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Mopping Up

Heya folks! CBH here again. I know Epicus just posted yesterday and hyped me up as indefatigable, but we’ve had a couple calving issues this week. (For which I blame Sorial!) Crappy weather, two successful assisted births, an ill calf we lost, and a full necropsy on a 500 lb feeder calf that passed. None of it too out of the ordinary for a herd this size, but it did eat up time today I was planning on polishing off a big ol’ Johnny Howard post.

Luckily for me Beckoning Chasm was working overtime and hunted up this mind-blowing Super Special Crossover Issue of TIMEMOP for all of you to marvel at.

Long live the photoshop master! Praise him with great praise!

(Note: If this amazing cover does not get sufficient praise, I will ragequit this blog.)

Hope to have the next deep dive post out in a couple of days.

(P.S. I don’t really blame Sorial. But I was thinking of him when dad and I were loading up the calf-jack a few days ago.)

(P.P.S. Sorry for all the parenthetical asides BJ6K, I know it’s an annoying crutch of Batiuk’s but I couldn’t stop myself today.)

(P.P.S.S. I love all you peeps, serious.)


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I Burn for You!

Beckoning Chasm sent me another Timemop cover he found! This issue was the first appearance of one of TimeMop the Nudger’s greatest foes, Belligerent Android That Trashes Other uNiverses! Who knew TimeMop had so many terrifying and thrilling adventures? I know more are out there to be discovered! Let me know if you guys find any! (*WINK*)

(This is so frikken beautiful I can’t even.)
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Say You Will

Whelp. That’s it. The 2022 Funky Awards have all been given out. The final year of Funky Winkerbean has been analyzed, measured, judged, rated, and completely broken apart to be reassembled.

The post mortem is over.

Surprise! It was cancer.
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A Thousand Words.

Yesterday we looked at entire arcs, complete stories, weeks of strips at a time.

Today, we do the opposite. Yesterday was all about the story. Today it is the art of comics. True, the context behind some of these snapshots aided them in getting a nomination. Panels that contained the climax of their entire arc.

But the single panel must be unique on it’s own. It must have merit apart. The staging, the artistry, the dialogue, something within the borders of four thin black lines, that is just as important. And panels from strips that didn’t even have arcs were also considered.

For example, this panel made the shortlist, though not the final cut.

Love is terrifying.
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Get Out the Vote!


Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell strangers at the store! Roll down your car windows and scream it at neighborhood cats!

Voting for the 2022 Funky Awards is now open!

This year voting will continue through January 21!

However, although I hate to be that guy — I’ve spotted a typo.

In the last category, you’ve used the headline “The Best Funky Winkerbean Strip of 2022″. Obviously, you meant to type “The Funky Winkerbean Strip of 2022 That Caused The Least Amount Of Bile To Rise In Your Throat”.

Y. Knott

Y. Knott! You are right! There does seem to be some kind of error. I see a category for Best Funky Winkerbean Strip of 2022. But these aren’t the strips I remember being the best this year!

Well, I don’t want to take any awards away from any poor strips that were nominated. But I still have to fix this gross overrsight.

So. One more category for our Awards this year!

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