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They’re Jewish, Get It?

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You know, last week after Batiuk went out of his way to make sure you knew the guys pulling the strings in Hollywood were Jewish, I wondered why Batiuk didn’t just have Bernie’s dad be an executive. And it sure looks like that’s where things are headed. Although it’s possible Batiuk just forgot Silver was Bernie’s last name. Someone last week stated that Batiuk clearly isn’t a racist. Maybe not, but the macaque strip and now two straight weeks of “Jews run Hollywood” don’t help things.  I am very, very grateful Les never did take Cayla to China.
This might possibly be the least warranted “smug Les face” I can remember seeing. What is he so smug about? The fact that Mason has the gumption to ask for a cucumber sandwich? Baituk can’t even keep his own writing coherent. As was already pointed out, I really don’t think someone who seems to be set up as the equivalent of Chris Pratt or Tom Cruise would just sit quietly in a waiting room until someone gets around to see him, and I really don’t think Les should be shocked that Mason would ask for a sandwich.
This does carry on the long Batiuk tradition of people being smug jerks to people who’ve literally done them nothing wrong and are just doing their jobs, though.


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