You’ll Wonder Where The Yellow Went

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Okay, this has to be a deliberate FU to Batiuk’s critics.  All last week Rachel’s hair was pumpkin orange.  Now, she’s a frosty blonde.  And, check out Wally–his hair has gone from acorn brown to some kind of gold-bronze sheen, like Doc Savage on those old paperbacks.  I think I had a GI Joe with hair like that when I was a kid, but his hair was plastic, so he had a good excuse.  (“Only his hairdresser knows for sure!”)

Really?  Is this what quality control is supposed to look like?  Is this the comic strip you are presenting as something to admire, Mr. Batiuk?  Seeing as it’s all, according to you, reality-based, but 1/4 inch from reality?  Is this why you think you deserve awards?  Do the chains of continuity rest heavy upon you, sir?

Maybe he was inspired when the MCU had Black Widow’s hair change from red to blonde in “Avengers: Infinity War.”  I like to think the comics geek in him thought “Oh wow, I just have to do that!”

Of course, “Avengers: Infinity War” was supposed to take place some time after Black Widow’s previous appearance…not later that same day.


As for the rest of today’s thing, it’s a typical Mary-Worth-style “recap of the previous week” and thus contains no new information.  At least it has the word “ASS” in there–a handy designation for everything in this strip.  (Not to mention a shout-out to the future Academy-Award winning film.)

Also, nice bowling trophy.  I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in this strip go bowling (happens a lot in that other strip), but I guess someone was good at it once.  Can’t have been Les or we’d never stop hearing about it.


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54 responses to “You’ll Wonder Where The Yellow Went

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Good ol’ Adeela, with a personality every bit as reserved and drab as her traditional Muslim garb. “I am just happy to live in a country where I am free to visit the Ohio BMV!”…the dream of every immigrant as they first glimpse our foamy over-developed shores. Man, is SHE ever going to be one easy-to-please American, I’ll tell you what.

    “I am just happy to live in a town with two viable businesses!”

    “I am just happy to live in a town where local budget cuts have severely impacted snow removal services!”

    “I am just happy to live in a town that hasn’t required the services of an architect in seventy-odd years!”

    Sure, Adeela. Can’t she even be allowed to gripe about the fascist martinets at the BMV or make fun of Wally’s historically terrible driving or something? “Thank you blah blah blah”…”yes I am so pleased blah blah blah”…yawn. She makes Ruby seem fun in comparison.

    • SeaCountry

      She didn’t even say much for herself, just “I passed!” Come on, even in Cancerview, women can say more than that.

  2. Captain Gladys Stoatpamphlet

    This post indicates that Rachel’s hair is a recurring problem.

    Adeela’s “a natural” at something she already learned? Does that make sense?

    • SeaCountry

      Oh hey, and Rachel had a cell phone and knew how to use it then!

      I too wonder why they’d say that about Adeela’s driving. But Batiuk can’t just keep the story and dialogue simple.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Excellent catch Capt. Gladys! I remember the whole red/blonde Rachel kerfuffle now. That’s some weird continuity all right.

      That was a HeyItsDave post. Hey was one of the all-time parody strip greats, a true giant in the field. Haven’t heard from HeyItsDave in a while. If you’re out there Hey, phone home!

    • It looks like the weekday strip colorists and the Sunday strip colorists communicate with each other about as well as Wally and Rachel.

  3. SeaCountry

    It looks like Cory went blond, too. Like the hairdresser was running a flash sale.

    What a total waste of a strip. And now the newly blonde Rachel can look forward to date night…where she works. I thought I’d take anything that didn’t relate to cancer, but Batiuk is testing that.

  4. William Thompson

    “Of course, now that she’s in America Adeela had to learn how to drive on the left hand side of the road–”

    “Right side, Wally, right side!”

    “What? Why was I never told this until now? My life could have been so different! If only there were some convenient way for me to remember the difference between left and right!”

  5. William Thompson

    Let’s be grateful for the last panel, which reminds us that Adeela can speak on her own.

  6. J.J. O'Malley

    Well, if nothing else (and indeed, there is nothing else: not humor, or logic, or anything resembling human emotion), today’s strip does indeed show that Battyuk KNEW his week-long “Are Wally and Ardeela canoodling behing Rachel’s back?” plot could have been condensed into a one- or two-day mini-episode. Oh, well, come Monday we can finally get back to the production of The Greatest Motion Picture in Hollywood History.

    Now, can anyone explain the smug, coprophiliac grin in Cory’s face in panel one. “Yeah, I could have explained all this to Rachel when she walked into the restaurant and spared her girl-like emotions and made all this unnecessary grief and stress go away, but she didn’t say ‘Hi!’ to me when she came in, just ‘Where’s Wally?’. I’m so glad I put her through this.”

    Also–and I feel someone else must have it up this past week–no one felt it might be prudent to take Ardeela aside and tell her, “You know, you’re getting driving lessons from a guy who drunkenly crashed his car after a school party, an accident that led to his then-girlfriend losing an arm”?

    • comicbookharriet

      Of course Adeela knows about the prom night crash. They bonded over their gory and horrific experiences. He showed her polaroids of Becky’s stump he keeps in his trophy box under the crawl space of his garden shed.

  7. erdmann

    What about the silver streak Rocky is suddenly sporting in her hair? Is she morphing into the evil stepmother from Disney’s “Cinderella” before our very eyes?

    • J.J. O'Malley

      I think that’s just typical comics shading for black-haired characters, as it’s slightly different in each panel. Either that, or Rocky’s going for the Tulsi Gabbard look.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    How could Adeela “know how to drive” without ever practicing much?

    • William Thompson

      The same way Batiuk knows how to write and draw without ever practicing much. Ain’t a pretty thought, is it?

    • newagepalimpsest

      The same way I “knew how to drive” at age 14 when my dad took me to an (empty) church parking lot to learn how to crawl slowwwwwly around corners, TBF.

  9. Hitorque

    So now that you’re back Mr. Manager, how about finding us some goddamn customers!?

  10. Boots Gandalf

    Christ! This makes the pace of Mary Worth seem like Col. Steve Austin!

  11. Petula Clark Five

    I love how the window in panel 2 says “ass”.

  12. comicbookharriet

    Redheads aren’t allowed in the Sunday comics because gingers have no souls.

  13. Count of Tower Grove

    Gingervitus cured.

  14. Count of Tower Grove

    The real test is how Adeela handles a first response vehicle, RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Forget about Rachel’s hair going from red to blonde…the green pitcher is no longer green!

  16. Don

    The things you learn in the comics: I didn’t know Ohio hands you a permanent drivers license complete with picture immediately when you pass your driving test. (In California, at least in my day, you get a temporary, without photo, until the permanent one is mailed to you.) Er, that is how it really works in Ohio, right? Right?
    As for the hair color problem, there’s nothing limited to this strip about it; ask Bill Amend about how the color of Peter’s baseball cap on FoxTrot is different on weekdays than on Sundays. Do the authors even have any say in who colors the daily strips?

  17. bayoustu

    In panel 1, what on Earth is that thing on Cory’s face where a nose should be?!

  18. Banana Jr. 6000

    Tom Batiuk tries to win some of his readers back by finally giving Adeela, the Muslim, a line of dialog.

  19. Professor Fate

    Sigh – This strip in addition to all the problems with the Art and the hair color (who draws the Sunday strips by the by? The art looks nothing like the dailies) it’s utterly pointless even more pointless that the week’s arc. Why is this here? What is the point? It doesn’t even mention Becky’s weird freak out about were Wally is.
    This is so pointless it is almost a perfect circle.

  20. newagepalimpsest

    @ArchitectAdeela – Good morning, my friends! I am so excited! Today is the day of my driver’s license exam! #fridaymood #westview #ohio #driving #test
    — @CheerRanaCheer – GOOD LUCK ADEELA! ❤ ❤ 😦
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    One Hour Later

    @ArchitectAdeela – My friends, America is truly a land where anything can happen. When I returned to .@MontonisPizzaWestviewBranch with my friend Wally, I was so touched and humbled by everyone’s kindness in preparing an authentic Westview Hair Dying Ceremony! I, of course, abstained from the main ritual, but .@RockyRhodes35629 kindly joined me in the ritual of Changing Facial Shapes. Thank you all! #blessed #friendship #westviewfacts
    — @CheerRanaCheer – You’re welcome, Adeela! I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there. I’ve been so busy with school lately…
    —- @ILOVEMONTONISPIZZA – Wally Reasons.
    —– @LoveLisa4Ever – OIC!!!! LOL!!!!
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  21. newagepalimpsest

    WordPress posted the beginning and the end, but not the middle, where I poked fun at our beloved Plotnix. Yet the whole thing still kind of works… Does this blog have a “Kill Your Darlings” plugin?

  22. batgirl

    And his children and teens have receding hairlines and look like 40 yr olds.

  23. Ray

    Funny thing, I was actually at the real life Montoni’s last night, Luigi‘s in downtown Akron.

    Covid 19 has absolutely decimated that restaurant’s business. I got there at 10 pm and normally there would be a line out the door waiting to get in. I got right in and a table right away…virtually unheard of in the past.

    If anyone has ever had the pleasure of dining at Luigis you’ll know how absolutely convoluted the seating and entrance is and just general layout of the place. I asked my waitress who had been working there for 10 years if during this downturn in business they thought about maybe reconfiguring the place to make a little more user-friendly. And she proceeded to tell me that the owner would absolutely never consider that because everything there is almost original.

    And in less than a 1/4 inch from reality, the owners name is Tony.

  24. Lord Flatulence

    For those of you that don’t know, Bill Bickel, creator of fellow comics snark site Comics I Don’t Understand passed away suddenly on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.
    Here is his obituary:
    RIP Bill

  25. Lord Flatulence

    I got the message from his web site, Comics I Don’t Understand