Monday, Ohio

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Many thanks to ComicBookHarriet for enduring one of the most tedious and stupid arcs to appear this year, and that’s saying something.  As always, though, she uses the opportunity to educate and enlighten us, something this strip couldn’t do if it was forced at gunpoint.

So, on to today.  Along with the Sunday strips, those that appear at the beginning of the month are also unavailable.   Alas, though, they eventually show up.  So we speculate.

The comic book things usually end with the cover, so I doubt that will continue.  We already had a “whimsical” Funky strip.  I think it’s a little soon to leap back into “Les’ Masterpiece is Misunderstood by Those with Undeserved Power,” but then, Batiuk’s “Lust for Les” thirst is hard to quench.

That leaves Dinkle, I suspect.  Excuse me a moment.  …  Thanks, I had to vomit.

Monday, Ohio is a real place, by the way.  It appears to be completely unremarkable…unlike Westview, which is filled with monsters.

UPDATE:  So, Les is bothered by a dream, and Cayla offers to listen.  Of course she does.  She does nothing but serve Les’ every Lisa-related need (and I feel positive the dream will be about Hollywood’s Continued Menacing of Lisa’s Sacred Life).   Batiuk, everyone in this strip caters to Les at every opportunity (unless their sole purpose is to deny him, evilly).  We all know this, it is the subject of every Les-oriented story you’ve ever made.  At least the drawing is pretty decent, kudos to Ayers for at least making the attempt.

Unlike his boss, who can’t even remember his last co-worker’s name.


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18 responses to “Monday, Ohio

  1. William Thompson

    “I hate it when people tell me about their dreams! Especially my students, who think they can amount to anything! Although I do love crushing their dreams and hopes, like I did to yours.”

  2. William Thompson

    “I know you don’t mind, Doormat, er, Dormouse, uh . . . Calisa? More cream, please.”

    “In your coffee?”

    “No, in you.”

  3. Doghouse Reilly (Philadelphia)

    “Well, I had a horrible dream that I, Les Moore, widower of Dead St. Lisa, remarried, and in the midst of a world-ravaging pandemic my new wife didn’t even have the common decency to come down with coughs and a fever that would degenerate into a fatal illness, during which time I, author Les Moore, would console her and help her make podcasts for me to watch in the future about how to live my life without her, and after she died I, tortured writer Les Moore, would get stuck trying to write a best-selling book about how this experience affected me, two-time widower Les Moore, all the while ignoring her daughter’s and mine’s emotional needs!”

  4. billytheskink

    C’mon Cayla, if Les had another face, do you think he would wear that one?

    • Epicus Doomus

      IMO one of the least believable aspects of Les’ character is how he doesn’t repel women instantly. The squiggly beard, the comma eyes, the endless smirking, that’s all unattractive enough. But then you pile the whiny-ness on top of that, then layer it in self-pity THEN have him continuously simpering over his old wife and you have a package that no woman, regardless of how desperate and/or self-loathing she might be, would ever settle for.

      • Banana Jr. 6000

        And even that’s not unique to Les. Other male characters like Mopey Pete (whom we just saw taking credit for something his fiancée Mindy created), and Skunk Head John are equally repellent to women, but are somehow married anyway.

        What I find even less believable is the entire town’s indulging of Les’ endless… I wouldn’t even call it “grieving”, just his pathological need to talk about Lisa. Especially after the way he acted at Bull Bushka’s funeral. Who you’ll notice the entire town forgot after 6 months, despite him being Westview’s greatest sports hero, and having mentored so many people over the years that a random police officer felt compelled to lie on his behalf.

    • William Thompson

      He would, just to be a dick.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    “I dreamed that the chemo worked and Lisa lived, but then I had nothing to write about so I took a gig writing comic books for some greedy fat weirdo, except they weren’t very good. There was Ombuds Man, a bureaucrat who solved paperwork snafus, Indelible Hunk, who had a Sharpie that never ran out and Starsuck Bones, a X-rated take on Starbuck Jones. That last one got me sued and I was forced to write for a comic book snark blog where I endlessly made fun of myself. It was so terrible!”

    “What? I wasn’t really listening. Did Mason mention if they sent the check yet?”

    So the only question is, will it be a Lisa dream or will it be some unbelievably banal and totally pointless time-killing sub-arc that isn’t about anything at all? This could easily go either way. Having Les constantly whining about success sure does make him sympathetic and relatable though, doesn’t it?

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      “I hate it when people tell me about their dreams.” Well, Les, that’s because you’re a deeply shitty person. It has nothing to with dreams; you just don”t don’t want to hear about other people at all.

  6. spacemanspiff85

    “I know” is totally supposed to be read as dripping with hate and disdain, right? As in “I know, and that’s yet another incorrect thing about you and why I’ll never think of you as my real wife”?

  7. Hitorque

    I swear to God if this is Les dreaming about being some downtrodden script writer in 1950s Hollywood, I’m done…

    If Les is dreaming of going back in time to his high school days and trying to change history, I’m done…

    If Les is still dreaming about his dead wife 20 years later, Cayla should be on the phone with an attorney…

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Aw crap, looks like a week of sepia to toned crap with corners.

      (Rolls up newspaper). Bad Batty, bad.

  8. Paul Jones

    Given his monomania about having hisLisa’s Story told properly (whatever that might actually mean), it’ll be a dream about the Hollywood bastardization of his vanity project. ,

    • William Thompson

      “I had a horrible nightmare! I dreamed they made Lisa the center of Lisa’s Story! And I liked it!”

  9. Professor Fate

    There are more than few weird non sequiturs in this comic which considering it’s only two panels is quite an achievement I must say. There is rather obvious one of what the heck does Les mean by saying “I know” at the end there? (at least I’m confused) is he okay with that or not? And his comment about hating when people tell him their dreams as he’s obviously about to spill all the details of his dream is another Huh? moment. Lastly judging by the opening panel it appears that they are seeing each other for the first time this morning at the kitchen table. Are they sleeping in separate bedrooms? While that would not shock me, it really is the only thing that makes sense here as otherwise Cayla would have had at least an inkling that Les had had a bad night (unless she drugs herself to sleep which again would not be surprising) and not be wondering why the face.
    Well that’s more thought than i wanted to put in but once you start it is hard to stop.

  10. Banana Jr. 6000

    What really galls me is Batiuk framing Les’ dream like it will be some of kind of deep mystery. Gee whiz, I wonder what it was about. Could it be LISA???!!! It’s like all those times Batiuk takes a week showing us someone opening an envelope we already know the contents of.

  11. LTPFTR

    Some words of advice for Cayla, with deep apologies to Lizzo:

    Les can’t love you any less,
    So walk your fine ass out this mess

  12. Gerard Plourde

    It’s interesting that the only characters in this strip who aren’t despicable are either the ones TomBa outright hates (Funky , Bull) or that he routinely ignores (Wally, Corey, Summer, Cayla).