Niagara Falls?! Slowly I Turn…

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So, in addition to being cheap and band-obsessed, Harry fails to keep promises.   I’m thinking I like this guy less and less.  Harriet seems to feel the same way–“Hang on.  You’re going to keep a promise…that you made over fifty years ago?”  *SWOON*

Once again, the artwork amazes.   Nate has a massive nose and mustache in panel one, as well as a slightly stretched head; if not for the fact that he’s wearing the same shirt, he looks like a different character in panel two.  Similarly, his wife’s hair seems to’ve crawled back up her scalp in panel two.

Which is a good example of, yes, beady-eyed nitpicking.  But riddle me this:  when a strip is entirely free of interesting content, whaddya supposed to talk about?


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20 responses to “Niagara Falls?! Slowly I Turn…

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Ah, now I get it. The premise for this arc isn’t “Dinkle throws a shitty party”. It’s actually “Dinkle is the most narcissistic c*cksucker alive but they all love him anyway because he’s old and thus hilarious”. That would explain the bemused reactions from his guests and why their jaws didn’t drop in disgust upon hearing Harry gloat about blowing off his wife’s dream honeymoon (a five hour drive from Medina BTW) for an astonishing FIFTY YEARS!!!

    So if I’m right and the premise here is to firmly establish that Dinkle is a complete asshole, I have to say it’s been a success. A huge, overwhelming success. Just look at him snidely cackling about his five decades of neglect, like everything’s just a big fat punchline for another idiotic band joke. What a loathsome pig, his Act III schtick has always been tiresome but this arc sees the character nearly treading on Les-like degrees of annoyingness.

  2. Rusty

    Is Harriet (?) so fat that her face has no wrinkles?

  3. Take that, all you hidebound literalists who thought Harry wasn’t taking his wife anyplace special for their anniversary! It’s the best tourist trap money can buy for them!

  4. merrypookster

    Yes E.P. ….. What a loathsome prick Harry is.
    I lived in Akron and we’d go to Niagara Falls in less then 4 hours.
    FOUR HOURS only! (cheaper booze in Canada back then)
    And he works for a school district with Summer and all those holidays off!!!
    Then he’s been retired something like 5 years already….Whatta pair of pricks. that’d be Tom & Harry (in that order)

  5. Guest Page Turner Author

    Shocks to the system?

    Your husband threw you a 50th surprise anniversary party at a pizza place with cupcakes instead of a real cake? He invited 12-15 people, and acted all stressed out about it. Fine, he’s in his 70’s, that’s a big project for a guy his age.

    But then he literally asks you to “put out!” Really did that. “I threw you a crappy Sunday lunch pizza party for our Golden Anniversary. Now lets have sex but only if it feels good for me.”

    By the way, we’re driving a few hours north to see what you have desperately wanting to see for 50 years.



    Oh, my god it’s James!! Our hero guide from Les’ stupid Killamanjaro trip!!!…..and the depressing power of Westview have prematurely aged him as well !! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    No, wait that’s the idiotic principal wearing his summer Banana Republic gear.

    Sorry. False alarm.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    I just noticed that both of these couples have matching hair. In Harry & Harriet’s case it’s just typical obese Westviewian slovenly-ness, but Mr. & Mrs. Nate’s is downright disturbing. If Les and Cayla ever go this route, we’re all so f*cked.

  8. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Harry has established himself as such a cheapskate thus far, that I won’t be surprised if, instead of going to the real Niagara Falls, his actual plans are to watch a free library DVD rental of the Marilyn Monroe classic. “It’s better than the real thing,” he’ll argue, “because it wasn’t a commercialized corporate claptrap then.”

  9. Gyre

    My comment’s currently being “moderated”. Any bets as to whether or not it’ll actually see the light of day even though it doesn’t contain any offensive speech or profanity?

    Anyway, roughly repeated:

    Brilliant, not like she might have already made plans. And I’m sure you can get a great tourist package at the last minute.

    And yes, this is better than yesterday’s. But when the best that can be said is that it’s better than a strip where a man says he wants sex for throwing an anniversary party that’s like saying “your gun safety standards are low but at least you haven’t shot yourself”.

  10. I’ve got to hand it to Batominc’s quality control department. They NEVER let the quality get out of control.

  11. John

    Harry: “So, what will you give me for the Falls, Harriet?” *superior smirk*

    Harriet: “Give you?”

    Harry: “If you give a loved one a gift, then they OWE you, ya dumb hussy! And since I threw you this sweet party AND am going to drive you a few hours away, that means I not only automatically and innately qualify for sex whenever -I- feel like it, but that you are in serious arrears regarding your Wifely Duties! Gotta fill my favor bank, toots!”

    Harriet: “….*….if a gift is only given reluctantly, in expectation of payback, then it’s really not a gift at all, Harry.”

    Harry: “But, I love you! And stuff! That means you GOT to DO what I say!”

    Harriet: “Blow it out your ASS, Harry!”


    (clock ticking. pizza being eaten.)

    Funky: “Hey, Harry! Where did Harriet go?”

    Harry: “I’m not sure, but it sounds like our second Honeymoon night will explore territory I’ve only DREAMED about before! Rowr!” *obscene brow wriggle*

  12. Your creepy demands for old lady sex in front of all your friends shocked her enough, dude. I don’t think she wants to be out of town alone with you.

  13. Helskor

    “If we get out to the turnpike right now, we should be able to hitchhike there in two to three days. Make sure you pack a tarp so we’ll have something to sleep under in the park.”

  14. Flummoxicated

    He’s just now getting around to taking her on a honeymoon? Christ, what an asshole.

  15. bobanero

    Tomorrow we get the heart-shaped bed.

  16. billytheskink

    Worst Bride of Frankenstein homage ever.

  17. Jeffcoat Wayne

    In Future News: The body of famed high school musical director Harry Dinkle was found floating near a pickle barrel in the waters of Horseshoe Falls this morning. Officials suspect foul play, but honestly could not give a shit. In other news….

  18. Gyre

    Hey, more of my comments are being “moderated” on NJ’s site. I’m starting to suspect that they have my name on an inconsistent blacklist.

  19. DOlz

    @Gyre, change your name to TBfan, that will solve the problem.

  20. Professor Fate

    And them mabye he might do the dishes.