Déjà Phew All Over Again

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If there’s one thing about the fairer gender that I’ve learned from FW, it’s that you gals just cannot resist those quarterbacks. Am I right, Lisa? Anyhow, this is just yesterday’s dumb “punchline” recycled and tweaked a bit, a sterling example of that legendary Batiukian laziness at work once again. If I was him I’d just take the week off and use last year’s football strips over again. It isn’t as if anyone would notice.

I do like the shocked expressions on the cheerleader’s faces though, like they just can’t believe that their obese, skeevy gym coach would even dare to go there. I guess the point here is that it isn’t Bull’s ineptitude that’s killing the football program. No, it’s the treachery and cowardice of the students that’s the problem and it’s so out of hand that the cheerleaders need to be reminded to refrain from throwing themselves at the team’s opponents. It all makes sense now…it’s those damned kids, with the chullos and the tweets and those f*cking plastic bottles.


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16 responses to “Déjà Phew All Over Again

  1. Gyre

    Credit where it’s due, this is at least SOMEWHAT more intelligent than the previous one. This is something I could theoretically see people doing. Still doesn’t change the fact that Batiuk’s suggesting the coach is only just now telling them to knock it off. My new rule. Every authority figure at the school is and always has been an idiot.

  2. John

    Bull: “Girls, all I’m asking is for you to turn your right to decide who to be attracted to and who to spend your time with over to me, a man who has no actual authority over you. Is that so wrong?”

    Cheerleader: “Yes, yes it is.”


  3. Rusty

    The part of Bull Bushka is being played by a different actor this week. Whomever this is, he doesn’t look much like the fat dipshit portrayed in most of Act III.

  4. Here 4 The Comments

    Ah, let them have some fun. Before you know it they will graduate and begin their lifelong careers as Montoni waitresses.

  5. Here 4 The Comments

    Note that in panel 1 he is standing in front of a fence, but in panel 2 is standing in front of bleachers. He is also on the other side of afro and ponytail cheerleaders.

  6. “Look, you losers, I know none of you are capable of the slightest amount of effort or ability–and forget about talent, HA–but come on, I’m trying to build a winning tradition here.”

  7. I’d say this is sexist, but honestly I don’t think Batiuk is putting enough effort into it for that. It’s just dumb.

  8. Jeffcoat Wayne

    I’d be inclined to think that it might be a good strategy to use the cheerleaders to distract the opposing team members with their wily teen sexuality, but the jocks might just be wise enough to realize how much frumpier these Westview gals become over the course of a couple of time jumps and decide it ain’t worth it.

  9. Guest Page Turner Author

    Shocked, shocked I am! This fat old bald guy is telling us what guys to go down on!?

  10. sourbelly

    Hey, look! It’s the same joke as yesterday!

  11. Helskor

    Batiuk needs to bring back that schtick from the old gag-strip days where the characters would turn their head and frown at the reader through the fourth wall in the last panel in response to what passed for a punchline.

  12. bayoustu

    Tomorrow Bull tells his wife: “From now on, I don’t want you putting out for the other teams’ coaches! Even if they do something nice for you…!”

  13. billytheskink

    Looks like original Cayla has escaped Batiukatory and is trying to hide in plain sight as a Westview cheerleader.
    It’s a brilliant disguise, really. All of people who work at the high school and would recognize original Cayla (Les, Linda, white Cayla) are known to completely ignore their students.


    Again, much like the autographs, this too is sound strategy by these girls. Chances are one of the other teams QBs is going to be a top ten pick in the NFL draft, so what better chance to get a free ticket out of Westview then to offer sexual favors in hopes of becoming his wife.

    Of course the black girl may want to undergo “Cayla”-fication first if she hopes to marry someone of the other race. Seems a pre-requisite in the Batty-verse.

  15. bobanero

    Tom Batiuk – Beating jokes to death since 1972

  16. Still, the chain-link fence and bleacher railing are drawn with great care. That the fence turns into the bleachers between panels—not the first time such dreamlike perspective shifts have happened—must just mean that the whole of Act 3 is someone’s nightmare, probably Les’s. Surely it can’t mean that our auteur can’t draw!