Opinions are like Les Moore. If you don’t want one, don’t ask.

Hottie Budd got a nose job? Click here for the stunning evidence!

I stared at today’s strip for hours. Trying to decide if I was amused, offended, or bored.

On the one hand, valued commenter The Dreamer foresaw this strip yesterday.

I’m waiting for Cindy to show up. At the 50 year reunion, standing with all her old geezer classmates, still looking 25 years old with her great body and younger movie star boyfriend Mason Jarr…..

And I’m getting sick of Holly Budd Winkerbean being so mopey and self-conscious. A single strip of it is relatable, a week of it is exhausting.

On the other hand, it’s at least a structured joke. Again, the nature of my own parents’ relationship skews how I’m seeing things. They tease each other mercilessly. My mom once joked that my dad was going to leave her for his old college girlfriend, and my dad just scoffed.

“It would take too long to train someone else.”

And they laughed, sitting in their cluttered dining room wearing sweatpants and baggy t-shirts, sipping coffee from out-of-season Christmas mugs that never got put away. They were both in on the joke, that learning to put up with someone new, a whole new set of pet peeves, failings, wants, and triggers would be too exhausting. And beneath the ribbing is always the stubborn kind of unconditional love that has them picking ditch side tiger lilies and cooking enough pot roast to last a week because they know that’s just the thing to make the other smile.

But when I peeled the lens of my own experience away, I was lost. My sense of objectivity completely wrecked. I was seeing, but I had completely lost the ability to understand.

Is this humor?

So I asked some of my normie friends. All women between 29 and 40. Some single, some in relationships. None with kids. People who know of Funky Winkerbean, and this blog, because of me ranting at them. But not people who could tell a Jessica from a Mindy at 100 paces. I sent them today’s strip and just said.

PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS STRIP. Positive, negative, neutral, confused, whatever I just want some normie outsider perspective on it.

  • “It feels like he’s making like a lame mid-90s, sitcom joke about how women are difficult. Because two wives would be double the nagging and emotions or something?”
  • ahem Wifey here is exhibiting a behavior promoted by our culture where women are encouraged to fight or tear each other down because #thepatriarchy. She is heckin intimidated by Cindy and is asking for reassurance from hubby. Hubby, instead of giving her blind reassurance that he only has eyes for wifey, ~apparently~ gives the wrong answer. – Signed, the token liberal (What this means coming from this comic in particular heckin idk.)
  • “I am now overthinking it. I think my initial thought was “I’m not sure I get the joke.” Upon further reflection, It is hard to say if he was going for ha ha two wives how silly or a sweet I’d have always have fallen in love with you sentiment. I’m going to be charitable and say he was going for sweet & snarky.”
  • “Blah. That’s my reaction to this. Just blah. If my partner said that to me, I’d feel pretty gross about the relationship.”
  • “If he’s fully joking, man is he playing with fire. Let’s reverse the roles. Husband is all “Man Steve is looking like a million bucks today. Do you still wish you were married to Steve?” And then wife says: “Don’t be silly! Then I’d have two husbands!” I don’t think husband would appreciate that response.”
  • “Side note, I do think him saying “well then I’d have two wives” might be an attempt to poke fun at her for even asking about wishing he was still married to Cindy. It’s pretty lame, but it somehow has the same energy as five-year-old me asking my Dad how he did something that, at the time, seemed incredible but wasn’t really. He’d always tell me that he was a wizard.”
  • “The second thing is that some of the guys I dated in Utah always liked to float the idea of having more than one wife.”
  • “Based on everything I have ever heard about Utah this, somehow, super doesn’t surprise me? God, why is Utah so weird.”
  • Also also. Because apparently I’m not done yet, damn you. Like, look at this face.”
  • Image
  • “It is quite a face. Little dots for eyes. But like for me, in a way, her comment kind of comes off as more casual? I don’t think she’s fussed specifically about Cindy.”
  • “But also I can see the 50th anniversary banner for the reunion in the background. Which just makes Cindy seem more jarring to me, considering the subject matter. Because they’re all pushing into their 70s at least. Which means Cindy has one hell of an exercise routine and a love for Botox, probably. Which, you know. Bodybuilding grandmas are a thing.”
  • “Side note – it’s kind of funny to me that big Hollywood stars like Cindy and Mason Jar would care to kick it back to podunk small town whereveritisville for a high school reunion. Iunno. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never made it to a reunion myself and the last one they tried to put together fell apart because no one was gonna show up.”

So, there you have it. Some normie opinions on today. As close as we can get to that hypothetical newspaper reader who occasionally catches a strip or two while flipping through the paper. The only thing skewing the sample is that all of my friends are just as into hyper-analyzing media as we are here. You give us something to dissect and we start gleefully pinning it down and pulling the wings off.

But what do THE EXPERTS think?

I’m eager to find out.



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52 responses to “Opinions are like Les Moore. If you don’t want one, don’t ask.

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Snappy Answers To Really Dumb Questions

    “There’s sixty-eight year old Cindy, not looking a day over thirty, as usual. Say, Funky, do you ever wish you were still married to Cindy?”

    “Huh? What? Oh, sorry, I was just wishing I could still get drunk.”

    “Actually, after that car ride, I wish I was married to anyone else. Even Les.”

    “No, you clod.”

    Speaking of Les, check out that OTHER bearded dick with ears Mason is talking to. There are TWO of them now? God help us all.

    • I love the idea that the Bearded Dick With Ears in panel 2 is Less, with horrible posture and a massive beer gut/front butt.

      But of course, our Gary Stu would never wind up looking like that.

      • William Thompson

        Great, this means Gary Stu Moore has a fanboy. I’d suggest it’s the start of a “Single White Female” scenario, but since when does Les Moore have a life to take over?

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      I think it reveals how little imagination the strip has when it comes to creating walk-on characters. All it can come up with is someone who looks like Les.

  2. Y. Knott

    It’s an attempted joke … one that depends a lot on your previously established feelings about the joke teller. If you feel he’s an upstanding, admirable guy — if he were played by Jimmy Stewart, say — you’d think his joking comment was playfully snarky, in a fun don’t-take-this-too-seriously kinda way.

    If you feel he’s a jerky creep — if he were played by Steve Buscemi, say — you’d be thinking, “Run, Holly, run! RUN FROM THE CREEP!”

    And if you didn’t know anything at all about the joke teller before this encounter, you’d probably be thinking “Well, he’s not particularly funny, clever or endearing, although I guess he’s trying. Still, there are probably more interesting people at this 50th anniversary reunion … and I guess one couple brought their kids, named Mason and Cindy?”

    • Yeah, that’s it exactly. It depends how the line’s delivered and since this is text, it depends entirely how you feel about the character and comic strip.

      I could imagine telling Funky’s joke to my spouse, because I do like that sort of humor where you answer the literal words of the question without getting near its point, and my spouse knows and tolerates this.

  3. William Thompson

    Funky with two wives? Batiuk’s best idea, ever. They could plot his murder and alibi one another. Bonus points if they end with a suicide pact.

  4. RudimentaryLathe?

    Props to everyone who predicted Cindy would appear looking not a day over 30, with her boytoy (who looks haggard af) in tow.
    The “joke” seems like a typical #arethestraightsok moment. Being an ace and an introvert, I don’t date much; sometimes I worry that I’m missing out but then I see crap like this 😑

  5. billytheskink

    I imagine Holly is particularly irritated by this comment because she was the one who really pursued Funky. And also probably because her fist husband left her for some stranger he met on the internet… after they had had a kid… while she was undergoing breast cancer treatments.

    • Mela

      I don’t mind Funky’s non-answer attempt at a joke nearly as much as I’m annoyed with Holly’s question. C’mon Holly, you’ve probably known the circumstances of Funky and Cindy’s divorce for years. Why would you feel threatened now? Have some self-respect. Oh yeah, I forgot, None of the women in this strip seem to know what that is.

  6. sorialpromise

    Our marriage is going on 47 years. I met my wife in June 1974 as counselors at a church camp for teenagers. CBH, Mrs. SP is also a farm girl: Corn, milo, soybeans, and tobacco. Plus Charolais cattle, and hogs for a few years. Everyone should be chased by a momma Hampshire hog with babies to appreciate life. Being married, I helped in stripping tobacco, rendering lard, butchering, (I would butcher steers all day long before I would ever do hogs again.), apple cider, and cutting hay. My wife and I helped deliver a calf one night in February. I jammed my pinky finger into the calf’s nose to jumpstart its breathing. Hard work. Good life. Fun times.
    There are 2 things from this post that strike home. 1) I have teased my wife about me becoming Mormon just so I could have 2 wives. Her answer: Go ahead, you will still only have one wife.
    2) She has told me that she keeps me because it would take too long to train a new husband!
    I will add 3) I often tell people that in 47 years, Mrs. SP has never once thought about divorce. Yet homicide many times. (I got the joke from Charlton Heston!) I will tell her, “You are damn near my equal.” She just shakes her head and says, “Damn near.)
    FW related: I think Funky and his appearance has changed the most since Act II. Was it gradual? Was it because of a change in artists? Did TB just fall in love with pappy Mort? Do any of you know how Act II Funky went from a thin drawn man to this chunky Funky?

    Last of all, my tribute to the ComicBookHarriet continues:
    If FW is celebrating a 50 year high school reunion, then the Kansas City Royals can play in the World Series!
    Funky and Les Golf Story
    Funky day 5:
    Panel 1: The ball hits the woman right on the head. It bounces up, as she collapses to the ground.
    Panel 2: The ball comes down, and lands in her shirt pocket.
    Panel 3: Les and Funky look at each other. Les says, I got a hole in one. Funky smirks, Just a par 3. You missed the other 2.

    • ComicBookHarriet

      Bwahahahahaha! Nice use of the triplet twins there. I can SEE the smirks from space.

      Charlois? Ugh, Charlois are the WORST. We run a crossbred herd that is about 50% Angus genetics and 50% everything else. Every time I’ve been chased, it’s by something grey or white. If someone’s gonna be flighty and not come in with the group, grey or white.

      Give me a lazy Hereford or a big dumb Simmental any day.

      • sorialpromise

        Well, CBH
        You have to remember, we are Missouri farmers, not Iowans. We are a little more scientific, a little more patient. We better understand the alliance between human, animal, and the land. We are VERY proud about how humble we are in Missouri.
        (Can you see that smirk from space?)🤪
        [truth telling: the last few years, they went to Herefords also.]

  7. newagepalimpsest

    I think that it’s tragic that Holly only measures her worth by looks.

    I think it’s tragic that every woman in Westview lives in terror of Cindy, even though she’s never actually messed around with any of their husbands (afaik.)

    I think it’s tragic that Mason is clearly dying of something cruel and wasting.

    I think it’s tragic that Les is.

    I think that today’s strip is amazing and I will be buying a print from Comics Kingdom.

  8. The Dreamer

    So its the 50th anniversary, so Cindy is 68 And her boyfriend Mason Jarr just last year played the 25 year old Les Moore in the ‘Lisa’s Story’ movie Guess Cindy’s a cougar! 🙂

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Crankshaft: Ed’s going to catch the house on fire next week right?

    And why is Batty butt kissing Winnipeg? (I saw from his blog he likes the Blue Bombers). Did they give him an award or something? Oh, they sent him a jersey for some reason.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      He never says. There’s a blog post entry where he got a jersey from the team for some reason, and now the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have joined the product placement rotation with Kent State, Phantom Empire, Ohio Music Educators Association, Montoni’s/Luigi’s, and of course his own Lisa books.

      It’s typical of Batiuk’s writing style to drone on about something. and never tell you the one thing you want to know. Which is “why?” Why did a Canadian football team send you a jersey with Ed Crakshaft’s name and not Ed Crankshaft’s number on it, and why does this warrant placement in the comic strip?

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Batty thinks it makes his strip deep because only his friends understand what these Easter eggs mean….just like how he would hide his wife’s name in the background of early strips.

  10. Banana Jr. 6000

    This is a good example of a Funky Winkerbean strip that’s completely innocuous, maybe even good, unless you know the context. Which is:

    – This woman is 68 years old.
    – About ten years ago, she was fired from her TV anchor job for looking too old.
    – The man standing next to her is her husband. He’s maybe 35, even though they look the same age.
    – This man is a Harrison Ford-level action movie star. His presence at a 50th high school reunion in exurban Cleveland is not noteworthy.
    – She basically groomed him.
    – These people all see each other constantly. There’s little reason to wonder about any of them.
    – This woman feels she must still honor high school obligations that stem from being the prettiest, most popular girl in school. This has included attending the funeral of a classmate-turned-football coach she had zero relationship with. It’s possible neither of them even wants to be here.
    – The famous, much younger husband is apparently bound to this commitment also. Somehow he has nothing more important to do.
    – She does absolutely nothing to preserve her youthful appearance. She’s not a health food guru, exercise fanatic, frequent plastic surgery recipient, or anything like that.
    – As newagepalimpest notes, this woman has never been anything but friendly to these people.
    – Funky and Holly were just at a public event where he was a complete jackass for no reason.
    – There’s nothing at all driving Holly’s insecurity. The relationship she’s worried about ended on bad terms a long time ago, and have both been happy with.their new relationships for a good two decades.

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      So true. The fact that Masone was in town would be all over the news.

      A have a friend who teaches special needs children. Earlier this year her students wrote to The Rock to ask him to attend their annual spring dance. He did not attend but sent gifts to all the students and sent them a special video message. This was all over the local news.


      • Banana Jr. 6000

        I wonder how many requests like this celebrities get. The Rock can’t have enough hours in the day to do this for every school group who asks. It’s great that he replied as best he could, but when you reach a certain level of fans, you just can’t personally connect with all of them.

        I watched an interview with “Markiplier” where he talked about how this actually made him sad. Playing video games and talking about his interests attracted millions of like-minded people as fans, but he could never really get to know any of them.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          I agree. I really know nothing about him but I do know that the students were happy with the video message and the gifts.

          It was a nice gesture. My wife and I donate to the event.

          The Rock seems like a very nice guy, he seemed genuinely happy to reach out to them

          But back to your point, when celebrities are in town, it makes the news.

    • billytheskink

      Mason probably wants to be there more than Cindy, he’s on record as really liking Westview for reasons inexplicable.

      • hitorque

        Ah, yes… The “Interview” I alluded to earlier…

        Well SOSFers, I’m getting back into journalism so I can properly “interview” Ariana Grande the same exact way…

    • hitorque


      2. Cindye’s scheming/stalking was actually much, much worse than that… She eavesdropped on a conversation that was none of her business, then she extorted Lester into introducing her to Masone Jarre (who was hiding out in his attic reading comic books and eating cookies all in the name of “character research” or something) for an “interview” which would get her back in the big-time. Then we were subjected to a week of nothing but Cindye looking in the mirror and fretfully wondering if she was still beautiful enough to snag a man, then Cindye squeezes into her shortest, hottest, Little Black “Fuck Me!” Dress for her “interview” — Which was really nothing but an arm-in-arm date/walking tour of Westview which included a romantic dinner at the snazziest eatery in town (Montoni’s of course) Cindye nary a notebook or a tape recorder out at any time of this “interview”, and most inexplicably there wasn’t a cameraman in sight given she was purportedly working for one of the Cleveland area network affiliates… Seriously, as a former newspaper reporter I just have to say Cindye set the cause for women in journalism back 50 years… She lived down to every single negative stereotype about the profession and even invented a couple of new ones in just a single night… If this strip wasn’t PG-rated, they definitely would have ended up humping all night in Lester’s attic…

      THEN, Cindye gets offered a job a “BuddyBlog.com News” which was essentially a stand-in for Buzzfeed/VICE/Huffington Post’s Youtube Channel… She knows the offer is a step down, she knows it’s a bad fit for her career, and she knows this world of 20-somethings talking about Vine and Billie Eilish and Pokemon Go will always be alien to her, but she takes the job ANYWAY because it’s a legitimate reason to move out to Los Angeles and get her hooks into Masone (Yes, that was her SOLE reason for accepting the job) and before she’s even unpacked she’s calling up Masone, a few months later she’s already moved into his Malibu mansion and a few more months after that they’re married… Seriously, does Batiuk have any idea how fucked up this story sounds if you reverse the genders?

      The worst part is absolutely nothing in this relationship can be called “love” by any definition… Masone seems to come across as someone who inexplicably has never gotten any serious female attention before and is passively accepting the fact that the universe is going to marry him to this woman whether he wants it or not. Besides, it’ll probably be good for his career and quiet all those rumors about him being BI—-polar! Better yet, she’s beyond her childbearing years so there won’t be any uncomfortable questions about babies! Cindye on the other hand, has been very transparent about her motivation since day one – She just needed to prove to herself, her high school classmates, her hometown and the Planet Earth that despite fading a bit, she still had more than enough pulchritude to land a hunk of man of elevated status that would make her the envy of any normal woman… And you see she has never visited the old hometown since WITHOUT Masone on her arm, or reminding everyone that she lives in a Malibu beach mansion with a yacht, or casually telling everyone she flew in on a private Gulfstream…

      • Banana Jr. 6000

        The story is fucked up no matter what gender any participant is. Mason was just a trophy to Cindy, so she could prove a point to herself. But the strip acts like they have some deep, meaningful, immutable love for each other. I don’t know why Mason hasn’t drop-kicked her into next week, considering his new level of stardom, and how juvenile and overbearing she is despite being old enough to be his mother. Possibly even his grandmother, if she’s 68 now. The whole thing reeks of grooming.

        “The universe is going to marry him to her whether he wants it or not” is a great explaination of how the Funkyverse works. None of the marriages in it make any sense otherwise. The motivated and hard-working Becky would not put up with John Howard’s endless, aimless adolescence. Mindy would have dozens of better suitors than Pete, just because she’s young and pretty. Donna, with her personal background of succeeding in a man’s field, wouldn’t find Crazy Harry charming at all, especially after the salad dressing incident. And the biggest offenders of all are Les and Lisa’s relationship, which was such toxic co-dependency that it’s outlasted her death and his remarriage by 24 years.

        Ironically, Funky and Holly seem like the most stable couple in Westview. They needle each other in ways that long-married couples do, and there are hints that they’re both genuinely happy. Which is why it’s so irritating to see Batiuk give Holly this random insecurity, over a long-ended relationship with someone they both know well.

        • hitorque

          What’s more outrageous is how Masone (who is a certified Hollywood A-Lister now getting dozens of juicy roles offered to him daily) even has time in his schedule to accompany his wife like a trained puppy back to the ol’ hometown for the Lisa’s Legacy 10k run and class reunions and funerals for people he never knew and other random visits…

          While he’s in town he’s almost certain to visit Atomikkk Komixxx and the Komix Korner, right??

        • hitorque

          Well it definitely explains how Cindye was able to have a long, thriving career in the industry… And it had nothing to do with her “On-Air” talents.

          Does Batiuk really think every newswoman whores themselves out for scoops, celebrity interviews and career advancement? Or is it just Cindye? God, I’d be surprised if she didn’t toss a piece of ass to Cliffe Angere when shooting that documentary…

          • Banana Jr. 6000

            Batiuk is insulting to every profession on earth that doesn’t involve writing, high school, or comic books. Any person who’s in the strip to do any other job is going to be a punching bag.

            Mason and Marianne both needed guidance from Les to know how to act at all. Hollywood people are a bunch of phonies who want to make money and hate beautiful art. All journalism is yellow. Funky is a model pizza store operator, despite being demonstrably incompetent at it. The legal system and police are useless; Funky just calls in a favor to Bill Clinton when he wants something done. Everyone in town gets media jobs handed to them left and right. The Internet is completely useless. Running an AA meeting is a great way to give yourself a test audience for your stand-up. So is getting any kind of medical treatment, or going to an estate planning seminar. And many more.

  11. Hannibal’s Lectern

    My first thought was that Batty was trying to do something sweet here, make the point that Funky and Holly are inseparable. It’s just that the joke falls flat, because Funky’s more or less saying “oh, I could totally bang Cindy, but I’d never leave you.” Which is kinda creepy. Batty constantly prattles on about how FW is a SERIOUS strip about REAL PEOPLE and not a gag-a-day comic. This would have been a perfect place to do that, just have Funky say something loving and sincere about how he only has eyes for Holly. And he blows it because he wants to be “serious” and “funny” at the same time and can’t pull it off.

    Random fact: the 50th anniversary of my high school graduation was last year. I assume somebody organized a reunion, even if only on Zoom. But I never heard. Nor did the one person (from a senior class of 700) that I still see regularly. Not that either of us would likely have gone.

    It occurs to me that when I graduated at the age of 17, high school represented nearly a quarter of my life. Seemed like a big deal. Now I’m 68, and those four years represent a mere one-seventeenth of my life—most of which has been far more significant, interesting, and productive than the days I spent going to classes. High school is preparation for adult life, but adult life is the real thing.

    Enough already. It’s the last day of a camping-and-kayaking trip on the Harley, and that tent isn’t going to pack itself up.

  12. The Duck of Death

    My take: Holly is doing the fishing-for-compliments bit because she’s insecure. It doesn’t seem like she’s teasing or joking, just looking for reassurance. The proper answer would have been a straightforward, “Never! It was all wrong with Cindy and I’m so happy with you and our life together. I’m glad Cindy’s content, but it was never gonna work between us.”

    OR you could go the jocular route and say, “Naw, I’d get impatient with all the papparazzi waiting outside the front door of my sprawling beachfront mansion, crouching behind the Lamborghinis and the Maseratis!”

    This strip is unusual. It lacks the standard wry smirk in response to something not at all amusing. Holly looks pissed. Therefore, I deduce that this was not affectionate banter, but insecurity and anger that would, IRL, likely result in an argument, a cold shoulder, or both. However, that entails conflict and realism, neither of which Scott Batiuk can manage, so I assume this discussion ends in P3.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Funky’s response isn’t a joke, but it’s not not a joke. It has the style of a sweet but witty remark, without being either. It just hangs in the air, like an awkward remark everyone wants to move on from, but nobody knows what to say. So of course they inappropriately smirk at each other, because Tom Batiuk doesn’t know any other reaction to anything

      This is basically the “do you think she’s pretty” trap. It’s a game every woman plays, and every man loses. There’s just no good answer to it. Especially because your partner is going to pick the most world class hot girl in the room to ask you about. And then get offended because you stuttered for a nanosecond. “Who? Her? Oh. OOOOOOOOOH. WOWWWWW. Um… no?”

      Eventually I just gave up. “Honestly, yes. I can think someone is pretty. I think Scarlett Johanson is pretty. It doesn’t mean anything. She meets cultural expectations of attractiveness at a high level. So do a lot of people. I think some men are pretty, and I’m not even gay.”

      I never married.

      • The Duck of Death

        Is this a thing? That a woman expects her boyfriend/husband to believe that, of the approximately 3 billion adult women in the world, she is literally the only pretty one? I mean, this kind of thinking is normal in the Funkiverse, but IRL….?

        • Banana Jr. 6000

          I’ve been asked it enough times to know it’s real. And there’s a bunch of stand-up routines and other cultural satires of the phenomenon:

          I wish I thought of that answer. But if I had it to do over again, I would have taken the Full Metal Jacket approach:

          No matter what you say or how you say it, the woman will be offended, and change the subject to whatever the question is really about.

          • The Duck of Death

            Yikes. I’ll take your word for your experience, and I can see it’s a meme of sorts, but I can assure you not every woman plays this dumb game.

    • be ware of eve hill

      😂 “Scott” Batiuk. That still makes me giggle.

      Is “Scott” the new “Todd”?

  13. hitorque

    FWIW, I called it yesterday, too:

    “2a. And yes, I have no doubt that Cindye will be front and center at the reunion still looking like she’s 30 with her trophy husband in tow…”

  14. Dood

    At least Holly’s fweep could kick Cindy’s missing fweeps ass.

  15. Dood

    “Did anyone remember to bring Bull’s football helmet?”

  16. batgirl

    I’m curious how much direction TB gives Ayres. I remember Karen Moy saying she had to learn how much info to provide Giella when she took over Mary Worth, and Neil Gaiman said writing a book was easier than writing a comic because he didn’t have to specify all the background detail for the artist – the readers’ imaginations filled it in. And of course the last days of Apartment 3G, where it was obvious that whatever direction the artist was given, he wasn’t taking it in.
    Does TB tell Ayres which panels should be close-ups and which should be exteriors with lovely orderly bricks? Does he specify silhouettes and smirks? Or does Ayres decide which lines get a wry smirk and which get glared at?

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      I bet TB gives too much direction on unimportant things, and not enough when he should. “It’s very important that the comic book looks exactly like this in this shot. Make sure you can clearly see Becky’s arm stump in every single panel.” But he leaves the expressions, emotions and setting vague enough that Ayers can do what he wants.

      I think the lovingly-textured brick walls we poke fun at are Ayers drawing what he likes drawing, because Batiuk doesn’t care. I also think Ayers is too professional to be openly subversive, so this is the height of how he can express himself.

  17. Perfect Tommy

    Cindy is obviously a life-draining succubus.
    Run Mason! Run like the wind!

  18. ComicTrek

    Oh man, those comments are perfect!!! Hahahaha!

  19. be ware of eve hill

    CBH, My feelings on today’s comic were originally NEUTRAL, but have been getting more negative as the day has gone on. Maybe that’s why some people claim to like Funky Winkerbean. It’s okay upon a quick read, but the more you analyze each day’s strip, the more you hate it.

    Loving husband and I have been married for over 35 years, and your parents’ marriage sounds a bit like ours. I can’t imagine my husband making a joke like Funky’s. I don’t believe I’m insecure enough to ask a question like Holly’s and I can’t really think of a scenario where it would ever come up.

    Neither my husband nor I dated in high school. Neither one of us is into class reunions. I had no major relationships in college, and my dating there could best be summed up as learning experiences. He did have a somewhat lengthy relationship after high school, but they broke up after he found out she had been cheating on him. I don’t think I have much to worry about from her.

    Nowadays, I’m the primary breadwinner as he’s semiretired. He has a couple part-time jobs that involve his hobbies. I don’t think many other women would put up with the car restoration project, the dune buggy and the motorcycle. The days of golf. The annoying clinking and tapping sounds of him reloading his bullet rounds. I let him turn the third bedroom into his man cave (he let me turn the breakfast nook into an office). He’s got a pretty good thing going, if I do say so myself. I doubt he’s going to risk losing it by straying.

    Likewise, I don’t believe I could ever find a more loving and supportive man. If I’m having trouble at work, he listens. If I need him to do something, he does it. If I’m feeling down, he’s there to lift my spirits. He’s moved twice in the support of my career. He’s been a great father and grandfather. He’s been the only great love of my life. I can’t imagine living without him. I couldn’t live with myself if I ever left him. He’s a great cook, to boot. Shutting up about him now before I start crying.

    A couple of months ago, we were walking around the neighborhood when a very attractive young woman went jogging past. We caught each other looking at her and laughed about it. He mouthed, “Wow”. Did he think she was pretty? Of course, so did I or I wouldn’t have looked. Why bother asking? I think the “do you think she’s pretty” question is more for younger couples who are dating and assessing their relationships.

    I’d be more likely to ask my husband if he ever regretted moving from Ohio or Missouri. There are times when I have regrets.

    • sorialpromise

      I really enjoy hearing about your family. When couples get it, they get it good. On a more humorous note: “I don’t think many other women would put up with the car restoration project, the dune buggy and the motorcycle. The days of golf. The annoying clinking and tapping sounds of him reloading his bullet rounds. I let him turn the third bedroom into his man cave.” You are so honest that NONE of these things bother you. On the subject of a man-cave, I do not have one. I have a house. I emphatically put my foot down and rule my domain. So I stand up to Mrs SP, and put my stuff exactly where she tells me and peace reigns in my kingdom.

      • be ware of eve hill

        Everything is fair. During COVID I had to work from home and converted the breakfast nook off the kitchen into an office. I’m on the phone or video conferencing almost all day.

        He took the smallest bedroom for his man cave and left the bigger bedroom as a guest room. He can close the door if my countless calls for work are bothering him. He can also close the door so he doesn’t drive me up the wall while reloading bullets.

        We have a two-car garage. He can put whatever he can squeeze into his side. The side of the garage near the house entrance is mine and mine alone.

        He parks the dune buggy by the side of the house behind the pine tree. The backyard is enclosed and he can park his motorcycle back there on the patio.

        He also has a 1955 Crown Victoria that he keeps in storage.

        Despite no longer having a kid living in residence it’s the largest home we’ve ever had.

        • sorialpromise

          Just looked up the 1955 Crown Victoria!
          WOWZERS! YaY!!!
          My wife is her brother’s pit crew along with their 81 year old mom and her husband. He races E Mods at Lakeside Speedway in KCKansas. It is by the NASCAR track. He finished second, just inches from his first win in years. To say the least, Mrs. SP is very happy!