Always Enjoyable?

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Oh goodie! I get a Dinkle arc. Having to scrape together some kind of humor or commentary for Dinkel arcs is ‘always enjoyable.’ But it gets tedious trying to remember everything that has happened to Dinkle in Act III that has slowly morphed him from a unique and bombastic caricature of a passionate band director into just another bland, smug, Westview Pod Person.

Please note, while Dinkle claims that teaching piano is ‘always enjoyable’ he doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it today, and…spoilers…he doesn’t seem to enjoy it all week long. Maybe in Westview the words ‘always’ or ‘enjoyable’ mean something very different than what’s listed in the dictonary?


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29 responses to “Always Enjoyable?

  1. Captain Gladys Stoatpamphlet

    Maybe don’t gripe out loud in front of your student?

  2. Mr. A

    Haiku of the Day

    Turns to the fourth wall
    “Curse this Sysiphean task!
    Curse these wretched kids!”

  3. Mela

    If I were paying for piano lessons, I’d be danged sure the phone stayed with me for the hour.

  4. William Thompson

    Smart kid. He knows enough to Google everything Dinkle tells him.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Ugh. Dinkle again. Every time he shows up my first thought is “oh yeah, Dinkle is still in the strip”. At the very least, “Dinkle gives piano lessons” is a more or less “new” Dinkle premise, which is something, I suppose. Because after all, it is nearly band turkey season and all.

  6. Mr. A

    It’s hard not to read panel 1 as highly sarcastic, given how miserable he looks in panel 2.

  7. billytheskink

    While this looks a lot like the start of a miserable weeklong “kid’s these days, amirite?” humor vacuum of a story arc… I derive some small satisfaction from seeing the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest band director” reduced to giving piano lessons to uninterested elementary schoolers out of presumed financial necessity.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      “Kids these days, always playing on their cell phones, and…. that’s all I’ve got.”

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Dinkle could have it worse. He could be selling band candy door to door full-time. Or would that be better? I’m still not sure.

  8. none

    This isn’t a public school, Dinkle.
    You can take the phone away, Dinkle.
    You can refuse to conduct the instruction if he has the phone out, Dinkle.
    You’re an adult, Dinkle.
    You can act like an adult, Dinkle.

  9. The Dreamer

    Hopefully this won’t be a week of Dinkle working in his Claude Barlow biography which must be thousands of pages long since he has been working on it through all three acts of FW

    Or even worse it’s close enough to Thanksgiving so it could be a week of memories of selling those frozen Band Turkeys

    Not holding out much hope for this week

  10. Mr. A

    I just realized that the wheelchair ramp arc concluded without us ever seeing a character in a wheelchair.

    Who wants to bet a Shiny Nickel that we’ll never see that ramp in use?

    • William Thompson

      I got a tarnished dime that says the ramp goes the way of the veteran’s reserved parking spot and the wide-enough-for-tables sidewalk.

      • Saturnino

        The ramp goes away after the first older non-disabled person trips over the edge in the dark and sues Montoni’s. Then so does Montoni’s.

  11. J.J. O'Malley

    “Oh, wow, Mr. Dinglebewwy, wook at this news cwip! They’ve put a hannicap wamp in fwont of Montoni’s Pizzewia! Isn’t that gweat?”

  12. Aurora Snorealis

    Are we supposed to enjoy this shit?

  13. Gerard Plourde

    “morphed . . . from a unique and bombastic caricature of a passionate band director into just another bland, smug, Westview Pod Person”

    Spot on! This metamorphosis is particularly fascinating since Dinkle has consistently been presented as overbearing and nearly omnipotent. Is TomBa now farming out the scripting to interns who’ve never read the strip?

  14. Gerard Plourde

    Great idea positing a guest appearance by Winthrop from “The Music Man”. Maybe we can work Harold Hill and Marian The Librarian in as well to liven things up, but I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.

  15. Count of Tower Grove

    Dinkle looks like Dick Cheney with hair.

  16. newagepalimpsest

    Well, Dinkle actually is a pretty funny band teacher sometimes, it’s just that he’s always there. And you know Becky can’t just lock the door because she has to hold her tuba at the same time.

  17. hitorque

    What the fuck does Dinkle care? He’s getting paid for the hour regardless if the kid is paying attention…

  18. Westview Radiology

    Who is Hairy Dickinkle speaking to here ? And what would Flunky Wankerbean be without a falling leaf?