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The space-time continuum is threatened with destruction by today’s strip, in which one of TB’s author avatars heaps unsolicited praise on another of TB’s author avatars. Not that comic strips cannot involve journalism, but wouldn’t a comic strip creator be a more apt guest speaker in an art class? Oh that’s right, Westview High cut art class in 2013 after failing to pass a school levy in 2012 despite the best efforts of the hairless man we all know and love as Arthur “Art” Teacher. Maybe Rache can bring it back when she gets her teaching certificate

I guess I’ll take a week of TB patting himself on the back for being born over a week of Buck and Linda, but only because no one offered me a week of stepping on Legos with my bare feet.



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  1. comicbookharriet

    Between you and me BTS, I’ll take the legos.

    I don’t have the urge to fruitlessly psychoanalyze plastic blocks.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah, all sorts of various fantasy worlds and sub-universes are colliding here, most notably BatYam’s crazy notion that he is in fact a “writer” and a “storyteller” which is way more believable in fantasy form than it is here on Earth, as we don’t have decades worth of undeniable proof that “Three O’Clock High” blows. I mean I’m sure it does, I just can’t prove it like I can with FW.

  3. William Thompson

    As self-images go, Batton Thomas is an even sadder version of Batiuk than Les Moore.

  4. William Thompson

    Oh, splendid. We’re in for at least a week of what Todd had to endure when he struggled to get Funky Winkerbean into print. Nit-picking editors! Beady-eyed newspaper exectives! We’re talking Atomik-Komix epik here!

  5. Banana Jr. 6000

    In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Captain Kirk kisses a sexy alien. She turns out to be a shapeshifter, and later morphs into a duplicate of Captain Kirk. The alien tells Kirk that it must have been his lifelong ambition to make out with himself. Something just reminded me of this scene, for some reason.

  6. billytheskink

    Not only has Les left his students to come futz around the school office, he’s brought in someone else to teach his classes today. Pete, Durwood, Gil Thorp are jealous…

  7. Doghouse Reilly

    “Mr. Thomas, I hope you’ll excuse the ignorance of this woman whom I’ve married–even though she’s nothing like my late first wife, the beloved Dead St. Lisa, who passed away–in not instantly recognizing you for the artistic legend you are!”
    Truly, what could a comic strip creator say to high school journalism students? The kids are learning writing and editorial skills, working with photography, graphic design and layout, navigating administrative censorship hurdles, and, most importantly (as I recall from personal experience), getting local merchants and businesses to buy ads. Mr. Batton Ball offers none of those things, and will probably toss out unfunny anecdotes borrowed from “The Front Page.”
    If “Three O’Clock High” is supposed to be a successful strip, Batton most likely deals only with the syndicate that distributes his work, not directly with individual newspapers. And seeing how that industry has been in a death spiral for the last two decades and that the comics are among the first things papers cut from their budget, his comments will probably be just a tad outdated.
    It frankly does surprise me just a bit, but it sure looks like we have to add “how newspaper comic strips work” to the list of things about which Battyuk is clueless!

  8. William Thompson

    Does this mean that Les Moore has met his maker? Bring on the fire and brimstone!

  9. The Nelson Puppet

    This is one ELABORATE circle jerk.

  10. Paul Jones

    More self-referential nonsense at the expense of the snarker-troll fungus people. Loverly.

  11. Count of Tower Grove

    Three O’Clock High is actually a clever and relevant title that came to Todd about forty-eight years too late. Why didn’t Less tell Caucayla about Batton’s visit before now?
    Meanwhile, today I’ll have a 4:20 high.

  12. Gerard Plourde

    I can’t find the reference in TomBa’s blog, but I think 3 o’clock High was a name he was considering when FW launched.

    I wonder what prompted this arc. What pearls of wisdom will Batton Thomas impart to Les’ captive audience?

    • billytheskink

      Three O’clock High was one of the original strip names TB considered, along with Winkerbean and Co. and the eventual title. Here is the reference from TB’s blog, where he sounds more excited about his syndication contract than his marriage…

  13. AmigoLupus

    I’m late to it, but Batiuk trying to force some romance between Buck and Linda was so badly thought out. For one thing, Linda never told anyone other than Les that Bull killed himself and she hid that fact to keep the insurance money. Linda didn’t tell the one guy who remembers Bull and is there to be his friend and help her with stuff, no, she told it to the jackass who made a disparaging comment about her husband forever being a bully in his own funeral. Add to that how Linda’s reasoning for not dating him is because she doesn’t want to be “saddled with the burden” of looking after someone with CTE all over again, and she just strikes me as a completely repulsive person.

    Buck might have been inappropriate in how he handled asking Linda if there could be something more between them, but her certainly dodged a bullet there when she turned him down.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Something else bothered me about Linda’s explanation for not dating Buck: It suggested that she owed him something. If Linda doesn’t want a relationship with Buck, it’s her right not to have one. But the strip made her explain her rejection of him.

      Buck was doing what every other man in Westview did: perform small favors for a woman, and this creates a debt that must be repaid in romance and/or sex. It’s how Les got Lisa, and we all know that’s the greatest love story in human history. I know I’ve said it before, but Funky WInkerbean has a lot of disturbing Incel/MRA overtones.

      • justifiable

        Buck is just the latest in long list of toxic “nice guys” – men who believe basic social transactions are currency for sex, and if they put enough coins in the human decency slot, they’re supposed to be rewarded with a payout.

        Basically: “I watered your plants when you were out of town, so now you need to fuck me.” They usually become enraged when their entitled expectations run up against reality, because how dare women?

      • comicbookharriet

        The kinder explanation would be that Linda was genuinely attracted to Buck, but couldn’t handle dealing with another disabled relationship. Not being able to overlook a disability in someone you’re otherwise compatible with could make you feel guilty. If I had to guess, I’m thinking that is what we were supposed to be getting from the earlier strips this week.

        There are some women in Funky that just get handed men because they ‘deserve’ them, like Cindy. Batiuk’s sexism really comes out in just focusing on the male character’s more. He hands everyone a barely sketched out significant other as a pity present. Except for Summer…because she is forever obscured by the castle of gayness.

        • justifiable

          And where’s Buck’s responsibility in all this? He’s well aware he has “probable CTE” – if he really cares for Linda, why is he instantly trying to shove a shit sandwich of another bout of degenerative-disease caregiving in her face as soon as Bull’s effects are out of the house? Oh, I forgot – in Todd’s universe women only exist to prop up men, and if they don’t fulfill their purpose, they deserve to feel lousy about it and then [presumably] die alone.

          Buck showed up unannounced, supposedly looking to expiate his sins of tackling her late husband into CTE because this is what jocks do for other jocks, and and we jocks all need to keep busy yadda yadda – and then aggressively macked on her in the car after lunch, out of nowhere. Todd still doesn’t get that this isn’t weally womantic, but creepy in the extreme, as it looks as if Buck has been manipulating and grooming Linda all these past months so he’ll have a soft place to fall when he starts to lose it. If Linda’s attracted to Buck, it’s the first we’ve heard of it, which is par for the course. Todd hasn’t put any further effort into her character development than when she was first introduced. She was a cipher then, she’s a cipher now.

    • justifiable

      Whoa – why does Linda owe Buck anything? After effectively being on bomb disposal duty 24/7 looking after aggressive mood-swing Bull, why is she “a completely repulsive person” for not wanting to sign up for another tour of duty with the guy who showed up unannounced and volunteered to move her late husband’s shit out of the house – presumably with the ulterior motive of replacing it with his own?

      If there’s a “completely repulsive person” here, it’s the guy who’s been pretending to be a friend to her husband all these months while concealing a completely self-serving motivation of his own. BTW, Less is Linda’s “work husband” – she was confiding in him from the time Bull first started exhibiting sudden bouts of rage, so her telling him about Bull committing suicide isn’t inexplicable.

      • AmigoLupus

        Nah, I’m not saying Linda owes buck anything. The reason I thought she’s repulsive is because Batiuk writes his grieving characters to be the most selfish assholes possible (see: Les)

        A few months ago, we’ve seen Linda go on the support forums for the wives of football players with CTE. She spent half of the time making crappy jokes about Bull’s condition, and the other half having the other wives give her support, only for Linda to go “that’s nice, but how does that help ME???”.

        And then we have Bull’s suicide and funeral. It’s a complete mess of a storyline, partly because of Batiuk’s utter contempt for Bull that he cut that supposed 10-week storyline into half, and partly because it’s just another set-up for people to worship Les’ ego. So we barely saw how Linda was doing during the funeral, or get her perspective on what happened, or even how she and her kid were dealing with the loss. What we did get was Linda admitting to Les that she hid the fact that he killed himself, so everyone else thought it was just an accident.

        So with that in mind, I thought that Linda saying she didn’t want to go through caring for someone with CTE again sounded less like “this is my legitimate reason for not wanting to date Buck” and more “Oh noooo, this will be a complete pain for ME! Woe is me!”

  14. Professor Fate

    They used to say if he does not stop this he’ll go blind.

  15. Wow. This is pathological.

  16. Why bother with “Battom Thomas”? Why not just say “Tom Batiuk–he does that strip about a cranky busdriver, the one whose name I can never recall.”

  17. LTPFTR

    We’re about to witness a wonder of nature–a comic strip will commence climbing up its own ass.

  18. Gerard Plourde

    The saddest part is that because we know that he works about a year in advance we can’t blame this “guest appearance” on COVID19-Lockdown-induced cabin fever.

  19. matt2amy

    I’m a bit out of touch.
    Do today’s teenagers read newspaper comic strips?

    • Doghouse Reilly

      As Battyuk (unamusingly) depicted in an FW strip earlier this year, today’s teenagers don’t even know what a newspaper is, let alone a newspaper comic strip.

  20. Hitorque

    When the hell did Lester start teaching journalism? When did he ever work as one? Why the fuckin’ hell would you ever invite a syndicated cartoonist to a journalism class? What benefit could he ever provide? What ever happened to the Lisa movie and that perfect script that Lester “Lord of the Late” Moore was supposed to get ready? How does Cayla have 20 years in the public schools system and she’s still a receptionist?