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And here it is. We’ve had to suffer through an entire week of Les whining to Marianne about one woman who died at least 15 years ago in strip time (Edit: twenty-three, ED), while the world is literally burning around them. As day turns to night with nary a word from Cindy, Masone, Pete, or Mindy.

You people have been saying it all week: Marianne has been blandly listening to Les whinge about his manpain, instead of worrying about friends, family, coworkers, or her own property. The girl had more going on for herself when she almost threw herself off the top of the Hollywood sign.

And all so Marianne can watch some video tapes that Batiuk will, no doubt, forget were transferred to digital years ago. So many problems with this. But two stick out in my mind.

One, why didn’t he let her or Masone watch some of the tapes to begin with? It’s implied that some tapes are very private and others are meant for more public consumption, as seen in this strip from Darin’s birthday. Why did you ever think of this as an all or nothing thing?

Two, are you now going to let her watch all of the tapes? Even the tapes that weren’t meant for you? Have you seen the tapes addressed to Summer directly? Or the tape specifically for CauCayla? Are you prepared to override the rights of Lisa, Cayla, and Summer, to have their own private messages remain private?

Who are we kidding? Of course you are. The sum total of everything Lisa ever was or wished is now yours to use, abuse, and change however you see fit. You can tell yourself that you think Lisa would have wanted you to share material that SHE SPECIFICALLY TOLD YOU IN PERSON was private. Anything so Marianne can have important moments like this inform how she plays Dead St. Lisa.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Worst single strip of 2020 so far. Look at panel three, where Les actually appears to be in physical pain over his agonizing decision to allow Marianne to view the Sacred Lisa tapes…just absolutely nauseating. First of all, the movie is already being filmed. Second, the movie is based upon an extremely detailed book about Lisa and third, Lisa was not a historical figure where absolute historical accuracy is essential to playing the part. But in Batiuk’s increasingly disturbing Lisa fantasy world, Marianne actually has to BECOME Lisa in order to play her properly, even though Dickface is the only one who’d even know the difference.

    Those stupid f*cking tapes are Act III’s second biggest contrivance, right behind Ghost Lisa. Batiuk killed Lisa off for cheap shock value and easy mainstream attention, then found increasingly stupid ways to keep bringing her back just so he could take a victory bow and sell more cancer books. His constant and shameless shilling has killed whatever artistic merit the original story may have had and does nothing but make him seem like who he truly is, that being a lazy hack who consistently writes himself into corners he’s incapable of escaping from without resorting to cheap gimmicks, bogus retcons and nonsensical contrivances like this one. F*ck him and f*ck Les Moore too. I hope Cayla got bored and ordered herself a huge neodymium magnet while her bearded dick of a husband was out in Hollywood and Les returns home to discover that his precious Lisa tapes are nothing but white noise now.

    • billytheskink

      On the plus side, with only black sky and a little water in the background, this strip makes it look like Les and Marianne are stranded at sea. That’s comforting thought.

      • Epicus Doomus

        Look at Les’ reaction then realize that he’s agonizing over SOMEONE ELSE having to watch them. He doesn’t even need to be there when she sees them. Then recall that he had no problem with Crazy Harry digitizing them. Then point and laugh at how stupid Batiuk is.

    • SeaCountry

      I would accept one last appearance of Ghost Lisa if she appeared to tell L*s that she’s no longer suffering, to stop living in the past, and to take an interest in other people’s lives.

      • Epicus Doomus

        She kind of did back when she gave Cayla the Official Ghost Lisa Seal Of Approval. It was also kind of the point of Act III itself. Too bad it was all for nothing.

      • spacemanspiff85

        Really? I’m waiting for the Very Special Tape where Lisa tells Les she’s lonely in hell and it’s time for him to join her via ritual suicide, like they talked about.

      • Banana Jr. 6000

        Lisa did tell Les this, he just doesn’t listen. When she recorded that video message to “the other woman,” she was clearly telling Les he should move on after her death. Thirteen years later, he’s on a boat in California, amending the byzantine rules about who can and can’t view the Lisa video tapes. And it’s painful for him. It’s hard to get “what Lisa wanted” any more wrong than that.

        I have a head canon theory about this. Les has massive, unresolved guilt about Lisa’s death. When she needed someone to save her in life, Les failed, BIGTIME. He didn’t rescue her from that fire. He didn’t save her from that terrorist attack. He told her not to fight that incompetent diagnosis. Worst of all IMO, he told her “it’s okay for you to go” when she could have kept fighting the disease. And it took her so long to die, that it was too early to have made such a decision. (I know some of this is just bad writing, but I can only analyze what the story gives me.)

        So after Lisa died, Les devoted his life to keeping her alive. The legacy run, the books, the memorials, the movies, the curating of the tapes, and everything else he’s done for 13 years has all been about “saving Lisa” or “protecting Lisa.” How many times has the strip used those exact words?

        Les needs an intervention.

        • Mela

          I agree. Les definitely has an unresolved issue somewhere. He had therapy at some point after Lisa’s passing. He has written about her numerous times, he set up the legacy run-all excellent activities that would help most people work through their grief and be able to move forward. But that fresh raw grief, which would make sense immediately after her death made the time jump along with everything else, and it’s really puzzling to me as to why. It has made him oblivious to anything positive around him, and that’s not healthy-not for him, and certainly not for Summer while she was growing up. And if something I’d written had been optioned for a movie, I would be bouncing around on the set and be thrilled to be able to get even a glimpse at the process. Plus I’d be proud and honored that her story was going to be told to the world (or at the very least those interested enough to watch). But no, he treats everyone involved with such contempt, as if any viewpoint that differs from his is morally incorrect. And I’ve wondered more than once “why is he being so petty and controlling?” Banana Jr, I’m with you-maybe he’s angry at himself over his own failures. Maybe he feels guilty because he feels he didn’t do enough or perhaps he felt some relief when she passed. But lugging that burden only makes yourself miserable, and Les has managed to look that way through the entire movie story arc.

          • SeaCountry

            When the strip ends, Summer should be far, far, far away from Cancerview, coming back only for her mother’s fun run, and living happily with a girlfriend or wife. (Add “Sunmer is obviously gayer than the Skittles factory” to the list of things Batiuk ignores about his own characters.) So we can expect Summer to become a gym teacher at Westview and live above Montoni’s with a whiny-ass husband of her own.

          • Banana Jr. 6000

            Good analysis. You touch on another element of Batiuk’s writing: he solves all his characters’ problems offscreen. Les never had to come to terms with Lisa’s death, never had to raise a child as a single parent, or deal with anything else that Lisa’s death would have imposed on him. Nope! Time jump! And the character of Les doesn’t grow from those experiences.

            This is a basic failure of storytelling. We want to see characters face challenges, we want to see how they deal with them, and how it changes them. Batiuk gives us 900 strips about Les dealing with writer’s block, but nothing about him mourning. For a strip that focuses so much on tragedy, its treatment of it unbelievably shallow.

            And those stupid tapes are another huge crutch. Les doesn’t have to let Lisa go, because she’s right on the shelf waiting for him! Just pop her in the ol’ VHS! The fact that her dying messages outlived the format they were recorded in should have been a clue it was time for Les — and Tom Batiuk — to let go.

          • Mela

            The tape idea in itself wasn’t a bad thing. Making a message for Summer because she knew she wasn’t going to be around, which also would help Summer remember how she sounded and looked was actually a nice thought. But making an entire box set for all of her milestones to-be, not to mention messages for Les, others and a tape for the next wife was way overboard. And there’s no reason for those tapes to still be on display in the living room where he and his wife presumably relax. They should have been put away in a safe place long ago where Les could access them if need be and NOT be a constant visual reminder for him or Cayla. But then Mason wouldn’t have seen them and the resulting hijinks would have been thwarted…

    • Mela

      Les apologizing to Marianne is one thing, but he gets absolutely no credit for now allowing her to view those tapes. Not after he played keep away with Mason over them (that strip and the You”ll never knooow one with Cindy are my top two fury inducers). Not when he could have done this agreeably months ago while she was presumably doing research for the role. Not when he says “it’s what Lisa would have wanted” when this whole arc has been about what Les wants. And certainly not as he makes that face as if some evil force is forcing him to finally be cooperative. Now that this fabulous revelation has been revealed I’m sure the flames in Los Angeles will mysteriously recede with no damage to anyone involved and the movie will proceed with a Lisa blessed aura around it.

      • SeaCountry

        If he were written by a creator who understood how human nature worked, Mason would be justifiably pissed. However, he lives in a world where he must defer to L*s as if he is little Anthony from the famous Twilight Zone episode “It’s a Good Life”, for some reason. So Mason will think it’s a good thing that L*s will show Marianne some tapes. A very good thing…

    • hitorque

      I’m pretty sure there is NO bottom to this abyss; the only thing that will stop it is when Batiuk decides to move on to his next storyline, which will either be Dinkle, Atomikk Comixx, Pete and Mindy’s “Infinity War” cosplay wedding, Funkmeister training for the Lisa’s Legacy Fun Run, something related to Montoni’s Pizza, or Jerome Bushka’s widow moving out more of his junk…

      • SeaCountry

        Any of those would at least be less weird and creepy than this. Even filming Lisa’s Story in Westview could lead to semi-cute moments like Funky and Wally trying to devise fancy new “California style” pizzas, the theater kids bugging Mason and Marianne for career advice or L*s explaining to a fanboy that he can’t invite Marianne to the homecoming dance. Hell, even more squirrel strips might be better.

  2. Captain Gladys Stoatpamphlet

    “Yes… I think Lisa would have wanted that.”
    “No, thank you.”
    “No. Lisa would have WANTED that.”
    [Les subjects Marianne to Ludivico technique]

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      This is a scene from a horror movie. I’m not even joking. This is DISTURBING. Marianne should be running for her life right now.

      • erdmann

        Marianne thanked Les but he didn’t hear. He was no longer aware of her presence. He turned away and stared into the wine dark waters of the harbor.
        “Yes… I think Lisa would have wanted that,” he repeated in a strange, distant voice. To Marianne it seemed as though he was speaking to someone she couldn’t see. A cold bead of sweat ran down the nape of her neck. Where was Mason and Cind, she wondered. Surely they ought to back by now.
        “Yes. Yessss,” Les hissed. “We wants you to view the tapes, don’t we, my precious? The precious tapes…”
        “No! ” snarled Les’ reflection in the water. “We will not let it have the tapeses. The tapeses are OURS! They came to ussss! Ours, our own, our precioussss! Gollum! Gollum!”

      • SeaCountry

        Definitely scarier than that House of Leaves rip-off where Kevin Bacon plays the husband an actress who wasn’t even born when Footloose debuted in theaters.

  3. billytheskink

    You think, Les? C’mon now, surely Lisa made a tape about whether or not to let the actress playing her in a movie watch her tapes. I mean, she’s made a tape for every other potential occurrence. So just dig that up and you’ll know whether or not Marianne can watch the tapes.

  4. SeaCountry

    I literally just yelled—actually yelled, out loud, so my neighbor heard—“OH MY GOD!” when I saw this strip. So much for my aunt trying to convince me to stop taking the Lord’s name in vain. Maybe I should stop hate-reading Funky Winkerbean, and language that she will consider more wholesome will follow.

  5. William Thompson

    I heard Les speak in the voice of the Emperor Palpatine. Which is odd, because he usually sounds like Jabba the Hutt.

  6. SeaCountry

    BTW, any other Simpsons fans here thinking about the fire, the old man who might have died in it, the characters who are out there somewhere, etc., bad thinking of Milhouse in the Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie episode? Where he cries and exclaims “When are they gonna get to the fireworks factory?!”. I get it, Milhouse. I so get it.

    • SeaCountry

      (Stupid autocorrect. “And”, not “bad”. If I asked Batiuk when he plans to get to the fireworks factory, would he understand the reference?)

    • Epicus Doomus

      That’s one of Batiuk’s long-standing and really annoying quirks…only one thing can happen per week, no matter what. The thing happens, then it’s five days (and often more) of the characters talking about the thing that happened. Like when Wally had Adeela over for Thanksgiving dinner, it took six or seven weeks to set that up.

      • Banana Jr. 6000

        And it really doesn’t make sense here, because a massive fire breaking out doesn’t need elaborate setup. But this story had to stop the production of the movie, introduce another movie, explain why Mindy and Pete were flying out, explain why Jeff was coming with them, explain how the fire started, explain it was caused by climate change when we just saw that it wasn’t, and all the Phantom Empire crap.

        Here’s how you do it:

        DAY 1, PANEL 1: Mason. Marianne, etc. are in the studio working on the movie. The director gives a direction, a character is reading a line, or some other standard moviemaking action.
        PANEL 2: The golf course. Narration box “Meanwhile, nearby”. A golfer takes a swing.
        PANEL 3: Close-up on the fire the swing started. Golfers, not noticing, say something about golf in the distance, e.g. “nice shot.”

        DAY 2: Panels 1 and 2 are more unimportant moviemaking action. Panel 3, the golf fire is getting bigger.

        DAY 3: Everyone is huddled around a TV screen. Mason-as-Les and Marianne-as-Lisa are in costume. Maybe include that Victorian-garbed lady from the snack bar again. They are all watching a news reporter announce that a large fire has broken out, and threatens the Hollywood area. People look worried.

        There you go. I just got this story moving in three days. It has a fast pace. It has tension, because the Lisa movie is now threatened, instead of the strip telling us beforehand that it was scheduled to stop anyway. (Because in the Funkyverse, even natural disasters defer to Lisa’s schedule.) Cindy’s at home, so there’s still someone who needs to be rescued. There’s no Jeff, Mindy, Pete, or any of the other irrelevant plot points.

  7. Count of Tower Grove

    I bet Lisa would like that.

    • Count of Tower Grove

      Just a far-fetched guess: Todd actually pays attention to moon phases. Tonight it’s new.

  8. Y. Knott

    How did they miss drawing the moon in the sky above, featuring the beatific face of Lisa within, beaming down her holy approval of Les?

    (Or is the inky blackness of the sky meant to represent not night, but the several million tons of soot in the sky from the raging fire that continues to wipe out Southern California? Not that that’s important or anything — certainly not next to the momentousness of The Tapes.)

    • SeaCountry

      Now imagine the logistics of getting the tapes to her. We don’t even know if a building with electricity and a TV where she can sit and watch is available to her yet. And what’s he gonna do—fly to Ohio and then back to California? Fly her to Ohio and put her up in Summer’s old bedroom? Or is this when he finally calls Cayla to…

      “Oh, L*s, I’m watching the news. I’ve been worried…”
      “I’m fine. Listen, can you box up all the Lisa tapes and bring them to FedEx? I’m staying at…oh, wait, I need to figure that out!”

      • Y. Knott

        The movie will be shot in Ohio, of course. The Hollywood studio has been destroyed in the fire; Ohio is more authentic to the story’s setting; and there’s easy access to The Tapes. PLUS this development allows Les to be perpetually dickishly annoyed at the inconveniences of having a film crew around on his own turf!

        It’s called writing!

        • SeaCountry

          We might then see some more fun things like the teens of Westview High getting excited to see real movie stars and angling for bit parts in the movie, or Funky and Wally being super-busy making pizza for a film crew. And I might hit the Powerball jackpot.

          • hitorque

            In theory, since Masone put damn near the entire legacy cast on the payroll of the first SJ movie as “consultants”, you’d think he’d try to do the same again but there is no way in HELL Les is letting anybody else give their insights on Lisa’s life, no matter how well they knew her…

        • Epicus Doomus

          Sadly I can definitely see this happening.

          “Oh no! The studio burned down! All of our sets have been destroyed! We can’t afford to rebuild them!”

          “Hey! Why don’t we just go to Westview and film there?”

          “Heyyyyyy! I LIKE it!”


          • William Thompson

            But . . . if the film gets made, Batiuk will have nothing left to write about. So won’t he have to destroy Westview to prevent the filming? Either way it’s pure win for the readers!

          • Gerard Plourde

            It does appear that the plot is heading in this direction. And we have the established precedent of Starbuck Jones doing location shooting in Cleveland and inexplicably at the Westview graduation.

            One mystery remains, though. Does the “Scuba Cop” cover that he’s called a coda to the arc have any relationship to the story he’s been trying to tell?

      • Hitorque

        Why stop there? Why not ship over some of Lisa’s cosmetics and jewelry for her to wear as well??

    • Mela

      I’m going with the soot because otherwise it means Les talked about Lisa ’till the sun went down and that’s just an awful thought.

  9. Epicus Doomus

    Another thing: the Holy Tapes are in Ohio, which means they’re going to have to sail down through the Panama Canal, up the east coast, through the St. Lawrence Seaway into the Great Lakes until they get to Ohio’s famous Sorrow Bay. Then it’s a short cruise down Misery River until they get to the Westview Marina. Because, as you know, Westviewians do not “ship things”.

  10. William Thompson

    What’s the point in having Marianne watch the tapes now? Didn’t Les already tell her she was the perfect actress to play Dead Lisa? What happens to the movie if Marianne decides her scenes must be shot again, so she can show her new, deeper understanding of the lamest, flattest character in all fiction? Seriously, look at the passive, vapid way she endures Les’s current emoting. She already has Lisa’s lack of personality down cold.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Will the cancer movie include scenes of Lisa making the tapes? Then watching the tapes would make sense, as she’d be able to get it exactly right.

    • Hitorque

      Yeah, Marianne’s meek agreement to literally everything is not how $25-million-per-film actresses behave or think…

      • Epicus Doomus

        Another strong female character who requires a wise and learned man to tell her how to do her job. “I didn’t think you were a good fit, but now that you remind me of my dead wife I hereby grant you permission to research the role in order to meet my high standards”. And her reaction? “Gee whiz, you sure are a delicate sensitive genius, Mr. Moore. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse of what “true love” really is”.

        And as I noted yesterday, before Les saved her life Marianne was a typical Hollywood phony, with the makeup and the hair and the “let’s do lunch sometime babe” attitude. But now she’s all waifish and innocent and childlike AND she’s talking to Les like HE’S the victim here even though she just survived a brush with death. “Oh you poor loving man, I promise I’ll do my very best to properly represent your beautiful story of love and loss”.

        On top of all that the whole thing is all about properly paying tribute to the one woman who mattered, the deified beacon of pure bright white love herself, the angel who martyred herself in order to be the Delicate Genius’ eternal artistic muse. Les thinks so little of Marianne he believes she can’t do Lisa justice unless she mainlines every single available Lisa resource directly into her brain so she can emulate her exactly. He has zero respect for her skills and her craft, to Les she’s just a blank slate ready to be Lisa-fied. It’s not just intelligence-insulting, it’s intelligence-murdering.

        • Banana Jr. 6000

          And she only reminds him of his dead wife because he carried her out of a burning building. She did NOTHING to earn this massive change of heart from Les.

          On top of that, does she even know what the hell he’s talking about? Mason asked about the tapes originally, not Marianne. She was never even in Ohio. If her reaction isn’t to jump in the water and swim for her life, it should be “what tapes? What are you talking about?” Or even “what’s a tape?” because DVDs are older than Marianne is.

          Besides, the only value of these tapes is that Marianne can see Lisa’s appearance, mannerisms, and way of speaking. This would help with her portrayal. As many people have said, this isn’t that important anyway, especially now that some filming is already done. And who is it that demands that Lisa’s story be told correctly? Les! And yet he’s the biggest obstacle to that.

          The story wants us to believe this is an emotional breakthrough for Les. But it’s just a man dancing to music only he can hear. He’s invented all these elaborate, nonsensical rules about Lisa which he never explains to anyone. He just acts pissy and people have to guess what they did wrong. In a real situation, people wouldn”t put up with this. The director would say “Les, we’d like your cooperation on this movie, but we’re not going to play games with you. You need to tell us what is and isn’t okay, or we”ll just ship you back to Ohio and make the movie without you.”

          • hitorque

            And that’s EXACTLY what should have happened after that stupid first time he tried to get a movie made… But Batiuk had to pull that magical “kill fee” out of his rectum as a contrived plot device…

            And in retrospect it’s a shame because there was a lot more potential to craft an interesting storyline out of the first movie project had Batiuk followed through, but we see now that it was just a vehicle to integrate Masone Jarre into the everyday cast and gift Cindye her long-awaited trophy husband…

            And the less said about the endless slog with the SJ movie saga, the better.

  11. J.J. O'Malley

    Unseen Panel Four: Marianne looks out across the boat, notices it’s now nighttime, and says “Gee, it’s been hours since Mason and Cindy left to pick up that mopey comic writer and his girlfriend. Do you think they’re okay, Le…,” only to turn around and see Les sitting there, wearing the movie Lisa wig. “So, you want to watch my private tapes I made for my family, do you, you little hussy?”

  12. Hitorque

    1. Wait… So Masone wasn’t “worthy” enough to see the tapes despite leveraging a LOT of clout to get this movie made just the way Les wants, and somehow Marianne is yet all she’s done is be dumb enough to get caught in a raging wildfire?? Way to stick by your guns, Les…

    2. Okay, now I’m convinced Masone and Cindye are somewhere fucking their brains out because they’ve been gone way too long… They could have walked to Pete’s hotel and back by now.

    3. So… Are Les+Marianne even going to try to call anyone? Or God forbid find a TV or radio to learn if the City of Los Angeles still exists? Is there no concern for the dead and dying and hundreds of thousands of residents displaced and homeless tonight. And do NOT fuckin’ tell me that a wildfire burning for 4+ days and covering 35% of the region magically put itself out in four hours…

  13. Gerard Plourde

    Watching this entire arc unfold has given me new insight into Lisa’s character and her decision to stop her chemotherapy. We all know that Les has always been this self-centered, unlikable wimp. I’m beginning to think that Lisa saw a clear picture of what a quarter century of living wit Les would be like and chose death as preferable.

  14. Vermont Friebus

    Hilarious, because Cayla had her own fire in the back yard and those tapes are charred.

  15. Professor Harlan Grankle

    Remember the scene in “The Towering Inferno” where two characters chatted for 45 minutes about a topic that’s been rehashed 106 times? Yeah…

  16. Boots Gandalf

    Jesus Christ. Er, I mean, Lisa.

  17. DreadedCandiru2

    I don’t think Les quite understands that Lisa was even blander and more beige and boring than he is. He has this mystique of her that he wants to preserve and curate because he doesn’t want to admit that his loss need not define him.

  18. I don’t think I can hate Lisa more than I do, but I’m sure Batiuk is working on ways to fix that.

    • DreadedCandiru2

      And it’ll mystify him no end when people do start to say “If she were not dead, I would kill her.”

      • comicbookharriet

        I’m picturing the end of Flannery O’Conner’s ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find.’ “She would have been a good woman, if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.”

    • Epicus Doomus

      Lisa was an absolutely AWFUL character. Always oozing with selfless piety, always do-gooding all over the place and, worst of all, calling Les “Spanky” which mercifully never caught on.

  19. Smirks 'R Us

    So it’s either nighttime or “skies-darkened-by-soot-time”. Either way, five bucks says tomorrow’s strip is magically in broad daylight. You know…cause details.

  20. bigd1992

    This is starting to remind me of the end of Hannibal, where Lecter tries to brainwash Clarice into being his sister Misha. Is Les trying to turn Marianne in Dead Saint Lisa?

  21. Dood

    I would love to see Cayla dump Les’ sorry ass, but, alas, she’s sort of stuck in this ridiculously dead-end relationship.

  22. Professor Fate

    As elsewhere noted – what’s the point of this now? The movie filming is well underway, the script has been written. This should have been done pre-production not bloody now.
    Meantime I imagine Marieanne saying something like
    “sorry Les, I couldn’t hear what you said what with the fire engines, the alarms, the roar of the flames, the fire fighting planes, the sounds of traffic and the screaming of people threatened by the fire, you said something about tapes? Like VHS tapes? who has a VHS player these days?”

    • comicbookharriet

      Who has a VHS player these days? Cheap Star Wars fans who have TASTE, that’s who. It’s the only way to watch the nonspecial editions, unless you prefer laserdisk or the insanely priced 2006 DVD box set that included bad transfers of the 1993 laserdisks.

  23. Eldon of Galt

    “I think Lisa would have wanted that”. I flat-out laughed when I read that. Two weeks ago, I had a genuine laugh with Mason at the wheel and “We’re going through!” These responses are a change from my more usual snarling of “Screw you, jerk”, or a muttering of “God damn it, this is so stupid.”
    Maybe this turn to a more joyful hatred of the stunning ineptitude of “Funky Winkerbean” will be better for my emotional health.

  24. hitorque

    Uh, yeah….

    We’re getting dangerously close to “Jimmy Stewart recreating Kim Novak in ‘Vertigo'” -creepiness

  25. Merry Pookster

    Les had them all transfered to You Tube…. here Marianne… use this link to the Les Moore Channel.

  26. batgirl

    Why do Les et al. keep referring to ‘the tapes’? Didn’t Summer get Crazy Harry to transfer them to dvd or something, and freak Les out by pretending she was going to toss the originals in the trash? (Which would probably have been the healthier option)
    Is TB/Les so committed to old media that he can’t think of them as anything but tapes?

  27. Wish I’d seen this earlier. “An Ohio Comics Conversation,” a Zoom chat with Batiuk and some other comics guy. I may or may not watch the whole thing.

    • Y. Knott

      If you wanna be the canary down that particular coalmine — Godspeed! But take breaks, and reach out for help if you need it. Don’t be a hero!

    • Interesting (and quite telling) choice for an example of his work.

    • SeaCountry

      Whoa, that’s a super-old panel. I’m honestly surprised that they’d use it.

      BTW, a few years ago, I showed my brother FW. He said the title made him expect to see a funny guy named “Funky Winkerbean” and it was false advertising.

  28. 1. In my mind, Darren’s tape was labeled “For the Other Family.”

    2. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Marianne to know what Les means when he says “videos,” but her chances of getting her hands on a working PLAYER in the middle of what is apparently the worst natural disaster in the history of the USA aren’t great. (And we have already seen that the movie studio, her best bet, was in the process of burning up when Mason and Les fled.)


    4. Notice that Marianne doesn’t seem surprised at the existence of the videos. Normally, I’d assume that this meant that Mason HAS been complaining to her and others about not getting to see The Tapes, but this is the same storyline in which Mason has mind-melded with Pete (but NOT enough to discover that Cindy’s dad is the only actual character still in grave danger) so who even knows.

    5. By the way, there’s an old man who’s not used to regular Cali heat, who is hallucination-prone, and whom no one has seen since the fire clocked in this morning. Someone might want to call or text him or drive out to Murania at some point this month?

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      #4 exemplifies a major problem with the writing in Funky Winkerbean: every character instinctively understands Les’ behavior and motivation. In reality, or competent fiction, other characters would find Les difficult to deal with.

      Marianne responds in a way that recognizes what a deep, emotional moment this is for Les, even though she barely knows him at all. She doesn’t ask why these tapes are of any relevance, especially when half of Los Angeles County is on fire.

  29. SeaCountry

    Did y’all know Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion are huge comic strip fans? They just released a new song with a looped sample intoning “There’s Les Moore in the house, there’s Les Moore in the house.” It’s called “DAP”.

  30. In all seriousness, that Lisa strip is the most nauseating thing I have ever seen. It could be sold as an emetic and make BILLIONS.

  31. Maxine of Arc

    Hey, on the plus side, the National Zoo panda had her baby.

    • SeaCountry

      I’ve been watching! It’s impossible to stay on the Panda Cam, but Baby looks like a little bald mouse at the moment anyway. (It’ll start looking like a cute little bear in about a month, then just get cuter every day.) Nothing wrong with its tiny baby lungs, either! It’s nice to have something joyful like that.