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Vapid Reaction

Link To Today’s Alleged “Comic Strip”

Yes Tom, we get the point: Cindy is empty-headed, vapid and (in 2015) incredibly old and run down. “Babelline”…oh, I get it. The trademark thing. We all know he can’t write for his female characters worth a damn but Cindy is especially terrible lately. That dialog is just laughably atrocious. I actually had to look up “Miss Marple“, given how I’m not really too well-versed in 1940’s pop culture trivia.

Even Young Les is looking at Now Les like he’s a world-class asshole. He’s so narcissistic that his young self didn’t do a damn thing to prevent Act III Les from existing. What a dick. Also look at how young silhouette Holly is eyeballing old Holly like “WTF?”. Now THAT’S horror.

The best thing, though, is that look of existential horror and dread on Lisa’s face as she realizes she’s dead in 2015. AND she’s right next to Les’ younger, hotter and decidedly less annoying second wife, which makes it even funnier. No wonder she ran off to drown her sorrows with Frankie and those cool kids, talk about traumatic. Seriously though, what is his intent here with Lisa? Is there any chance that this might actually go somewhere or is it just one of those freaky time anomalies that you see every now and again? Why did he even bother with including her in this at all?


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