Sheer Heart Attack

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Finally, some genuine mid-week suspense for a change. Is he going to play this for laughs or are we about to travel down Batiuk’s Dark Path yet again? The last time Funky had to face his own mortality all sorts of hi-jinx ensued, not the least of which was the birth of “Starbuck Jones”. Maybe this time Funky will go back in time and tell BatYam to forget all about this “serious” new direction of his and go back to writing gags before it’s too late. I can’t see this being quite that ambitious, but a good ol’ Funky health scare beats the hell out of four more days of gym jokes. It’s way funnier too.



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26 responses to “Sheer Heart Attack

  1. Ray

    Is it just me or is the background getting darker with the dots?

  2. CRM114

    I am sooo conflicted. After Fearless Leader punked us years ago with an April Fool’s Day heart attack strip, I’ve been wary of being reeled in again. But, the strip looks legit, and copyright laws and all, so I’m guardedly optimistic as to the possibility of more misery in the Funkyverse.

  3. William Thompson

    Indigestion? That’s what you get for eating your Double-decker Death-dealer Pizza before gym, Funky. Especially when use that tainted pepperoni.

  4. William Thompson

    Curious; the seattlepi site runs a different strip for 1 April, one which logically precedes the strip here. This strip doesn’t have the date written inside a panel. Did Batiuk write “4-2” on Fitness Guy’s black shirt? Or is this an April Fool prank?

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Comics Kingdom now shows the same strip as SeattlePI, the one where Funky tells the trainer he’s not working out. So I think CK accidentally showed tomorrow’s strip a day early, and Funky doesn’t have his heart attack until tomorrow.

  5. billytheskink

    Hahaha, excellent! This strip hasn’t provided a laugh in months.

    And by months I mean decades.

  6. ian'sdrunkenbeard

  7. The Nelson Puppet

    Shoulda been you, Les.

  8. Paul Jones

    The actual strip is bad wordplay about how lazy and apathetic Funky is. Batiuk is doing another death fake-out……

  9. Chyron HR

    FINALLY, a FUNNY one! Was that so hard, Tom?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Crankshaft was funny too, I guess Batty is playing an April Fools joke on us.

      The misery will return tomorrow!

  10. The giveaway is the trainer in panel one. He has the exact same stance as Monday’s strip. Still, well done, sir, well done!

  11. Count of Tower Grove

    I once had a heart attack. Never thought of clutching at my liver.

  12. Banana Jr. 6000

    Gee whiz. A Funky Winkerbean character is having a medical emergency. I’m so shocked. I wonder if he’ll be perfectly fine. So much drama. Yawn.

    • ComicTrek

      Exactly. It’s gotten so old. Like watching a soccer game and hearing the announcer get loud as the players are about to score – and miss. The only reason we knew for 100% sure that Bull was getting killed is because the papers announced it.

  13. Jimmy

    I bought it. It seems so Funky.

    Great song, though.