue himself to give Ruby Lich permission to use her own character? Think he’ll actually pay her more than she made Back In Duh Daze?

  3. Remember when the toilet backed up, and flooded the bathroom with silently floating excrement?

    Funky Winkerbean, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy your legacy, Tom.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Dumb dumb dumb….why do I even care?

  5. billytheskink

    “What’s going on?”

    Not work. Never work.

    • Epicus Doomus

      It’s just so funny in its own unintentional way. BatWad creates an entire comic book sub-universe for himself and ends up doing a story about the whereabouts of a ninety year old comic book copyright claim. No one else on earth would have even remotely considered taking it in that direction.

    • hitorque

      Not even for Chester, who you would *THINK* is way too busy managing stock market derivatives, hedge funds, real estate swindles, tax avoidance schemes, rigged elections and the rest of his billion-dollar business interests to play comics geek…

  6. William Thompson

    Why does Chester Molester look so startled in the last panel? Is it just lousy, lazy, irrelevant artwork, or is his secret about to be exposed? Has he purchased the rights to obscure comic-book heroines to keep them buried in obscurity because he’s a male chauvinist pig? Is his rule “This is a bullpen, not a cowpen!”? Is it “Boys get Pulitzers, girls settle for the Soviet mat’-geroina medal?” Will his workers break the shackles of his Cold War mindset and bring their work into the modern era?

    Yeah, you’re right. The art sucks as bad as the writing, and he forgot he owns the rights to Miss American. Oopski!

  7. Gerard Plourde

    So the recurring theme in Act 3 has become fantasy wish fulfillment. How much more self-indulgence is TomBa going to engage in during the run-up to the Funky 50th?

  8. Epicus Doomus

    I liked Chester better when he was a weird eccentric greedy dick. No one has their own personality in this strip anymore, they’re all basically the same character except for Les and the less said about that the better. It’s like those old polonium rings have had a cumulative blanding effect on everyone there.

    It’s also pretty funny how Chester’s head is literally on Mindy’s shoulder as she says “CH”. Real subtle foreshadowing there, Tom.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      I would argue that even Les has the same personality. He’s just allowed to voice his dickishness and unhealthy death fixation, while other characters have to maintain decorum.

    • Count of Tower Grove

      Ah, I got some Kix out of the old polonium rings line!

    • hitorque

      It’s funny because nobody knows who the parent company of Atomikkk Comixxx is…

      • William Thompson

        Mommy had her name removed from the birth certificate, and she knew better than to blame fatherhood on anyone.

  9. Doghouse Reilly

    Well, I assumed the derivative Miss American was a Batom Comics character. Imagine my surprise to discover what a thriving hotbed of Golden Age comic book activity Ohio was. Apparently every town in the Buckeye State had its own publishing house. Take that, New York City!

    • hitorque

      Don’t forget that smalltown Ahia is *SO* fuckin’ real and authentic and the legit Mecca of the comics world that:

      1. Not content to only have half of Westview on the studio payroll, part of the Starbuck Jones movie was filmed there.

      2. In the run-up to the Starbuck Jones movie, Pete/Darrin/Masone hosted a fan event (but only folks who kept some 50-year-old decoder ring from their childhoods could decipher the time/date/place printed in newspapers nationwide.) And yes, it was held at some historic old-school real-life Cleveland hotel… And yes, Pete/Darrin/Masone LITERALLY SERVED THEM OVALTINE AND PB+J SAMMIES IN A 100% NON-IRONIC MANNER (which is even worse than the president serving Burger King and Arby’s at official White House functions, but that’s another story) because naturally when you’re releasing a billion-dollar superhero movie the first demographic you want to reach out to is the 55+ crowd, right??

      3. You’d think smalltown Ahia would get sick of all this global attention, but then Masone (who evidently has unlimited decision-making power in all his projects) decided to premier this billion-dollar movie that took 3+ years to finish in some renovated old-school movie theater with wooden seats and all that other bullshit located in Krankenschaaften’s hometown… And despite it being a red carpet+black tie formal affair attended by countless celebrities, somehow the first five rows of the theater were still all taken up by Westview characters.

  10. Paul Jones

    That’s some super-astute business guy they work for. He has a whole stable of bankable characters he’s too stupid to exploit.

    • hitorque

      In the Funkyverse, all you have to do to be wealthy and successful beyond your wildest study hall daydreams is to just EXIST, apparently….

  11. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Duh – Chestermore Hagglestein, of course. That’s disappointing, because when I saw a company in Ahia had the rights, I was SURE this would result in ALL of these idiots piling into the Komix Van, driving to the address of the company, and knocking on the door. (Unannounced. Did I even need to say that?)

    The address would be an apartment in a run down part of town. An elderly old geezer, drawn in loving detail to look like one of Batty’s friends, would answer the door. He would turn out to be an embittered ex-komix writer from the 1950s who acquired the rights to stick it to his old boss.

    The apartment would have cracked walls and a crooked lampshade. After weeks of droning about mistreatment of holy and sacred komix writers, the old geez will be offered a job at Atomix Komix.

    Unfortunately, Hagglestein himself owns the rights, because Wish Fulfillment, so my version won’t play out.

    • Count of Tower Grove

      You forgot that Minders will be the resourceful one and simply climb into the codger’s apartment to soften him up!

      • hitorque

        I’ll never in a million years understand how that storyline made it to publication…

        Masone: “We need a cameo from the original Starbuck Jones even though nobody has seen him in 50+ years so he’d be in his late 80s if he’s even still living…”

        Pete: “Hey, some reclusive weirdo on eBay is selling a lot of SJ merchandise… Out of all the reclusive weirdos on the internet, this HAS to be him — He lives in the Bronx!”

        Cindye: “Cliffe Angere hasn’t worked since the HUAC blacklists… I know there’s an award-winning documentary on this!”

        Masone: “TO THE KOMIXMOBILE!”

        (After arrival in New York)

        Pete/Masone: “No answer at the door…”

        Cindye: “Don’t you idiots know anything about journalism? You gotta break into the apartment from the fire escape even though it’s broad daylight… Watch and learn!”

        Cliffe: “You all broke into my apartment and even though I’m a bitter, resentful old man bordering on suicide, I’m not dumb enough to turn down a comeback in a billion-dollar movie!”

  12. Count of Tower Grove

    Chet looks surprised, why? I thought he cornered the market on things komixy, (komixie?) and hoarded in his home basement vault.

  13. The whole story makes no sense. Chester started his comic book company to emulate the old-fashioned “good vs evil” comics he loved as a child. And he has no idea he owns the rights to those characters. Yeah, sure.

    Please don’t tell me that he was so dazzled by Pete’s creations that they drove any thought of those old characters out of his head. The only thing Rip Tide, Scuba Cop would drive anyone to is drink.

  14. Ray

    Normally I’m for anything that draws attention to Northeast Ohio, as I think it’s a great place to live and work.
    But seeing Batty namecheck Akron makes me sad. Just sad.

  15. Banana Jr. 6000

    Also, why are these comic book enthusiasts so surprised that an unrecognized company would own the rights to something? That’s common, especially for older properties. And the comic book audience is very aware of intellectual property ownership issues. Someone here mentioned AC Comics, and Marvel buying up old comic characters so they wouldn’t go public domain. Why don’t these characters know things like this?

    • hitorque

      You might as well ask why Les doesn’t know anything about teaching or being a good husband/father, or why Bull doesn’t know anything about sports, or Funky doesn’t know anything about pizza or running a small business, or why Masone doesn’t know anything about Hollywood or why Cindye doesn’t know anything about aging, or why Dinkle doesn’t know anything about retirement etc. etc…

  16. Professor Fate

    Oh for Pete’s sake. Even if you are sure that the story line will take the stupidest most inane and boring (oh god how boring) tangent the Author still manages to surprise the reader with bizarre and unworldly plot twist that still manages to be uninteresting tedious and boring. This is reaching Daddaist levels of ‘anti narrative’ but where the Daddists were doing it on purpose the author seems convinced he’s telling a story with a point (hat tip Steve Martin)

  17. hitorque

    I did something really stupid and looked up that “Butter Brickle Murder Trial” arc from last summer..

    All I have is three words: Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

  18. Mark LaSalandra

    If anyone cares about these characters or finds this story arc interesting please share. I have an open mind.