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Thanks so much for all the comments! The thread is getting a little ungainly, so I’m starting a new one. Enjoy!


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  1. Hey friends, this overflow thread is starting to overflow! Look for a brand new post (mainly a placeholder for continuing our discussion) from ComicBookHarriet tonight (Monday) at 10:30 EST. Cheers!

  2. Comic Curmudgeon level of comments.

    • Epicus Doomus

      It’s at a point where WP is wonking out on me. Not that I’m complaining or anything. I am absolutely humbled and grateful for all the comments and well-wishes!

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Just a site note: check in during the week, as Awards Season is nearly upon us.

  4. Mela

    The number of comments this week have been astounding. Somebody cares about the strip, or more likely SOSF!

    • Epicus Doomus

      Fifty comments used to be a lot. During some of the more boring (lol) arcs, twenty-five was pretty good. A hundred meant that there must have been some sort of argument going on or something. Like I said above, we’re greatly humbled and honored by the participation over this last month and a half.

      • I remember being glad when the comments on one of mine went into double digits….

        • Epicus Doomus

          LOL me too. If I woke up and saw a hundred comments, my first thought was “uh-oh, people sure are touchy about climate damage”. TFH will get that joke.

          • I learned a lesson about sharing potentially unpopular opinions that day. We actually lost a few readers, and for that I felt truly sorry. Given the interesting times we live in, Team Son of Stuck Funky strove to offer respite from the real world. In that sense I’m beginning to understand how much this community has meant so so many people.

          • Y. Knott

            Tom Batiuk had a unique gift — even when I agreed with his point of view on a topic, the way he expressed that view made me want to punch something.

            Perhaps that’s one of the secrets to the civilized tone of the SoSF commenting threads. We’ve all seen (and often analyzed in-depth) Batiuk’s ability NOT to get a point across in an agreeable manner. Maybe we actually learned something from that….

    • Yep. Never realized we had such a huge audience. Which is good, because I probably would have choked under the pressure if I knew.

  5. Mela

    I do find it amusing that Summer’s book-the one discussed in a closet for 3 weeks by a time traveler who screwed with people’s minds to ensure it would be written, the one that was supposed to bring peace, harmony, and a utopian society-is nowhere to be found on the bookshelf.

    • It was taken off the shelf on Wednesday’s strip. Kind of a dull grey-purple cover, with what looks like a shot of a heroic Les on the cover.

      • Mela

        Good gravy, it’s been that kind of week where my brain just isn’t quite there. Sorry folks! Of course it’s in the robot’s hand. I forgot about it quicker than the granddaughter did.

        • Basically, Funky Winkerbean is the “Event Horizon” of the comics page. “Where we’re going, we won’t need eyes to see. Or common sense, or logic, or good drawings, or…look, do you want to come along or not?”

          • Cheesy-kun Shiba

            Ooh, a lattice of coincidence, cosmic unconscious moment for me, beckoningchasm: I was just thinking about Pohl’s Heechee saga, which is the first place I ever came across the term “event horizon.”

            I especially liked the first novel in that trilogy and, for me, it’s a great example of analog-era SF holding up well b/c of great storytelling. (It also had some funny moments such as references to people bringing pencils and notepads on interstellar trips, and an android shrink named “Sigmund.”)

  6. robertodobbs

    OK with an overflow I’ll jump back in. I first read FW as a kid in the early 70s in the Detroit News when visiting grandparents every weekend. My grandma would save the comics pages all week and I’d read the whole pile. I really liked a strip called called “Larry Gore’s Thing” which was kind of like Mad magazine, and there was this Funky Winkerbean thing. It was clear to me even as a kid that this was an imitation of Doonesbury set in high school, though TB has denied that he was copying Trudeau. I liked FW back then, the gags were funny

  7. billytheskink

    Here’s an “old tree copy” of the final strip from my paper, the Houston Chronicle. It was actually printed in a Sunday “early” edition because they apparently didn’t print a Saturday paper, so it’s dated January 1, 2023 and costs twice as much even though it just has Saturday’s news…

    It does, however, have both Saturday’s comics AND Sunday’s! Looks like the comic strip replacing Funky will be Candorville, which has taken FW‘s old spot in the Sunday comics and I would expect it to do the same on weekdays too.

    So I bought the paper on a family grocery run this afternoon and my wife asks me why I’m buying a paper. I explain that I wanted a paper copy of the last Funky Winkerbean comic strip…

    “Wait, that’s a real comic?! In the newspaper?! I thought it was just some guy’s stupid internet hobby.”

    • Epicus Doomus

      If YOUR wife didn’t know that FW was a long-running daily newspaper comic strip for fifty years, it says plenty about its, uh, cultural impact, let’s call it. It’s kind of incredible when you think about it.

      • billytheskink

        Frankly, I thought I had adequately explained that it was a newspaper comic strip (I stopped taking the printed paper shortly before we met, so she’s rarely seen me read comics in the paper), but I guess the strips she saw in her occasional check ins on the strip were so foreign (or unprofessional) when compared to things like Peanuts and Garfield and such that she associates with newspaper comics that it didn’t make sense for FW to be there as well.

        • Epicus Doomus

          “Funky Winkerbean” has almost no mainstream name recognition at all. You say “Peanuts” or “Calvin And Hobbes” or “Garfield”, and a reasonable number of average people would say “oh yeah, those cartoons with the Sunday paper”. But with FW, they just look at you like you’re insane.

          I have longtime friends who are quite well aware of my blog (the internet’s number one FW fan site and online resource) who STILL can’t remember the name or get it right, despite me blathering about it for twelve years now.

          “You still doing that Frogger Frankenbean blog thing?”

          It’s just astounding to me how a piece of pop-culture entertainment could have lasted this long despite no one really liking it or even knowing about it. Like imagine a band, who released their first record in 1972, and just kept going on and on, releasing album after album that no one really liked or listened to, for decades on end. Anvil springs immediately to mind, but even they got a real movie made about them.

          • And a pretty entertaining book, too. I mean Anvil of course. Read and enjoyed the book, never heard a note of their music.

          • billytheskink

            It is especially astounding that it lasted so long and built no apparent cult following (outside of us here). Well, it seems it did have something of a fanbase at one time and bled pretty much all of it between 1995 and 2010… but somehow kept going and going.

            Outside of us, the few folks I know who are familiar with it stopped reading years ago. I started reading Funky because my mother did (like, she knew the characters and could explain what they were up to and everything), she hasn’t read since early Act III and stopped asking me to recap what was going on in the strip probably 10 years ago.

            The only known fan website for the strip hasn’t been updated in almost 20 years (!!!) and it appears that there are no significant number of followers of the strip on any of the major social media sites.

            I can find far more evidence online of a fanbase for Barnyard Commandos, a short-lived toy line from the late 80s/early 90s that spawned an equally unloved and quickly cancelled cartoon series, than I can for anything Tom Batiuk has ever written. It’s insane.

          • Green Luthor

            What I find really ironic about the whole thing is that “Funky Winkerbean” at least was a pretty distinct name. Just imagine if Batiuk had actually been allowed to name it “Three O’Clock High”. Would ANYONE remember a comic by that title? (People may not get the name of the comic right, but it’s not like that’s stopped Benedict Cumberbatch…)

          • Banana Jr. 6000

            And again, Funky Winkerbean book sales are abysmal. Look at the Amazon rankings compared to other comic strips. Even mediocre ones move a decent number of copies a month. NOBODY is buying what he is constantly trying to sell.

    • Y. Knott

      Whoa — even the Houston Chronicle graded the final Funky Winkerbean at “F Minus”!

      • Epicus Doomus

        It really was terrible. Now that it’s over, and you can look back at the entire “story”, you can see exactly how lazy and slipshod it was. That awful nonsense with the stupid “Eliminator” helmet (that he quickly abandoned mid-story), Harley (who ultimately meant nothing and wasn’t even real), Summer’s pointless walk, and now this cockamamie drivel/book promotion. The Sunday Xmas strip would have been a far, far better ending, even though it didn’t really make any sense either. This satisfied no one, except maybe Batiuk.

        It’s always been the crux of my distaste re: FW. It’s not that he decided to stop telling jokes and wrote “stories” instead, it’s that the stories themselves all blew. They’re all crap…poorly written, confusing, contradictory, and really dumb. They didn’t have to be, but they were. And that’s all on him.

        • billthesplut

          This has yet to be mentioned, but is this why Tommy sat on his scripts for A YEAR, before slapping the artist with “Need drawings NOW!” 2 weeks before publishing? It would certainly explain why artists got sick of him.
          What did he do in that year? Look at the shelf where his Pulitzer wasn’t? He sure as heck wasn’t polishing his writing.
          And then he had 6 weeks to Doomsday, so…this shit dribbled out? This guy who needed a YEAR to make a pun that only made sense if it was read, not spoken? “Ha ha, Crankshaft got some words confused! I AM A GENIUS!”
          I literally have read FW from DAY ONE. I learned to read from comic strips. I learned to *think* from Peanuts, and then Doonesbury. I laughed at FW, it was funny then. Hall monitor has a machine gun, lol!
          The I stopped getting the paper, because working 65-80 hours a week stopped meaning “relax after work with the paper” became “force microwave meal down gullet, collapse in bed, repeat.”
          When my schedule calmed down and this whole “net” thing happened, the first thing I did was bookmark comics pages. The funny ones, and also the “I’ve always read these” ones. (It’s been 100 years! Surely Blondie has to make an actual joke by now! That isn’t about Dagwood’s tapeworms!)
          And I think I came in at the end of Act I? The cancer stuff? And I found out that FW was not a joke strip, it was now “I’m not a cartoonist, I’m an ARTISTE!”
          I was so excited 50 years ago that I was reading a strip from day one! Literally the introductory one, where you thought the Black guy and the woman would actually mean something. (They didn’t)
          I did not not ever think that I’d I’d witness it’s slow, painful, pathetic, masturbatory end.


        • Green Luthor

          Hm, I thought Timemop WAS real, that was (partially) the point of the epilogue. I mean, yeah, the future we saw there didn’t seem to match the future that Timemop was supposedly describing, but it’s not like strict attention to continuity details was ever all that important to Batiuk in the first place.

          (It’s also possible that Batiuk was trying for an ambiguous ending, keeping up the whole “it was only a dream… OR WAS IT?” thing by not specifically saying it WAS real while also not making it clear it WASN’T. His inability to deliver a clear and concise message was also pretty well-established…)

          • Mela

            I got the impression Timemop was real too, given that great-granddaughter took up writing thus presumably fulfilling the janitorial prophecy. But referencing “the burnings” sure doesn’t sound like Timemop got the utopian, peaceful part right.

            Ambiguous endings are done many times to “let the viewer/reader decide”, but I don’t think TB would ever deliberately allow that. I think the “or was it?” was him just covering for anything that didn’t make sense, especially when it was clear what he intended the final panel to be.

    • From Cancerville to Candorville, you say. That has to be an improvement. But I’m not shelling out five or six bucks or however much a tree copy of Sunday’s Bergen Record costs now to find out what’s filling the space there.

    • Cheesy-kun Shiba

      Brings back a lot of good memories to see comics in a paper newspaper. Thanks for sharing.

      As ED notes, it says a lot that people have never even heard of FW after 50 years. My friend’s daughter was born in 2002 and she told me that she and her friends have always loved Calvin & Hobbes and Bloom County, which they discovered first through their parents’ collections and then by looking online.

      Poor Tom Batiuk: It does seem he tripped over his timeline changes and his inability to move on from Lisa. Last week it was pointed out here that he’s never received any kind of formal recognition from his peers. After 50 years, you’d think they’d have given him a Lifetime Achievement award, if nothing else.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        It gets worse, I know people who were longtime readers back in the day, but they gave up after act 3 started. They were sick of all the misery.

    • Unca $crooge

      Houston Chronicle? Hey, according to GO Comics, your homewtown paper carries that other comic strip by a creator that thinks he is creating a work-of-art that beefwits just can’t appreciate. Of course I mean “9 Chickweed Lane”. Is it really in your paper? I just can’t picture that the strip with its ever increasing emphasis on the creator’s fetishes (too cleavage, ugh) is still carried by any newspaper anywhere.

      • billytheskink

        GoComics is mistaken, or perhaps they mean it can be read online through the paper’s website. 9 Chickweed Lane hasn’t been printed in the Houston Chronicle in probably 15 years or more.

        There were two big comics page cuts in the past couple of decades (one cut the weekday comics section from an incredible 3.5 pages to 2.5 pages, the next cut it down to the about 1.67 pages it occupies today) and I’m certain it was dropped in one of them. It did once have a very prominent place in the Chronicle‘s Sunday comics section, as I recall regularly being weirded out by it because it was placed in a hard place to skip on Sundays.

        • Unca $crooge

          This is exactly what GOComics says about 9CL: “The strip appears in 60 newspapers worldwide, including the Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, Calgary Sun and Columbus Dispatch.” Of course, it also says the strip features “brilliant artistry and intellectual humor” which has to be the biggest crock of all. I know the blurb is dated but I’ve been wondering whether any paper still carried it. The LA Times, as we all know, dumped it after the racist strip back in Dec 2021 and I suspect other papers have dropped it after the never-ending soft core porn themes.

    • gleeb

      What you’re saying is, if I want to do something notably unpleasant but not actually criminal in Houston, Texas, the time to do it is on Friday, because they don’t bother printing a newspaper on Saturdays.

      • billytheskink

        Haha, I think they don’t print Saturday newsstand copies but I believe they do deliver a Saturday print edition to subscribers. I get a PDF version of the Saturday paper every week, so they definitely put together a Saturday edition ready to print.

  8. sorialpromise

    This is a reply to @SuicideSquirrel on the original thread. I have nothing but praise for Mr. Starlin. I got hooked on him on his run with Adam Warlock and Thanos versus the Magus. Met Gamora (the most dangerous female in the universe) and Pip the Troll. It was a multiple issue epic. Spectacular! Then went back and read his introduction of Thanos in Iron Man #55 with Drax the Destroyer. If you can’t tell, I love Starlin. He tied up all that huge story in Avengers Annual #7 and a Thing and Spider-Man Two in One Annual. Massive story telling that maintained continuity with a gut wrenching ending. Suicide Squirrel has good taste in writers!

    • sorialpromise, you met Gamera? Wow!

      • sorialpromise

        No. Gamora is much prettier. (That is if you like green and gold!) Perhaps a better way to say it, is I saw the character in that issue. Please excuse me. My brain is a little fuddled after reading over 320 comments on SOSF. It is a pleasure, but it is not easy. I mean it, TF. You should try it!😜😜😜

      • Cheesy-kun Shiba

        Outstanding YouTube link! Thank you! Just the other day the news here carried a story about how Fuji is overdue for an eruption. And maybe it is, but why are we ignoring the fact that we’re also overdue for epic battles of giant lizard beasts?

        It’s neither Great Literature of a Graphic Novel of the First Order, but you might enjoy “Death to All Monsters,” by Brad Warner. He’s an American Zen priest who worked for Toho, the company that made the Godzilla, Mothra, etc. movies. (He is also from Ohio used to play in a punk band, knew the Devo guys a bit.)

        • ian'sdrunkenbeard

          Thanks for bringing Brad Warner and his movie “Cleveland’s Screaming” to my attention. Both were unknown to me.

          Zero Defex, the band Brad was in, still plays out occasionally. I know two of the guys in the band and I see other friends in the movie.

          Here is a good movie about the Akron music scene in the early 80’s that aired on PBS here.

          • Cheesy-kun Shiba

            Thanks for sharing this video, iansdrunkenbeard. I’ll be sure to check it out.

          • Cheesy-kun Shiba

            Sorry for being so curt in my other message. Doorbell rang and I inadvertently hit send.

            Ian’sdrunkbeard, how cool that you have one degree of separation from Warner and that you know this scene. Warner writes about Zen, in particular, the teachings passed down to him through his teacher, but he includes a lot of biographical information, such as his punk and Japanese monster movie past.

            Thanks, again, for the documentary.

    • erdmann

      Starlin’s Captain Marvel and Warlock are some of ‘70s Marvel’s best — and that’s saying something considering how good most of the rest of the company’s output was during the decade. And Batty thought he could run with big dogs such as Starlin, Englehart, Gerber and Perez? Insert eye roll emoji here.
      I remember ages ago when a clerk at the comic shop I frequented allowed me into the shop’s storeroom to dig through the mountain of back issues they had acquired but hadn’t had time to sort. I could have anything I wanted for a buck each. I walked out with almost a complete collection of the Warlock saga, including Avengers Annual 7. It was a very good day.

  9. matt2amy

    And so Funky Winkerbean goes out not with a bang but with a whisper

  10. Epicus Doomus

    TFH: And you know, that’s when I enter the story, so the way I see it, it all worked out for the best in the end. Gotta stay on topic!

  11. In case I sleep through the ball drop…Happy New Year to us all!

    • Do not press play until midnight!

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Boy Les is sure uppity for someone who spends New Year’s Eve dancing with himself.

      • billytheskink

        Not to mention that Funky’s toast was a lot better than his valedictorian speech or his book signing lectures.

      • Mela

        It’s called a joke, Les. See, Funky is smiling? It’s levity & light-heartedness among friends, something you obviously don’t recognize.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Even at a New Year’s Eve party with his closest friends, Les is still a smug asshole. Nobody exemplifies the death of hope and slow shuffle to oblivion more than Les, and he does it while everything in life is being handed to him on a platter.

  12. Charles

    Still can’t get over how Batiuk couldn’t change the dimensions of Les’s book to more resemble the non-fiction novel he had Les write instead of making it look like a children’s book. It’s not as if that dumb design he slapped on it couldn’t have been adjusted to fit a book taller than it was wide. I mean, he’s claiming it’s a good damn work of literary significance.

    At least he didn’t put his name on it this time.

    • Epicus Doomus

      I’ve always pondered this too. The fictional “Lisa’s Story” is supposed to be an actual novel, a real book. Yet it’s always been depicted as being of the same dimensions as the real “LS” is. But the real LS is only shaped like that because it’s not a book at all, but merely a collection of previously-published comic strips in book form.

      So why would Les’ novel be shaped like a big clonky coffee table book? I think we both know exactly why. Ad space isn’t cheap, and he has this tiresome old comic strip just sitting there, so why not?

      • Charles

        I’m also struck by how he kept the Moore family consistent in that no one was two parents. Summer lost Lisa. We have no idea who was the dad who took the bullet to impregnate Summer to produce Ultima-Lisa’s mom. And Ultima-Lisa has no Dad in evidence either.

        It’s really weird, but it suggests to me a certain “default setting” that he does without actually being aware of it.

        • William Thompson

          It’s a lot like those Sixties comedies with single-parent families. My Three Sons, Julia, The Courtship of Eddy’s Father, Nanny and the Professor, The Partridge Family, Tarzan, Family Affair, and probably others I have mercifully forgotten.

          Or maybe it’s something from the old movies? You have to admit, Les Moore was the worst single parent since Dr. Frankenstein.

    • On behalf of team SoSF, thank you Charles! You got to post back in the days when this strip still featured actual teenagers! Thanks for taking your turns shouldering the heavy, uncomfortable yoke of Guest Author at SoSF.

  13. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    A little travelin’ music.

    • Cheesy-kun Shiba

      Thank you for the tunes, Iansdrunkenbeard. Last week I was listening to the Girl School-Motorhead combo, and thinking I might be the only person alive who would still listen. Now there’re two of us!

      Can never go wrong with Nat King Cole.

      Tinariwen is new for me. I like it, and I thank you for sharing!

      • ian'sdrunkenbeard

        You’re welcome, CkS. Girlschool has live video on YT from this year and they’re booked in February for four dates in the UK, so they’re still rocking.
        I wish I could be a fraction as cool as that guy on the conga drum with Nat.
        How popular is Shonen Knife in Japan? I got to see them at a bar in Cleveland a few years back. They were great and the crowd were all fans. I’ve been a fan since the 90’s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmn1EJUXcXg&list=PLwJGzzuFeH1LdQiXd4idq5DYF0UmyJoW3
        At the SK show I was listening to the opener when the person in ahead of me suddenly backed into me. When she turned I saw that it was Atsuko, the bassist from SK. She bowed to me so bowed back, she bowed again and so did I. We did it again. That never happened before when someone bumped me.
        I’ve been listening to a lot of Japanese punk and metal. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

        • Professor Fate

          Met them after a show was at the merch table babbling to other folks how much I loved the band and I turned around and they were there. I was oh my god it’s you! They signed my shit which I will never wear Love then to death.
          As they said on one album “Love, Peace and Shonen Knife!”

        • Cheesy-kun Shiba

          Shonen Knife takes me back! Never got to see them live much less compete against one of them in a bowing contest! Great story!

          Have you heard of The Their profile expanded after they appeared in Kill Bill.

          The Polysics are younger and are inspired by Devo.

          Atarashi Gakko is even younger and I’ve included their version of a Beastie Boys classic.

          Not punk, but I’ve included Hide’s (“hee-day” but both vowels are short) cover of 20th Century Boy.



          Atarashi Gakko


          • Professor Fate

            Yes I’ve heard of the 5,6,7,8s. Have a few cds by them. One of my very few claims to coolness is that I knew about them before Tarantino. Got to see them live once in the us they were touring on the exposure from Kill Bill

          • ian'sdrunkenbeard

            Thanks so much Cheesy-kun. I really enjoyed those tunes and I already added them to my playlist They were all new except The 5,6,7,8s.
            I heard a Japanese band called The Molice at a bar in Canton a few years back. They were strange and cool.

            Other Japanese bands I like are Tokyo Groove Jyoshi, Lovebites, Wagakki Band, Nemophilia, Band-Maid, Tom Boys…

            You might find some music you like on my playlist:

        • billthesplut

          A week ago I got a compliment on my Shonen Knife tshirt during my yearly physical. It’s the colorful “pancake girl” one.

  14. Well apparently this puff piece in Cleveland.com had something of relevance; it claims that Chuck Ayers has penciled FW from 1994 onward.

    Who knew?

  15. sorialpromise

    JJ O’Malley,
    I just read your comment on “Sally Forth.”
    Pure comedy gold!

    • Cheesy-kun Shiba

      DEAR EVERYONE: If the following is too long and/or off-topic, please let me know. I do not want to abuse the privilege of being here. I’d be happy to find a private channel for communicating but I thought maybe this would interest some of you as well as sorialpromise.

      Happy New Year, Sorialpromise. I hope you and family are enjoying the weekend.

      You may enjoy this story. The lives of Japan’s “hidden Christians” are fascinating and heartbreaking. Those uncovered were persecuted in ways slow, painful, and, ultimately, deadly through the late-19th Century.

      CBH and I recommended two Shusako Endo novels a couple of months ago. For non-fiction, you might be interested in John Dougill’s “In Search of Japan’s Hidden Christians.” It’s not strictly academic, but is a good intro to the topic.

      Did you know that after Jesus rose he did not ascend to heaven but came to Japan? There are at least three places in Japan that claim to have been the local “hometown” of Jesus! 🙂


      • sorialpromise

        Thank you, Cheesy-kun.
        I would be interested in their testimonies.

        • Cheesy-kun Shiba

          You’re welcome, sir, and thank you for your prompt and positive reply. A couple of months ago, when you and I first started commenting here, you shared the title of a book you’d just written. I looked it up and thought I’d put it on my wishlist, but I guess I did not.

          Would you mind sharing it again? Thank you for considering my request.

          PS Endo is one of my all-time favorite writers, he was also a Catholic from Nagasaki.

  16. Well, as long as we’re posting music videos, how about sometime irrelevant from me? Note: not an actual music video.

    • sorialpromise

      I have been secretly hoping for a Beckoningchasm video on SOSF. This is all my Christmas, birthday, new year’s wishes fulfilled at once. Where does the music come from?

    • Cheesy-kun Shiba

      Cool stuff, B. Chasm! I watched several and found myself immersed in new stories on new worlds. Kind of you to share.

      So many talented people here.

      Come for the FW snark, stay for the Festival of Arts & Ideas!

    • The Duck of Death

      That looks like it was as much fun to make as it was to watch and listen to! Wonderful stuff. Thanks for sharing it. Now that I’ve found your work/site, I’ll have to spend a bit of time checking it out. Fortunately, a recent event just freed up some daily time for me…..

  17. erdmann

    Happy New Year to one and all!

  18. billytheskink

    9:30 central and no new comic to read for the first time in a long long time.

    This is weird.

  19. Cheesy-kun Shiba

    Happy New Year from Japan, Everybody!

    My family and I joined a couple hundred of people to watch the first sunrise of the New Year from a local park. The only clouds were the ones on the eastern horizon making us a wait a bit longer to see the sun but otherwise perfect weather.

    Along with a couple of photos from the neighborhood shrine, and of Mt. Fuji seen from the same park, I wanted to share that scenery with you, but I cannot figure out how to copy & paste / upload a photo here.

    Anyway, I’m glad to hear your readership is wider than you realized. You’ve created a genuinely pleasant place to hang out.

    PS Looking forward to the awards “show!”

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      If it’s stored anywhere online (and that place is publicly viewable), posting any link ending in .PNG .JPG or .GIF will display the image here.

      • Cheesy-kun Shiba

        Thanks so much, Banana Jr. 6000. These are private photos, I don’t use Facebook or any other public sites. I’ll think about that, though.

        Very kind of you to reply. Thanks, again.

        • Banana Jr. 6000

          For the benefit of all readers, here’s how you can get post image links via Imgur:

          1. Create a free account if you don’t have one
          2. Log into it
          3. Click “New Post”
          4. Follow the instructions to create the post. It will have a URL like this: https://imgur.com/a/hF5izHX
          5. Right-click the image, and select “Copy Image Address” and open the address in a new tab/window.” (Depending on your browser, you may have an option “Open Image In New Tab/Window” that will do both at once.
          6. The new URL will consist of only the image, like “https://i.imgur.com/randomstring,png”. (Without a dot instead of a comma; I changed it to a comma so the URL would appear instead of trying to display an image.)

          This can be posted directly into the WordPress blog, and the image will appear:

          A tip: images will be shrunk/grown to fit the width of the display. I like to make mine about 1000 in width for optimum viewing.

          Another tip: Take proper precautions. Once you’ve uploaded something there’s no Imgur mechanism to remove, edit, or delete it. And it may be possible for viewers to find your way back to your account.

          • The Duck of Death

            I’ve been using imgur for a long time, and recently have found imgbb a bit simpler to use. Same instructions apply — click on image link to get the real, usable link. Or you can take the embed code they give you by default and strip out the unnecessaries until you are left just with the url ending in .jpg.

          • Cheesy-kun Shiba

            Thank you very much, BJ6K. I will follow your instructions and create an account. Please give me a day or so, we are hosting company.

            Very kind of you to take the time to tell me this. Thanks, again.

            And, thank you, Duck, for the supplemental info.

          • Banana Jr. 6000

            I am happy to be of service! Don’t feel rushed or obligated, I just wanted to share the information with you, and anyone who may benefit from it.

  20. Cheesy-kun Shiba

    Why is Les and Whoever She Is complaining? Funky’s just saying Westview’s vision statement out loud.

    • billytheskink

      Gotta love how Large State is a “college” rather than a “university”. Don’t want to step on LSU’s toes, Tom, or are you mad about losing Joe Burrow? He’s back in the state of Ohio, in case TB hasn’t heard.

    • Gerard Plourde

      And for some reason, it’s still being carried by CK not McMeel.

      • The Duck of Death

        Yes, it’s very odd. Both strips are still on CK (though FW is frozen on yesterday’s strip) and no sign of them on GoComics.

  21. Unca $crooge

    I think Funky Winkerbean appeared in all of two strips in the final month of “Funky Winkerbean”. That has to be a low for any eponymous comic strip ever.

  22. ComicBookHarriet

    If I don’t post much in the comments in the next few days, don’t worry.

    I’m still spending hours with Funky Winkerbean every day…


  23. Fan Fan

    For years, I’ve had a group of browser tabs that I’d open each morning to read a handful of favorite comics. For some reason, the one I used for FW was from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. A few years back, that stopped working. I asked Grandpa Google for another site with a consistent FW feed, and that led me here. My morning routine hasn’t been the same since.

    Yesterday, a Facebook friend was praising (non-ironically, I think) the strip as it ended. I considered sharing this site with him, but I decided against it.

  24. The Duck of Death

    Crankshaft has just gone live on GoComics: https://www.gocomics.com/crankshaft
    with archives going back to June 2012.

    It has been removed from Comics Kingdom.

    Funky Winkerbean is also officially gone from CK, archives and all. I doubt we’ll ever have another internet-accessible or free source for those old strips.

    It was such fun while it lasted, though.

  25. Jimmy

    My favorite part of this site was the parody strips that various contributors produced. Those elicited real laughs, so thanks for that.

  26. ComicTrek

    I still can’t believe that it all ended with LISA’S STORY.

    Well actually, I can.

    But still – no Funky? Not even a monologue from Les?

    I had a feeling that the strip pretty much was all about Lisa’s death forever and ever after that fateful day in 2007. It went beyond rehashing. Even the “feel” of the strip adopted a funeral-y atmosphere that never really went away. The strip was never allowed to truly “continue” after that. It became a constant stream of high school, death, cancer, disease, despair, pizza, and comic books.

    Whenever it did seem like TB was *trying* to tie up Act 2’s loose ends, these were always badly conceived, felt super rushed, and were very, very poorly executed. I’m sorry to those of you who actually looked forward to seeing things happen.

    For someone who’s all about “mature” writing, his ways of making a point are definitely not.

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      Act III is a textbook on How Not To Grieve. Les never accepted Lisa’s death, and he never let anyone else accept it either. He made everyone live in constant fear of somehow offending him.

      Les never once bothered to clarify what he wanted or didn’t want Lisa’s memory to be, even though he bullied his way into a role in a major motion picture where his job was to do exactly that. And then was given an Oscar for it!

      This is a well-known tactic of manipulative people. Get offended and never explain why, so your victims will never know what they can and can’t say. And then demand apologies, as if you’ve been mortally wounded somehow. Les improves this technique by framing everything as some kind of attack on Lisa, he is honor-bound to protect her from.

      In a “quarter inch from reality” world, Les would have been completely ostracized. His friends would have left him. Summer would have disowned him. Cayla would never have married him. The school would have replaced him with someone less openly contemptuous of everyone around him. Hollywood would have shut the door on him after the “kill fee” stunt. But he just got everything he wanted, didn’t he?

      • ComicTrek

        I always loved your replies, and this one hits the nail right on the head! Someone should have had the sense to tell him “Les, as a friend, I am truly sorry for your loss, but it does not make you the most important man in town!” But that never happened because they had to feel the same way about Lisa’s Story as the writer does.

        Does he even care about Lisa besides her “story”?

        What a waste.

        • Banana Jr. 6000

          Thank you for the kind words. And no, I don’t think Les or Tom Batiuk cares about Lisa other than her “story.” She’s here to be the Lost Lenore for Les. And the townspeople had plenty of chances to say something about this.

          I would have loved to see Crazy Harry decline to copy the Lisa tapes to any new formats, or Funky tell Les he needs to change his behavior, or Summer refuse to indulge Les any further over the matter, or Hollywood to throw him out when he was obviously trying to sabotage their efforts. Instead he lives in a world full of enablers.

      • The Duck of Death

        BJr6K, yes, Les does have a touch of the Covert Narcissist about him, doesn’t he? Again, this could have made for a very interesting character, had Bats not been so intent on making him a hero. The cognitive dissonance of watching creepy, selfish, manipulative, self-pitying behavior being applauded, lauded, and awarded probably drove a lot of people away from the strip.

        Not to mention, Les was always horrible to look at. He went from a helmet-head geek to a pubic-bearded douche, and every iteration was more repulsive than the last. At least in Act I the writer acknowledged that Les was a helmet-head geek and treated the character accordingly.

  27. The Duck of Death

    Well, I already commented on this an hour or two ago, but Leroy isn’t around to unclog the torso chute, so:

    Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft are officially gone from Comics Kingdom.

    Crankshaft has now moved to GoComics, with an archive going back to May 2012. Who knows if they’ll fill out the archive with earlier strips as time goes on.

    I doubt that we will ever see another free and/or Web-accessible archive of FW strips. My esteemed hosts, and CBH in particular, I hope you have some secret source for your deep dives.

    • gleeb

      The latest Crankshaft I see on gocoics is from 6/9/10.

    • William Thompson

      I checked CK, and both FW and Crankshaft have been replaced by “Feature Not Available.” It’s a pointless, boring strip that does nothing but advertise other strips, so it just might be a new Batiuk comic. I’ll follow it a while to make sure.

      • The Duck of Death

        That sounds about right, but are they advertising books about people who decided not to treat their cancer, opting instead to record 873,455 tapes so that they would be able to micromanage from the grave?

        If not, I’d guess this vaunted new “Feature Not Available” strip is just a pale imitation of the real Tom.

        • William Thompson

          You may be right. I’ll let you know when the first word zeppelin appears. That might provide some convincing evidence.

          • William Thompson

            The new Feature Not Available is up and it’s identical to yesterday’s offering. There’s no dialog, either, and the art is too good to be Batiuk’s work. It’s all reminiscent of those strips where Funky entered a deserted house and Linda opened an envelope. I think a full week of this non-activity will seal the case here.

          • The Duck of Death

            Yes, it is very repetitious. But there seems to be actual action in some of the panels. So it couldn’t be Batiuk, I suppose. Ah well.

          • William Thompson

            I’m forced to agree. Two of those six frames include beloved pets, and two more show happy family scenes. A fifth frame shows a man laughing, and the sixth shows a normal teenaged kid (who doesn’t even have the usual receding hairline!) using a cellphone (how can a self-respecting Batiukian character dial a number on one of those?). None of these sights are found in the Funkyverse. I still cling to a forlorn hope that a Funky character will shuffle through the next Feature Not Available–but if that happens it would undoubtedly be Funky himself, and Batiuk would never show him again.

    • ComicBookHarriet

      My very deepest Act I/early Act II dives depend on the google archive of Toledo Blade. Some days are missing, and there is no color, and it’s somewhat tedious, but if you have a ballpark date to search it’s very possible. Archives go all the way through to 2007.

      I did anticipate this and part of the delay on any CBH post strip extravaganza is that I spent a very long time pulling the strips I thought I might need for the near future.

    • none

      If it was anything else, my first thought would be to lament the instantaneous vaporization of the art (well, the access to it) as well as the commentary left behind but since this is FW, my first thought was “there goes his primary means to advertise his garbage”.

      Regardless it’s rather remarkable to look at that the CK page and see nothing. With a snap of the fingers, gone. All the strips, all the comments, everything. Like it never happened.

  28. Perfect Tommy

    Gamera is really neat.
    He is full of turtle meat.
    We love Gamera!!!!

  29. Y. Knott

    Oh, the Crankshaft comic may be gone from CK … but the Crankshaft store in still in full operation!


    My personal theory is it will stay up until someone actually buys something from it, which will trigger CK remembering the store’s still actually there.

    (At $36 for a ballcap, we may be in for a bit of a wait…)

  30. Paul Jones

    It’s all kinds of stupid and wrong that they just removed it like that. They still keep Apartment 3G up and that woman has been standing on the street corner for five years now.

  31. Gabby

    ArcaMax carries Crankshaft (didn’t have FW). It has the 1-1-23 strip.

  32. The Duck of Death

    Here’s something I found interesting: This tweet, featuring a strip that looks to be from Act II.

    I did a bit of straightening and brightening. Now tell me, wouldn’t an updated version of this strip have been a legit great ending to FW?

    • The Duck of Death

      I would even forgive the word salad in P5. At least it has a cheerful, mildly elegiac, “they all lived somewhat happily ever after” tone.

      • Mela

        He should have just re-used this one or updated it. It’s a little hokey, but it’s positive and involves multiple characters.

    • Gerard Plourde

      This is the type of strip that made me a regular reader throughout Acts 1 and 2 (until The Other Shoe).

  33. Hitorque

    Just popping in to wish everyone a happy New Year!

  34. The Duck of Death

    Tom Batiuk has not learned what I call the Grateful Dead Paradox: The more free access you give to your work, the more likely that people will buy your work.

    The Dead were among the first to figure this out. The fanatics who taped and traded their shows were not only their biggest fans and customers, they also created a huge buzz around the band.

    Today, it’s very common to see authors give away most or even all of their best thoughts and ideas in order to drum up interest in their books. Self-improvement gurus will fill their website or Instagram feed with the same content that’s in their books. Writers will spill everything on YouTube or in Ted Talks.

    They’re not dumb. These are promotion tactics that work extremely well. But ol’ Tom’s too smart for that, too smart to give away any of his precious, highly desirable work for free by putting an archive of it on his website. That’s the kind of smarts that have made his books bestsellers and his name a household word.

    • billthesplut

      Would MST3K and Rifftrax be a thing today if not for “Keep Circulating the Tapes”? RT doesn’t care who posts it, they just care that the first poster paid for it. I’ve never heard of them going all Lars Ulrich on people.
      Heck, RT gives you $10 every Xmas to buy free riffs from them! Every artist deserves money for their work, but I don’t see those guys going under for doing so.

  35. David G.

    I’ll precede this by saying I am a HUGE fan of “Funky Winkerbean” — or, at least, of the original high school years iteration of that strip during the 1970s and 1980s. It was inventive, creative, different, and very identifiable with the school like I knew at that time and would get to know later on. It was the only strip that acknowledged Star Trek fans and video game playing. And I’ve really been enjoying reading the “Complete” collections I began buying about 2 years ago — and those strips still relate to the traditions of school life today. “Funky” stood out on the comics page by connecting to (then) current-day reality of teen life at a time when teen comic strips had been as unreal as “Archie” or “Ponytail.”

    But this last week? The namesake character doesn’t even appear, and regular artist of the past few years is replaced by John Byrne? I seems that “Funky Winkerbean” really ended with that crowd scene group panel Sunday strip of Dec. 25. Or maybe it was earlier than that, with 50th class reunion of a few months ago that (nonsensically) somehow had the original characters all graduating in 1972 (when some of them were playing video games and making references to E.T. during the 1980s, nevermind the fact that it was established years ago that they all graduated high school in the late 1980s).

    Or, really: “Funky Winkerbean” ended years ago, after it stopped being creative and identifiable and funny about high school life and somehow transformed into a “Mary Worth” soap opera. I -d0- thank Tom Batiuk for creating the consistently funny “Funky Winkerbean” strip that I enjoyed during the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

    • Tom from Finland

      Funky Winkerbean hasn’t been published in Finland as far as I know, so I found it only later through Pearls Before Swine, but based on the old strips from the 70’s and 80’s I have read, I believe I would have liked it then.
      I feel that Batiuk lost a gold nugget, when he decided to pretend to be a serious writer, instead of doing what he was good at and going all in with the school comedy. He could have done the same as Scott Adams and publish an address for students and teachers to send script tips and make FW the ”Dilbert of Schools”.
      That would have also made his life easier when he would have only needed to edit the scripts for publishing.

  36. To all those in Stuck Funkydom, thanks for helping make this remarkable mess a little more comprehensible.

  37. The Duck of Death

    Crankshaft dailies now seem to be up and running at GoComics, after a rough start. Archive still goes back only to May 2012.

    Does anyone actually pay to subscribe to GoComics, and is it worth it? I’m particularly interested to know how they serve the comics. As a free reader, I see only a box with part of the comic; I need to click through to see each individual comic. As a subscriber, do you see everything in full on one page? Is the service stable, unlike CK? Do they put inoffensive comments into forever-moderation, like CK?

    • The Duck of Death

      Well, I typed a bit too soon. Today’s Crankshaft is indeed up, but not yesterday’s. Right now they have May 7-June 9, 2012, and then the next available comic is today’s.

      I hope GC isn’t as horribly inept and borderline unusable as CK, but this doesn’t really inspire confidence.

    • I have a membership there, though it’s a free one. I have a few comics set as “Comics I Follow” and on that page, you essentially get a logo for each strip, along with an indication whether or not it has been updated for the day. On the “A-Z” page, which is what I would recommend as a bookmark, you see tiny icons for each comic and it’s pretty easy to find what you want.

      But yes, just coming from a web search you’ll get a tiny preview of the strip, like looking through a mail slot.

      I don’t know about comment moderation, I’ve never had a comment held or deleted, but then I don’t think I say much that could be misconstrued.

      • The Duck of Death

        The problem with CK is that the auto-mod wasn’t misconstruing, but looking for words like “organ” or “stroke” or… I never did figure out exactly which words triggered having my comments sent to perma-purgatory.

        I once wrote a comment with only a few words. It was something like, “Those are available in Germany,” or something. It got “held for moderation.” I tried rewriting the comment maybe 5 ways. “You can find those in Berlin and Bonn,” etc. Nothing passed muster.

        My solution was to wrïte just åbout every õther word wîth diaçritical marks. It usually worked, but it was unbearably tiresome. It just wasn’t worth it.

        GoComics, on the other hand, has a depressingly large contingent of the kind of tiresome twåts who inject politics into everything and go off on gleeful rants about how everyone who disagrees with them is pond scum. I look forward to reading some strip where Crankshaft buys a watering can from Bean’s End, and the commenters unload a bunch of self-righetous rage about some irrelevant political topic, just because they can and they figure they have a captive audience.

        On second thought, I’ll probably just skip the comments.

        • I pretty much always skip the comments at GC. It just isn’t a community in any sense of the word. It’s more like a shopping mall. There are a lot of people there, but they’re not looking for the same things or going to the same stores.

          I’ve occasionally commented there, usually expressing something positive about the strip or asking a question, and for those I usually get a polite response.

          The exception, as always, is Luann fans. I’ve never seen a more toxic group of people.

          • The Duck of Death

            The shopping mall analogy is brilliant. Some are there to shop for various types of things, some to fitness walk, some just to get out of the house.

            The political trolls are the teens who have no money to shop but they’re bored and want to show off for their peers, so they break things and run away, laughing at their own cleverness.

            Anyway, easy enough to avoid the trolls by not reading the comments, but I’ll miss the gang at the peak of CK FW commenting. That was a pretty tough crowd that didn’t care to argue about politics when they could just administer spankings to people trying to use FW comments as a soapbox.

          • Yeah, the comments section at Comic Kingdom was pretty good, seemed full of mostly smart people who had interesting things to say, or were pretty clever with the jokes/critiques.

            Wasn’t that all ripped away recently? I rarely go to CK but I thought I read that they’d trashed and replaced the entire comments section (as well as the commentors).

          • The Duck of Death

            That’s right. All expunged. All traces of it completely removed.

            Remember when people used to say that the age of computers meant that everything would be archived, everything would leave traces? Well, I can read newspaper ads from the 1700s online, but I can’t find the comments sections from a month ago. They’re gone forever.

          • Mela

            Totally agree about Luann. I’ve read that strip from the beginning, when Luann and I are were close to the same age. Now my daughter has surpassed her in age! But I don’t comment on the CK forum because you’re right. Commenters there are way too nasty to one another.

            Everyone here has always been polite and respectful, which is why I stuck around.

          • Green Luthor

            Hm, guess I haven’t seen a lot of that on GC; either I’m reading the wrong comics, or the right ones? (Though the ones I read that tend to have a large number of comments, I usually skip the comments section anyway…)

          • Most of the comments at GC aren’t offensive or attacking, true. They’re a lot like most YouTube comments–“My cat does the same thing!” and such.

    • Green Luthor

      You can create “pages” (basically a list of comics you want on the page), and then select the page you want to see. All the comics that were updated that day will be shown on the page (in whatever order you set for the page). (Comics that didn’t update that day will have a note in that slot saying “X was not updated today” with a link for “View latest strip”.)

      So, basically, yes, you can see everything on one page (you can create multiple pages, but you can also just use one page with all your comics on it). From that page, you can click on the comic itself to go to just that strip, along with the comments, or you can click a little word balloon icon to the right that will also take you to that same strip.

      All in all, I’ve had FAR fewer problems with GoComics than with Comics Kingdom. (Really, the only problem I can think of offhand having on GC was another commenter, and that’s probably more of a “me” thing.) There is a filter on what you can say in the comments, but it’s not nearly as arbitrary as CK’s seems to be. (It’ll also tell you that the comment was blocked, rather than pretend some moderator will eventually look at it.)

      • The Duck of Death

        I know it’s insufferably lazy of me, but all that clicking annoys me. I don’t really want to work to read the comics. I’ll probably stick to my routine of only reading 3 or 4 comics and checking a couple times a week.

        You used to be able to bookmark a comic, and when you clicked the bookmark, it would load that day’s strip in full size. Like most other sites, or so it seems, every time GoComics touches their code, it’s to mess things up. Oh well; if I’m not paying for it, I can certainly say I get what I pay for.

    • be ware of eve hill

      You may remember last month on this website I made a pledge to the comic strip gods that I would subscribe to GoComics if the website ever came back up. I kept my word.

      My subscription to GoComics? I like it. It is set up the way @Green Luthor says. Much like the CK “Favorites” page, you can select all the comic strips you want on one page. Selecting and sorting the list is handled slightly better than CK.

      My page is titled “My Comic Subscriptions”. As @Green Luthor says, if the comic is not updated that day, you don’t see the most recent strip repeated ad nauseam (ex. a Sunday strip doesn’t keep showing up all week), you see a message, “… was not updated today. View latest strip”.

      Navigation between days is much nicer than CK. Just click one of the arrows up by the date. You can even select the date from a calendar. No need to select Year-Month-Day like CK.
      1.) Unlike CK, you can go from your favorites to an individual comic’s comment section with one click (the word balloon).
      2.) You can like a comic without leaving the page. (the heart)
      3.) You can see the preceding comic by clicking an arrow to the comic’s left. If there’s a succeeding comic, you can click the arrow on the right.
      4.) Like CK, you can save comics on your GC account. (the pin)

      Like CK, GC will email you your favorites in a daily email.

      Unlike CK, GoComics will periodically send emails introducing new comics or a link to a blog of comics celebrating a certain theme or holiday. The only emails from CK, other than my favorites, are hawking their online store.

      A relative of mine has been subscribing to GoComics for a dozen or so years. Even before United Media (Comics dot com) merged with Universal Uclick (MyComicsPage) to form Andrews McMeel Syndication (GoComics). He says the hack in November was the only time he can remember GoComics ever being down.

      On an associated note, my problem ticket filed 11/30/2022 with Comics Kingdom tech support still has a status of “Pending”. Sorting by “Best” still does not work. The “Comment” button is still missing from my favorites page. There is a functioning “Comment” button on each individual comic’s page. It navigates down to the start of the comments. I’m not an I.T. person, but can’t they copy that code and put on the Favorites page for each comic? Wouldn’t it navigate to the same place?

      I think the ol’ resubscribe-o-meter with the Comics Kingdom has dropped to zero.

    • be ware of eve hill

      I’ve been on GoComics since 2018. I’ve had only two comments ever removed. Both by the comic strip’s creator. I mentioned the comment left on the final day of Stone Soup last week. I objected to the author thanking all her characters, but ignoring her readers.

      The other was on Maria’s Day. A commentor asked if Maria was related to Rita on Working Daze, another strip by the comic’s creator. The comic’s creator came down on the commentor like a ton of bricks, “Oh my God! Not that question again. How many times do I have to answer it?” Not to mention, one of his cronies had to butt in with their 2 cents worth, OMG! What’s wrong with these people? You shouldn’t have to put up with this, Scott.”

      I commented that as a new reader of the strip, I was offended by their behavior, they should show a little patience and was unfollowing the comic strip. I received an apology in the comment section from one of the comic strip’s creator, Scott Roberts, but our exchange disappeared a few days later.

      To be honest, I rarely write comments on GoComics. My last comment was from… two months ago?!

      I will read a comic’s comments if I don’t understand the comic. Seems to happen a lot with Arlo and Janis.

      I don’t know if you remember @Gent from CK. He’s on GoComics, and he seems quite popular, especially on Bozo by Foxo Reardon.

  38. The Duck of Death

    FYI, Josh is back from vacation and busy dissecting the last week of FW at the Comics Curmudgeon.

  39. CJ

    Hello and Happy New Year! I am hoping someone here can help me find a specific comic strip/storyline. I remember reading a strip where one character finds a box of old letters, and another character informs him that the letters are “First Day Covers” (a stamp collecting thing).

    That comic has been stuck in my brain for years. Recently I’ve been searching for it because I’m curious about the conclusion (what did he do with the covers?) If anyone has any ideas that could help me find it I’d really appreciate it!

    • Banana Jr. 6000

      I didn’t find in the “Act III” section, which breaks down every week back to Lisa’s death, or via the site search or Google search. That means it’s likely older than October 2007, so there wouldn’t be a ready archive about it at this site. Check back, though; we’ve got some serious archivists and someone else might know more.

    • Josh didn’t get back to ya, huh? I saw your Tweet and tried searching for that story arc, and yeah, it appears to go back beyond the Second Time Jump. I’ll let you know if I find something! Happy New Year

      • CJ

        Nope – which is understandable, it’s an obscure request and I’ll be honest I’m not 100% sure it was Funky Winkerbean or another syndicated comic with a similar vibe.

        The thing is, I only started reading syndicated comics around… 2014? Because of David Willis’s commentary on Mary Worth, which led me to Josh’s blog.

  40. Hey friends, this overflow thread is starting to overflow! Look for a brand new post (mainly a placeholder for continuing our discussion) tonight (Monday) at 10:30 EST. Cheers!

  41. Josh is back from Christmas break and offers a recap of the entire FW finale.