All Bucked Up

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Thanks for the expository dialog, Linda! Apparently lugging Bull’s old garbage to the dump WHS Sports Hall Of Fame makes up for concussing him all those times. In my opinion Bull is the clear loser in that deal, which is certainly no surprise. I really wish he’d stop dragging this out, but then again dragging things out is kind of what BatBrain does, much to everyone’s disgust. And how come Buck is all wry and cheerful while Bull was all unpredictable and squirrely? It’s like HIS CTE comes and goes. Sigh.

Stay tuned for billytheskink AND SoSF’s 10th anniversary! If only time went as slowly in real life as it does in the Funkyverse.


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24 responses to “All Bucked Up

  1. William Thompson

    That’s in such bad taste it could be an entire Montoni’s menu.

  2. Captain Gladys Stoatpamphlet

    Another helmet. Is this the death helmet? Or was it the one Linda gave Buck? Or still another?

    • William Thompson

      If Bull’s head is in there, it would draw flies. Too bad Batiuk isn’t enough of an artist to do the same thing..

  3. Doghouse Reilly

    Dear Lord of Language, this dialogue!

    Why, one has to wonder, did Linda wait until the vehicle was half loaded to thank Buck, not to mention remind him what they’re transporting and where it’s going? Didn’t she tell him what was happening when she called him to come over, or when he arrived at the door, or when they went down to Bull’s sanctum sanctorum? Or does she do this automatically every few minutes with Buck, assuming that his CTE has reached a point similar to Bull’s?

    Not that Buck’s quips are any better. “I tackled Bull enough in high school…”? What’s next? “Hey, your dead husband’s in a box now thanks to me, so no reason I can’t move boxes of his belongings now! ” “Well, getting rid of this stuff should put things to rest for you, just like Bull’s at rest now!” “Hey, I’m happy to do things like this before my brain ultimately turns into so much tapioca, just like your hubby’s did!” “Happy to drive…we’re not gonna use the same road where Bull bought it, are we?”

  4. billytheskink

    Bull’s sports memorabilia is going to the sports hall of fame?! Never would have guessed.

    Really, TB may as well have written that sentence: “Sports for helping me sports Bull’s sports memorabilia to the sports hall of sports, Sports.”

  5. “I hope I’m not imposing” SAID IN THE MIDDLE OF IMPOSING.

  6. William Thompson

    How are they going to load all those boxes into that little car? Is Buck going to use his head like a piledriver and speed up the CTE plot?

  7. Given the high school’s track record of failure I’m trying to think who’s in their Sports Hall of Fame. My best guess for the roster:

    1. Bull Bushka, winning coach.
    2. Women’s basketball star Not-Lisa’s Daughter.
    3. Women’s basketball star Is-Lisa’s Daughter.
    4. Guy who saw Steve ‘Pre’ Prefontaine once.
    5. Rope that keep Les Moore trapped in gym class for the first 22 years of the strip.
    6. Guy who saw Steve ‘Pre’ Prefontaine once on TV.

  8. ComicTrek

    Awfulness aside, are these two going to end up together or something? A break from the misery is fine, but they’re almost way too cheerful here, considering the circumstances! You know, besides Buck’s whole “I somehow accept full responsibility for killing your husband and feel the need to constantly remind you of it” thing.

  9. Paul Jones

    It’s sort of depressing to realize that Batiuk thinks that this is touching.

    • justifiable

      The “humor” part of it is that no matter how much Buck atones for something he had no idea existed back in high school, he’s going to die anyway!

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Your dialogue matches the charaters’ facial expressions much better than Batiuk’s dialogue.

  10. Gerard Plourde

    Buck is back and hanging around with Linda. Is it possible that this could be the CTE arc?

    Think about the possibility – we’ve introduced Buck into the Funkyverse and conveniently killed off Bull. Linda marries Buck who then, like Lisa, undergoes treatment for an ultimately fatal condition. Alert the Pulitzer committee!

  11. Count of Tower Grove

    Hey man, looks like dang ol Mike Judge ‘n’ dang ol’ Greg Daniels got a dang ol’ injunction against dang ol’ Todd. Dang ol Buck’s dang ol’ features got rounded out lookin’ like dang ol’ Bull, and not dang ol’ Hank Hill, tell you what.

  12. CRM114

    So Linda has a fondness for guys with a mooshy brain. And Buck likes woman like (gag.barf.puke) Linda. Everything is boxed to deliver to the “Westview Sports Museum, Fireworks Sales, & Sex Toy Emporium”. For only a buck( giggle) you can place your hand on Bull’s helmet with his head still inside. “That is sick!” the customers proclaim.(current usage of word) “How did they make him look more stupid than normal?” the old-timers ask. Becomes the busiest place in the Ahia region.

  13. Banana Jr. 6000

    No, no, no, no, NO! This strip is so wrong, and in every direction at once.

    I did some statistical research. Ray Lewis, the most prolific tackler in NFL history, tackled Jerome Bettis 68 times in 21 games. In high school, Buck and Bull can’t possibly have played against each other more than 3 or 4 times. So Buck made no more than 20, and possibly less than 10, actual tackles against Bull. Who also had a full college career and an NFL tryout. Ex-football players don’t beat themselves up for individual, non-injury-causing plays they made 30 years ago.

    Then there’s the twisted sentimentality. “Sorry I killed your husband, let me make it up to you by helping put his personal effects into three or four small boxes.” That looks like about 15 minutes of packing. Which is still way too much material for a high school hall of fame display. Are they building a Bull Bushka Wing? Granted, he’d deserve the most space in a Westview Sports Hall of Fame, but that just begs the question of why it exists at all.

    And there’s that goddam helmet again. I want to go back and count how many the strip has shown it. I bet it’s more than 25. A personal object which a man used to kill himself, and a very messy fashion. Oh, and there’s a portrait of him, too. If Batiuk was into underaged girls instead of death, Funky Winkerbean would be Pibgorn.

    This whole “prestige arc” had no point. Which is honestly a shame, because Baituk was in a perfect position to tell a strong story. He had a cast and a backstory he could revisit, to explore what high school football did to people in their later lives, and how much influence it still holds despite what we now know. And he wasted it. Absolutely wasted it.

  14. Banana Jr. 6000

    He can’t draw characters consistently, but somehow everybody looks the same. Especially women.

  15. Interesting contrast–Linda apparently can’t wait to get rid of everything associated with Bull. Whereas Les must retain every little scrap that Lisa touched.

    • ComicTrek

      I think we’re seeing this through Tom’s eyes. You can almost feel the weight lifted off them (him, really) now that Bull’s gone.

  16. The Nelson Puppet