Vapid Reaction

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Yes Tom, we get the point: Cindy is empty-headed, vapid and (in 2015) incredibly old and run down. “Babelline”…oh, I get it. The trademark thing. We all know he can’t write for his female characters worth a damn but Cindy is especially terrible lately. That dialog is just laughably atrocious. I actually had to look up “Miss Marple“, given how I’m not really too well-versed in 1940’s pop culture trivia.

Even Young Les is looking at Now Les like he’s a world-class asshole. He’s so narcissistic that his young self didn’t do a damn thing to prevent Act III Les from existing. What a dick. Also look at how young silhouette Holly is eyeballing old Holly like “WTF?”. Now THAT’S horror.

The best thing, though, is that look of existential horror and dread on Lisa’s face as she realizes she’s dead in 2015. AND she’s right next to Les’ younger, hotter and decidedly less annoying second wife, which makes it even funnier. No wonder she ran off to drown her sorrows with Frankie and those cool kids, talk about traumatic. Seriously though, what is his intent here with Lisa? Is there any chance that this might actually go somewhere or is it just one of those freaky time anomalies that you see every now and again? Why did he even bother with including her in this at all?


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  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    “Hairdo”? That’s the best Batiuk could come up with, and he thinks that’s funny? Not “narwhal”, “unicorn”, or even “hideous hair”?
    I think it’s hilarious that Les isn’t making out with Lisa already. His dead wife is literally right next to him, and he’s more interested in himself. Like I said the other day, the only thing he cares about more than Lisa is himself.

  2. Jimmy

    It’ll be hilarious when this is all dropped on Sunday and never mentioned again, as I’m sure there will be zero resolution whatsoever.

  3. Rusty Shackleford

    Well at least I can go read the new Bloom County strips!

  4. Guest Page Turner Author

    Miss Marple? Really? A reference that was already dated back in the 80s?

    I feel deprived of having not seen Cindy’s incredulous approach when finding that the 2015 reunion was taking place in the gym!

    I don’t feel deprived of much else, though, this story arc is pretty fucking stupid.

  5. Guest Page Turner Author

    Where do I find the new Berke Breathed strips?

  6. Epicus Doomus

    As several commenters have pointed out, Les would be totally agog upon seeing Lisa, yet he barely seems to even notice. Did BanTom really write her into this arc just to have her stand around in the background looking confused? Here he is, with a totally surreal moment he could run with in a variety of trippy directions and he’s busying himself with idiotic banter instead. I swear, I’ll never understand this guy or what he’s trying to do here.

  7. SpacemanSpiff85

    I’m really starting to think Cindy is the new Lisa that Batiuk is fixated on. She’s probably been in the strip more than anybody this past year. And while fairly dumb, there are actually several things about this time pool story that would be pretty interesting. “Cindy has aged and her hairdo is different” is not one of them.

  8. Nathan Obral

    @Guest Page Turner Author: The new Bloom County strips are being posted on Berkeley Breathed’s Facebook fan page. Not sure if they will show up on GoComics yet (they are close to cycling through on the original Bloom County run, with one more week to go).

  9. Rusty

    This certainly isn’t a promising start. I now expect a week of each character exchanging pleasantries with their younger selves. Great.

  10. billytheskink

    Greg Evans doesn’t even tease girl fights this explicitly… OK, yeah he does, but this isn’t typical TB territory.

    The real highlight for me, though, are the shadow Hollys, with their identical fish-mouthed expressions and Act I Holly’s poofy hat ball. You would think that would be a much more interesting conversation than the one the Cindys are having.

  11. Women and their looks, amirite? They sure talk about their looks to the exclusion of everything else!

  12. DOlz

    Wow this story arc is beginning to make the Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover look like a good idea by comparison.

  13. Spacemanspiff85

    I really hoped you were joking about that. I guess it’s good that Glee isn’t on anymore, at least. 😛

  14. Oh, this is just stupid. The reason they’re all so messed up IS because they know who they become and are either too stupid to figure out how to avoid it, too in love with it or too self-destructive and given to despair to do anything about it.

  15. Comictrek

    All I can say is, poor Lisa. Wouldn’t anybody else in her situation be in shock or something at this point? Kid Les certainly seems to be. He’s like: “Am I really going to grow up to become this insufferable stick-in-the-mud who everybody pretends to like? I kinda want to punch me myself!”

  16. DOlz

    @Spacemanspiff85, I wish I was kidding. I suspect Fox hires their people in the entertainment division from the same place King Features hires TB’s editors.

  17. Nathan Obral

    Here’s the link to today’s “Bloom County 2015.”

    Thank you, Berkeley Breathed. Just… thank you.

  18. Sgt. Saunders

    Quite the challenge today – if snark potential were voltage, there would be nothing but lightning bolts.
    I first read P2 in a groggy AM state and thought old Les was telling Young Les that “baseline” intensive care doesn’t work, which maybe referred to some cancer treatment? Nope. It’s another Bats TM mashup – “Babeline”. Ow.
    Then there’s Les himself – staring at a young Les rather than seeing his precious Lisa animated once again for a brief moment and probably for the last time.
    Yes, Lisa the Lost. Her mind is in turmoil trying to sort it all out. “Am I dead or am I now Afro-American?” It’s both, dear.
    Query whether Cayla sees anything at all beyond a bunch of white people talking to themselves.
    Crazy is looking a little paranoid. I suppose so – he’s wondering when the mescaline from the punch bowl will wear off. Yes, Air-Guitarzan, this is the reunion – the one wherein you loaded the punch with enough mescaline to disable a squad of Marines for two weeks. That reunion.

  19. DOlz

    @Sgt. Saunders, “Yes, Lisa the Lost. Her mind is in turmoil trying to sort it all out. “Am I dead or am I now Afro-American?” It’s both, dear.”

    Yes, its all so clear now. TB is going for a Pulitzer Prize again by glomming onto the Rachel Dolezal story

  20. Jimmy

    I wish present self could meet past self and give this advice: “Don’t ever, EVER read ‘Funky Winkerbean'”.

  21. And yet, no present day Westview alumni remembered this chance encounter and all of them looked at Harry like he was crazy (pun intended) prior to this moment. *shakes head* As for Lisa: Darling, have a look at the table over there draped in black. See anybody you recognize?


    Two things :

    1. Well done, Mr. Breathed. Things really haven’t changed as much as we think since the 1980’s

    2. You guys do realize the inevitable dialogue of Old Les and Still Corporeally Alive Lisa is coming?

  23. “Bingo, [insert name of fictitious sleuth].”

  24. Firesign Theatre did it much better in their “Nick Danger” sketch:

    “You’re me, twenty years ago!”

    “What?! You’ve got a lot of nerve saying I’m going to look like THAT in twenty years!”

  25. We were halfway through the unnumbered class reunion, on the edge of ennui, when the drugs began to take hold.

  26. bad wolf

    @Westview Oncologist: Here is where i’m biting my tongue waiting for that, even though on many, many other occasions, when there’s some big upcoming moment that seems obvious, TB elides right over it and suddenly it’s next week’s arc

  27. Smirks 'R Us

    @TFH: after that ridiculous cross-over arc months back, wouldn’t the obvious line be “bingo, Dick Tracy”. Another opportunity lost, BatHack.

  28. Epicus Doomus

    So Cindy, the teen fashion plate and school snob, tosses around slang related to Agatha Christie stories from the 1930s. Ummm, OK. The Lisa thing though, that’s just totally inexplicable. Perhaps he thought that everyone would be so dazzled by the premise that they’d just overlook the details (which seems to be his usual approach) but instead it’s just weird and very, very stupid.

  29. Charles

    I think it’s amusing how fashion-plate Cindy is wearing old flabby Holly’s black sweater over a pink shirt combo. Batiuk never really looked at how people dress, did he?