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Sigh. A completely played-out premise masquerading as a “beloved running gag”, featuring the usual half-assed and really bad “punchlines” that make less sense the more you ponder them. Otherwise known as “a Wednesday in August” in FW parlance. Hearing Bull whine about a “culture” of losing is like hearing Lisa complain about how sickeningly goody-goody everyone in town is, or Les bitching about someone else constantly speaking in bad puns. Part of me wants to believe that maybe the joke is at least partly that Bull is just too stupid to realize that he IS the “losing culture” at WHS but I know better. This strip doesn’t have any subtexts like that and whenever it appears that it might it’s pretty much guaranteed to be just an accident. Nope, the “gag” here is what the football gag always is: some variation on “we suck” and that’s it. Forty years in a row. Sigh.

Everyone here knows that I’m a big fan and admirer of Westview’s long tradition of making hand-lettered signs and banners and hanging them with haphazardly placed, non-symmetrical pieces of tape. I always wonder about that, as it’s one of the most consistent things about the artwork from year to year. Every time you see one of those hand-lettered signs, it’s always taped to the wall all crookedly and randomly. I think it’s because TB feels it lends an element of “down home” folksiness to it, but I like to believe it’s because all Westviewians suffer from some sort of strange tape dyslexia that prevents them from doing it right. Anyhow, nice job with that today, Batom Inc. Nice cinder block wall, too.


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18 responses to “Culture Schlock

  1. flappy

    look at the size of that outdated facemask ,art class batty

  2. bayoustu

    Exactly what color is Bull’s hair?


    Considering the opposing team could consist of future Pro-Bowlers, asking for their autographs is actually a pretty sound investment strategy on these kids part. Considering their coach has zero belief in his own teams talent, these kids should be making all attempts to secure their financial future since football scholarships certainly won’t be a reality.

    Also how old are these kids? Twelve? They look like the Little Rascals.

  4. “The important thing to remember is that you suck, you will always suck and it’s your fault you suck. Your very presence nauseates me, and all I can do is roll my eyes at your dismal and inevitable failure.”
    “Coach, shouldn’t we scrimmage, or discuss a playbook, or…”
    “SILENCE, lowly teenager! Your superior is talking!”

  5. Rusty

    The last panel shows his lack of planning for the actual lettering, I’m convinced he draws the strips and then tries to write dialogue at a later date, This one he would draw as “Bull’s pre-season pep talk.” Sometime later he thinks of another version of “we sure suck” and pens it in. “Nailed it,” Batiuk smiles to himself, and puts down the pen and goes for a feeble jog around the town gazebo.

  6. Jeffcoat Wayne

    Does Bull think “culture” is the evil, modern slang word today’s evil, modern teenagers use in place of the word “attitude”?

  7. Eh, it’s at least an attempt at a joke…though given the previous strips about how losing is inevitable, I tend to agree with Westview Oncologist–if they gather up a bunch of autographs, perhaps they could sell them and get a bit of college money.

    Of course, that would imply that someone in Westview could actually try to better his situation, something we know is impossible in this pocket universe.

  8. Epicus Doomus

    So it’s not just that they’re bad, the WHS football team is so f*cked up that they’re completely cowed and awestricken by their opponents, who are presumably composed of kids from similarly-sized local high schools. And an uncaring Bushka totally feeds their self-doubt and anxiety with his constant condescending, nonchalant remarks. Oh, and the team has won like one game (or maybe it was a tie?) in thirty or forty years, a large portion of them played under Bushka’s guidance.

    Man, the guy who writes this strip must have really, really hated football, football coaches and football players at some point, you know?

  9. @Rusty, the cramped lettering is even more appalling when you recall that Batominc has had a year in which to correct it.

  10. John

    Bull: “What I’m saying is, I basically despise you all. So I want you to start despising anyone who is not you.”

    Football Players: “….”

    Bull: “See? I knew you evil, stupid teenagers would be too evil and stupid to pick up on the inspiration I offer.”

  11. Guest Page Turner Author

    Autographs? Autographs? Does anyone look for autographs anymore?

  12. Helskor

    Yay, an actual football story arc. Batiuk no doubt has done as much research in current high school football practices as he did in USPS employment policies, book publicity, giant inflatable helmet maintenance, reality TV show production, and US Army regulations concerning POWs.

  13. bad wolf

    Wait, if you think Batiuk hates football now, wait til mister one-year-ahead starts playing off the small town Ohio football stories of last August. Or will it be one trip to the well too many even for TB?

  14. billytheskink

    Everything in Westview is pretty much a losing culture. Kablichnik even took a look at Owen and Cody’s petri dish in biology class last year and declared it a “losing culture”.

  15. John

    billytheskink: You jerk. Just just made me snort loudly in a public library! 😉

  16. Epicus Doomus

    billytheskink: Comment of the month, hands-down.


    —billytheskink: You jerk. Just just made me snort loudly in a public library!—

    Just tell the librarian that you and your cocaine habit are nobody else’s business!!!


    The Westview football program has the same problem as that red R2 unit in Star Wars –bad motivators!!!!