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On Monday the Angels Start Weeping

Link to today’s strip.

Monday begins a new cycle, so today’s strip was not immediately available.  I’m going to guess we’re going to get more Cliff Anger garbage, because Batiuk seems particularly fond of that of late.  Of course, ever since Becky’s mother was left on top of a scissor-lift many years ago, I’ve learned not to be too sure of my predictions.

According to the dialogue yesterday, Cindy actually won an Emmy for her Cliff Anger documentary.  I ought to find this surprising for a number of reasons.  For one thing, I’m not sure an internet gossip site really qualifies, but never mind that.  I don’t know the rules for the Emmys.  The fact that Cindy learned nothing about Cliff (her viewers learned nothing either) makes me wonder about the quality of the work, and why it was thought award-worthy.  All we saw was people sitting in chairs chatting.   Probably Baituk shares the same low-level contempt for television that once marked one as “sophisticated,” and he feels that there are no significant awards unattached to comic books.  And of course, Cindy won and accepted her award entirely off-stage (that oughta show ‘er).

Still, I keep thinking the award was announced thusly:  “And the award goes to….Cindy Jarre, for Six Decades of Idiocy: The Cliff Anger Story!  Congratulations, Cindy, you’ve won the Emmy Award for Best Chairs!”


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